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Written by: Carina Blofield

I’m currently busy with a tour through Zimbabwe and Botswana as a guide and recently we had a good laugh at an elephant with some interesting antics…


We were staying at Elephant Sands lodge where the slogan is “where elephants rule” and this is definitely the case. The campsite is not fenced so the elephant like to come to the camp for water that is pumped into the waterhole in front of the restaurant. The water in the area is particularly salty so the lodge provides fresh drinking water for local animals.

Elephants compete for water at the lodge with lower ranking ellies often having to wait their turn. And so they made a different plan…

elephant-botswana elephant-drinking-from-bathrooms

These ellies at the bottom of the food chain decided to walk over the rocks – that are meant to protect the bathrooms from thirsty elephant, as they can smell the water in the toilets.


They simply pop their trunks over the bathroom wall and drink whether the bathrooms are occupied or not. This makes for great entertainment as unsuspecting bathroom goers get the fright of their lives when a trunk drops in.


It is one of the best experiences one can ask for in the wild and as close to nature as one can be… Sharing a shower with a thirsty elephant’s trunk guzzling the water up.

From the safety of your tent, under the cover of nightfall, you can hear the elephants’ rumbling sounds and trumpeting, or just the eerily quite footsteps of elephants at they walk past your tent.

Sometimes they get really inquisitive and want to smell what you’re cooking or want to inspect the vehicles. They don’t cause any damage if you respect them. The elephants have right of way so if you are trying to get the bathroom, restaurant or bar, you just have to wait your turn.


So if nature is calling in the middle of the night, open the tent and shine your spotlight everywhere to make sure there are no animals in the way, or else you might have to share an bathroom with an elephant.

Watch the video here:


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