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Hides? They’re for bird watchers and wildlife documentary makers aren’t they? Why would they form part of a dream safari holiday?

Here are 10 reasons why we think they should …


1. The wildlife doesn’t know you’re there so you have the privilege of observing entirely natural behaviour – whether it’s comparing the cautious approach of antelope to the brazen arrival of hyena or watching fascinating interaction between elephant herds vying for the freshest water or the best wallowing mud.

2. The view from a hide is a bit like a stage at a theatre, only with a cast and script that change from moment to moment. There’s always something happening if you take the time to look.


3. The wildlife comes to you instead of you going in search of it and if you’re patient you often see more than you do on a drive.

4. Because you can often be the only person at a hide, your wildlife experience also feels very special and privileged.


5. You slow down and appreciate all the little creatures as well as the obvious bigger ones we often focus on when on a game drive. Remember that song in The Lion King about the circle of life? Well spending time in a hide makes that a reality.

6. Because you’ve slowed down you notice the smells and sounds of Africa as well as the sights.

7. Spending time in a hide is really peaceful – your mind can wander or rest, you can read a book, paint a picture, write a poem or just be.


8. In some lodges and game reserves you can sleep out at a hide for the ultimate safari adventure – remember to have a spotlight to keep an eye on all the nocturnal activity.


9. And yes they are fantastic for spotting birds ….

10. … and photography!


At Tuli Safari Lodge there are several hides situated at key sites across the reserve. Guests can spend time here with their guides as part of a morning or afternoon game drive or bush walk, or spend time on their own with just their binoculars, some drinks and snacks for company. There’s also the option of sleeping out at one of our hides (equipped with a simple toilet and shower) overnight.

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Tuli is a unique, timeless part of Africa with spectacular wildlife, breath taking landscapes and fascinating history, tucked in the easternmost corner of Botswana. Tuli Safari Lodge offers a relaxing retreat to complement the varied safari adventures in the reserve beyond.