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No signal, no problem! Disconnecting from the technological world and fully immersing yourself in the glorious wilderness of the South Luangwa National Park is our idea of the ultimate way to digitally detox.

Be it a smartphone, television, computer or tablet, so much of our time today is spent with our faces illuminated by a screen. Detoxing from all these digital devices is often no easy task, however for many, it is the only way to shift focus from the stress of constant connectivity to real-life social interactions and personal downtime.

If you are looking for a holiday idea that will leave you without Wi-Fi or technological distractions of any kind, then some days spent bush camping in the South Luangwa might just do the trick.

Lose yourself in an exceptional bush experience © Robin Pope Safaris

Experience simple and slow living, with your hands free

Rustic fly camping brings will bring out the minimalist in you. The experience emphasizes the delicate intricacies and wide diversity of the South Luangwa’s Nsefu Sector, rather than the frills and furnishings of a luxury lodge.

This is simple and comfortable fixed camping in the form of traditional canvas tents. They are high enough to stand up in and wide enough to fit two mattresses on the ground, a small side table and your luggage. Staying fresh and clean is made possible by a wash basin, shared 60L open-air bucket shower and ‘bush toilet’.

Challenge yourself with a hike © Robin Pope Safaris

Befriend like-minded people, in real life

The bush camping experience just wouldn’t be the same without great company. Whether you might be travelling with a friend or by yourself, it is one of the easiest and most genuine ways to connect with new people from around the world.

Sitting at the communal table enjoying a varied breakfast together or sharing stories around the campfire with drink in hand – these are the quieter moments to get to know other like-minded people. You will get to laugh about the funny moments of the day and wonder together about what the next one holds. These are the memories and new friendships you will take home with you.

Photographer of the Year 2021
Encounter animals in their natural habitat Robin © Pope Safaris

Immerse yourself in nature, not social media

Without the ever-present digital connection, you have no choice but to give in to the bush. Once you get past the ‘itchy hands’ stage of constantly grabbing your phone to check emails and social media platforms, the tranquility of the bush is a welcome relief from those often stress-inducing technological devices.

Spending a couple of nights in the remote bush and then exploring it on foot each day, allows you to dig a little deeper into the essence of the South Luangwa’s wilderness. Nature is proven to improve overall well-being and walking across the thriving landscape of the Luangwa will leave you feeling inspired, refreshed and possibly never wanting to open your laptop again.

Get to know your fellow campers Robin © Pope Safaris

Learn something new, without Google

The Nsefu Sector is a beautiful part of the South Luangwa. It is made up of hot springs and lagoons, open savannah plains and miombo forests, which are intriguing biomes that buzz with wildlife and are best experienced on foot under the direction of expert bush guides.

The guides of the South Luangwa are like walking bush manuals and will soon have you looking at your surrounds with new fascination. Under the tutorship of your guide, the interconnectedness of each ecosystem will reveal itself through the smallest signs – a broken branch, a pawprint in the sand or a call from above – and you will leave the South Luangwa a little literate in the language of the bush.

Live with only what you need in the bush © Robin Pope Safaris

Step into the wild, not the world wide web

The unspoiled vegetation of the South Luangwa teems with wildlife, both big and small. It is famous for leopard sightings, particularly along and near the Luangwa River, to such an extent that it has earned the nickname “The Valley of the Leopard”.

The idea that wild animals are roaming near to your campsite while you sleep at night or might be on the other side of a bush you are walking past at dawn is exhilarating. For many, it is a test of their mental resilience, while others may find the daily walks a bit more of a physical challenge. Either way, bush camping is a step out of your comfort zone and into a wild adventure that is likely to teach you something that technology never will.

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