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‘Killing for Profit’. A Review of Julian Rademeyer’s Exposé of the Illegal Rhino Horn Trade.

This is essential reading if you want to truly understand the rhino issue and contribute meaningfully to the ongoing debates.  It reads like a serial murder investigation and yet this is a blow-by-blow account of the underworld of illegal rhino poaching and horn trading, extracted during years of often life-threatening investigative journalism. Make no mistake, […]


Shiwa N’gandu, Zambia’s Enchanting English Estate

Northern Zambia. Shiwa N’gandu to Kapiysha Hot Springs. 22- 24th November 2012 After leaving the Great North Road, I drove along a dirt track until I came to a surreal visual. The scene was old, English countryside brick houses and an avenue of eucalyptus trees leading up to a huge country estate in the middle of […]


Scoping out the new vulture hide at Golden Gate National Park

South Africa’s Golden Gate National Park, in conjunction with Sasol, opened a new vulture hide providing much improved opportunities to view the resident Cape and Bearded vultures at the park’s long-standing vulture feeding project. Previously, guests hoping to see action at the “vulture restaurant” would park along the Oribi Loop road, clamber over the ridge, […]

Travel & Lifestyle

10 of the most addictive things about a photo safari

It’s official, I’m completely addicted to photographic safaris!  Why? I recently visited Cheetah Plains Private Game Reserve with Nikon Africa Travel and had an incredible experience, certainly the most enjoyable and insightful photographic experience I have yet had in the bush. Here are 10 examples of what makes a photo safari so addictive and why […]


Strange but true, in Africa

It’s uncanny how often we discover themes that link features we run in Africa Geographic, serendipitous connections that help us uncover a fuller picture of wildlife and conservation in the continent. Editor Sarah Borchert has herself commented on this very occurrence in an earlier front-of-the-mag column. Recently we came across a remarkable link between an article […]


Mountain gorillas on the rise in Bwindi, Uganda!

The mountain gorilla is the only great ape with an increasing population despite continuous pressure on its habitat – latest population stats


40 wild-dogs burned near the Serengeti

Local villagers have burned 40 African wild dogs alive in the Loliondo Game Controlled Area, on the Eastern border of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The mass murder is said to be a reaction by villagers to the theft of livestock. Apparently villagers in Kertalo and Orkiu have lost 157 goats and 4 cattle […]


Elephant overturns a car in Kruger National Park

It seems that sometimes nature does fight back! The latest news from the Kruger National Park is that a a bull elephant has charged a car, flipping it over in the process. A couple was inside, but neither of them is badly hurt. The man suffered a minor knee injury, but was attended to by […]

Natural history

Leopard catches more than it bargained for

On a recent trip to Etosha National Park in Namibia I found a Leopard resting in the shade close to a waterhole and decided to hang around in the hope of her hunting Springbok or other antelope at the waterhole. After about two hours I noticed some movement in the water and so did the […]

Natural history

Tragedy turns to triumph – baby elephant hauled from muddy pit!

Story and photography by Bradley and Annelize White Early one morning as the last bits of sun rose from the horizon, guests departed on a game drive from Imbabala Lodge along the banks of the Zambezi River. Shortly into the drive I heard a call over the radio that a baby elephant had been trapped in […]

Natural history

Nothing like a good grooming – Ethiopia style!

Ethiopia is the opposite of what the world tells us – there’s nothing that will prepare you for the beauty and richness of experiences this country has on offer. I certainly had no clue what was in store for me the day I visited Simien Mountains National Park. The aim of the visit was to […]

Natural history

Helpless baby elephant rescued from muddy pit!

Look at this dramatic footage of a baby elephant being rescued by a concerned group of researchers in the Amboseli National Park, Kenya.