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Here is the line-up for the South African TV show 50‌‌‌ | 50, Anniversary Season, Episode 21. This episode of 50 | 50 will be broadcast on SABC 3 at 9pm on 20 January 2014. Spend a couple of days in the life of a vet at Kruger National Park, follow up with the hyena that was found wondering the streets of Johannesburg and take a trip to see what sustainable farming is all about.

Kruger National Park vets

KNP-Vets-1 KNP-Vets-2 KNP-Vets-3 KNP-Vets-4 KNP-Vets-5 KNP-Vets-6 KNP-Vets-7 KNP-Vets-8 KNP-Vets-9

To be a vet in the Kruger National Park is top of every animal lover’s list of dream jobs. What does this job really entail? Wildlife vets face the ethical dilemma of deciding when to rescue and save sick or injured animals, and when to just let nature take its course. The greater purpose of their job is to study and understand the wild system in their care in terms of disease management. How can buffalos be kept disease free? What is causing the high number of crocodile deaths? Why are white rhinos more vulnerable to anaesthetics than black rhino? Bertus spends a couple of days in the life of a Kruger vet and answers some of these questions, in the process discovering the vital role they play in managing and caring for our wildlife. Find out what other important challenges face Kruger vets on a daily basis.

Brown hyena follow-up

Brown-Hyena-Follow-Up-1 Brown-Hyena-Follow-Up-2 Brown-Hyena-Follow-Up-3 Brown-Hyena-Follow-Up-4 Brown-Hyena-Follow-Up-5 Brown-Hyena-Follow-Up-6 Brown-Hyena-Follow-Up-7

Last year we brought you the bizarre story of a brown hyena that was spotted running through the streets of Johannesburg. We discovered that instances like this are more common than we think! After being darted by a vet from the Johannesburg Zoo, the hyena was stabilised and taken to quarantine at the zoo for rehabilitation. The young hyena was in a state of shock and its paws were shredded from running along tar roads through the city. Over the past few months it has recovered and is finally ready to be released back into the wild. We catch up with the story at the release.

Woolworths Farming for the Future

Woolworths-Farming-for-the-Future-1 Woolworths-Farming-for-the-Future-3 Woolworths-Farming-for-the-Future-4 Woolworths-Farming-for-the-Future-5 Woolworths-Farming-for-the-Future-6 Woolworths-Farming-for-the-Future-7

Woolworth’s Foods has a 20% market share in the fruit and vegetable industry so there is huge opportunity for them to influence over a fifth of South African fruit and vegetable farmers to farm more sustainability. In 2009 they launched Farming for the Future which aims to help fruit and vegetable farms to adopt sustainable farming practices and choose environmentally friendly methods to reduce water consumption, energy usage and artificial fertilisers and pesticides. Since the launch of Farming for the Future, a ‘carbon footprint’ measure has been added which is going a long way to fulfilling the sustainability mandate. 50|50 have featured several Farming for the Future initiatives and this time Bonné takes a trip to a nectarine farm. The Timberlea Trust farm is unique in that the workers have a 40% ownership in the farm and are invested in its sustainability. With water probes, pheromone ‘pesticides’, cover cropping and flock of insect-munching ducks, this farm is set to be sustained well into the future.



Vicious predators take centre stage in this VeldFokus. We have drama with terrapins getting crushed in the jaws of crocs and impalas ambushed by leopards, and then a little comedy with a snorkelling hyena!

Shenton Safaris
50| 50

A television programme that has, for twenty-five years, presented the successes and disasters of conservation to South Africa's people. 50|50 has influenced environmental policy, stirred the public against environmental injustices, promoted the work of our dedicated conservationists, and helped to create a stronger awareness of conservation and environmental issues in South Africa. Weekly on a Monday on SABC2 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm Visit the 50/50 website , or follow us on Facebook