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When your breakfast is interrupted by lions playing tug of war, you know you’re in for an epic safari. Being in the bush is both bizarre and magical and if there’s one thing the wild has taught us, it’s that you can never anticipate what will happen next.

A pair of lions recently wandered right into Robin Pope Safaris’ Tena Tena Camp and helped themselves to some light reading and we thought we’d seen it all. However, the antics of the South Luangwa wildlife is not to be underestimated!


Over at Nsefu, the camp has been a hive of activity with animals dropping by left, right and centre. The camp is situated in an unfenced area in South Luangwa, meaning that the animals are free to walk into camp any time they please.

Just the other morning a pair of youngsters waltzed into camp during breakfast and decided to enjoy a game of tug of war with the rope which is effectively the door to the “loo with a view”. Further proving that lions really are just overgrown house cats.


While the boys played, a young lioness made herself comfortable at the bar and took it upon herself to lick one of the plates clean.


Luckily, the plate survived the intense dishwashing session and after a while, the lions lost interest and moved on, leaving the guests to finish their breakfast.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough on its own, the elephants then decided that they’d bring the game drive to the guests and promptly took over the Nsefu car park.

elephants-in-camp elephants-in-the-bar

Guests could do nothing but wait for them to move off, but let’s be honest, nobody really minded!

A few nights after the elephant invasion, a lion casually walked past the bar and then just before dinner, a leopard was spotted enjoying a drink from the lagoon. Needless to say dinner was delayed a little bit while everyone enjoyed this fantastic sighting.

What more could one want from a safari? Game drives are always exciting, but nothing is quite as spectacular as when the wildlife comes to you.

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