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Supporting pangolin conservation through a stunning coffee table book


Lisa Fanton

Friday, 14 December 2018

Pangolins are the most mystical and bewitching creatures. Being the only mammals covered in hard keratinous overlapping scales, these rare animals have only been sighted in their natural habitat by the very fortunate few – often a fleeting glimpse at dawn or dusk, but a sighting and an experience of a lifetime. Being shy, predominantly nocturnal, solitary, territorial and quiet, they are one of the very rarest sightings anyone can have.

Ground pangolin © Dana Allen
A ground pangolin, also known as Temminck’s pangolin or Cape pangolin (Manis temminckii) © Dana Allen

However, the pangolin faces many threats and is the world’s most trafficked mammal. It’s vulnerable to extinction due to soaring demand for its scales and meat. There are many people and organisations out there who are trying to protect the pangolin from extinction, such as the African Pangolin Working Group (APWG), whose mission it is to strive towards the conservation and protection of all four African pangolin species by generating knowledge, developing partnerships and creating public awareness and education initiatives.

Tree pangolin © Maja Gudehus / Sangha Pangolin Project
A long-tailed or black-bellied pangolin (Uromanis tetradactyla) © Maja Gudehus / Sangha Pangolin Project

To help support the African Pangolin Working Group (and pangolin conservation in general), an upmarket, coffee table book, Pangolin, is being put together with the help of some of the world’s top pangolin photographers, who donated their beautiful pangolin images.

Pangolin book cover
© Lisa Fanton / Phoenix Design

This beautifully illustrated book, with the most stunning images capturing Africa’s pangolins in a moment in time, will be an inspirational reflection on the beauty of these rare and mysterious creatures. Talented photographers have donated their images of pangolins to help us with this special project.
The book will showcase the beauty as well as the plight of the African pangolin species and, in so doing, will create a greater awareness of these little-known and understudied animals.

Pangolin book inside spread
© Lisa Fanton / Phoenix Design

Working in conjunction with the African Pangolin Working Group, the book will be published and distributed by Phoenix Design – a Sappi gold medal award winner for print – with 25 years in the publishing industry.

Pangolin taking a bath © Scott Hurd
Ground pangolin taking a bath © Scott Hurd

The book is due to be available on World Pangolin Day – 16th February 2019. It will be approximately 220mm x 240mm and will consist of 120 pages, all printed and finished to the highest possible standard. The first print run will be 500 books, which will be printed to order and then distributed worldwide.

Rolled up pangolin with inquisitive lion © Lance van de Vyver
A ground pangolin curls up in protection against an inquisitive lion © Lance van de Vyver

All nett proceeds raised from the sale of this book, after the fixed costs are paid, will go to the African Pangolin Working Group and will be used directly in projects associated with the treatment and rehabilitation of pangolins retrieved out of the illegal wildlife trade. The nett profits will be audited by the African Pangolin Working Group, who are the sole beneficiaries of the proceeds of this book. For publishing to begin, 500 books must be sold.

Tree pangolin © Alexis Kriel
Long-tailed pangolin © Alexis Kriel

For a closer look at this initiative, please visit or our Instagram account
You can place your book order online here:
Everybody wants to do something, but we usually don’t know what we can do to help. Well, here is your chance. We aim to raise some money for the African Pangolin Working Group and at the same time provide people with a collectable and visually appealing coffee table book.

Pangolin on sand dune © Nigel Dennis
Ground pangolin © Nigel Dennis


The African Pangolin Working Group (APWG) is a non-profit organisation committed to the conservation and preservation of Africa’s four pangolin species and the habitat they occupy. The organisation is focused on a range of activities throughout Africa, including the launching of new scientific studies on pangolin natural history, genetics, parasitology, ecology and the use of pangolin derivatives in traditional cultural practices.
Also, there is work being done with law enforcement to assist in the retrieval of pangolin from the illegal wildlife trade and to present courses to magistrates, prosecutors and police on the gazetted legal procedures for handling pangolins.
A significant focus of this organisation is the hospitalisation, rehabilitation, and final release of those pangolins fortunate enough to survive the trade. The African Pangolin Working Group further provides presentations to the public to raise awareness about the most poached and traded group of mammals in the world.

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