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Dead kudu after being killed by hyenas in reception area of lodge, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe
The dead kudu bull after being attacked by 14 hyenas © Kavinga Safari Camp

Written by Africa Geographic Editorial and Kavinga Safari Camp

Staff members at Kavinga Safari Camp in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe, had a surprising start to their morning when they were woken up to find 14 hyenas has taken down an adult kudu bull in their main reception area.

Sharing the find on their Facebook page, they said that it was going to “take quite a few buckets and mops to clean up this mess!”

Dead kudu bull lying on floor in luxury camp
Up close with the dead kudu bull, horns still intact © Kavinga Safari Camp

The dramatic photos show the kudu lying dead in a large pool of blood in the middle of the reception area, with bloody paw prints covering the rest of the polished floor.

Floor with lion spoor set into the concrete
The floor, with lion spoor set into the concrete, before the kill © Kavinga Safari Camp

Some readers pointed out on their Facebook page that they also noticed lion spoor (foot prints) around the scene of the crime. Kavinga replied saying that the visible lion spoor is set into the floor as decoration.

According to comments left by Kavinga on their Facebook page, the hyenas were startled by their staff coming in for morning clean-up. They then pulled back to let them continue feeding, waiting until they left before entering the area.

Aerial view of kudu kill in reception area of luxury camp, Mana Pools
A view of the carnage from above © Kavinga Safari Camp

Kavinga also shared video footage that shows the moment staff members, armed with rifles, came upon the carnage in the early hours of Thursday morning.

On their Facebook page they said: “We had a CSI moment in camp in the early hours of this morning. The guests don’t have to walk far for a wildlife experience today!”

Eventually they managed to clean up the mess, saying on their Facebook page: “…we managed to clean up the mess with lots of buckets of water, a hose cleaning detergent and hard work, but all paid off – our camp is clean again, and our guests are happy, safe and having a beer at the same bar with lunch being served in the next 40 minutes. We did drag the kudu [outside] and the hyena returned to finish of their meal, the rest will be back tonight if the vultures leave some.”

Below is a video that staff took during daylight hours before the cleaning began.

WARNING: Do not watch if you get squeamish at the sight of blood


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Kavinga Safari Camp

Kavinga Safari Camp is a new 14-bedded camp, situated in a private concession, in the southern part of Mana Pools National Park. The camp is set on a cliff overlooking the magnificent dry Ruckomechi riverbed and is set against the extraordinary backdrop of the Zambezi Escarpment mountains. If it’s adventure you seek, Kavinga offers a unique experience in an untamed wilderness.