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The African Parks’ Management team and the Zakouma National Park team have completed the punishing Le Treg ultra-marathon run in the blistering heat of the Sahara Desert in Chad’s Ennedi region.

african parks running team
© Andrew Brukman/ African Parks
Temperatures reached 40˚C during the day, dropping to 7˚C at night, making it a unique test of physical and mental endurance for all members of the two teams.
Winner of the 90km event was Adoum Issakha from Team Zakouma who finished in a record time of 18 hours 30 minutes. Participants were permitted 30 hours to complete the non-stop course.
winner of ennedi half marathon
© Andrew Brukman/ African Parks
Adoum and the Zakouma team ran to honour the memory of the six Zakouma rangers killed in an ambush by Sudanese poachers in 2012. African Parks’ aimed to show the Chadian Government their commitment to establishing Ennedi as a protected area, and to restore its biodiversity. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed last week.
zakouma's fallen rangers
© Andrew Brukman/ African Parks
African parks team
© Andrew Brukman/ African Parks
Famous for its towering rock arches, rock art spanning thousands of years, and undulating yellow sands, Ennedi is a proposed UNESCO World Heritage site.
ennedi desert
© Andrew Brukman/ African Parks

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