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Two lion cubs, Tanda Tula, South Africa
© Chad Cocking

Both staff and guests alike at Tanda Tula in the Greater Kruger National Park have been waiting eagerly for their first sighting of the two lion cubs born to the Zebenine pride. All that waiting finally paid off as much to everyone’s excitement the cubs recently ventured out of their den for the first time!

Two lion cubs with lioness, wildlife, Tanda Tula, South Africa
© Chad Cocking

According to staff members, the lionesses had been moving around and hunting in the area on a daily basis, allowing the team to track the den to the dense thickets on the banks of the Zebenine riverbed.

Lion cub with lioness, Tanda Tula, South Africa
© Chad Cocking

However, the first sighting of the cubs had eluded everyone, despite the cub tracks having been seen around the site.

Lion cub chewing on tail of lioness, Tanda Tula, South Africa
© Chad Cocking

Chad Cocking and his team spent hours tracking the mother of the cubs, and much time was spent waiting alongside a deep thicket for the tiny lion cubs appear. When the 7-week-old cubs eventually came out to play, they were even more adorable and feisty than expected!

You can watch the video of the interaction between the cubs and lionesses below:

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Tanda Tula

Located in the Timbavati Nature Reserve, Kruger National Park. Tanda Tula Safari Camp features 12 luxury tents nestled in riverine forest overlooking a riverbed while the Tanda Tula Field Camp is an exclusive use 4 tented walking safari camp, modelled on the early explorer camps with modern comfort. The Tanda Tula camps are owner-managed.