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Written by: Liz and Terry Terblanche

Every person in South Africa should visit Namaqualand in Spring when the fallow fields are ablaze and carpeted with colour.


Namaqualand is an arid to semi-arid region where rainfall is confined to between April and August. And it is during this period that a truly rare phenomenon occurs and a burst of spring flowers appear.


These annual wild flowers close at night and will only open up on warm days, and their spring display lasts for little more than a month, peaking in August.

burst-of-colour-for-spring spring-in-namaqualand

The two main locations – Skilpad Wildflower Reserve in the south near Kamieskroon, and Goegap Nature Reserve further north near Springbok – are worth visiting .


More than 3,000 different species of wild flowers are found within the boundaries of Namaqualand; the most common being the mesemb and daisy families. Many of Namaqualand’s wild flowers have intricate life stories. Some rely on pollination from unusual insects and beetles. Walking through the wild flowers you’ll also come across an abundance of succulents so be sure to look out for them.

springtime-in-south-africa flowers-of-spring

During our forays into Namaqualand in springtime, we’ve visited Nieuwoudtville and Loeriesfontein. We also spent three days in the town of Springbok. Our encounters with the locals in all of these places were pleasant and entertaining, and the memories of our trips linger in our minds more so than any of our other travelling adventures.

Namaqualand is a haven for photographers and for those who enjoy the experience of sheer breathtaking beauty and tranquility. It is a place that makes charging your camera batteries a daily priority as once you start getting click happy, capturing every scene becomes a compulsion.

springtime-flowers-in-namaqualand Leupold
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