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conservation club
Africa Geographic
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Established 1991


Africa Geographic is the PRIVATE TRAVEL & CONSERVATION CLUB for those who want their safaris and donations to make a real difference – in Africa. Member login

Our public website, social media pages and newsletter are available for non-members, as is some of our content – but the membership benefits described below are for club members only.

Club member benefits include:

  • Travel discounts at Africa’s best lodges
  • Donations: carefully selected conservation projects – one-stop, seamless, transparent
  • Premium content from the most knowledgeable contributors
  • Networking and debating
  • Safe – no trolls, scams or advertising

Club members include:

  • Safari enthusiasts and travel experts
  • Conservation experts and naturalists
  • Researchers, rangers and field workers
  • Government and NGO representatives
  • Community stakeholder and landowner representatives

What do these people have in common? They love Africa unashamedly and are curious about how she works. They want to safari with purpose, help solve conservation challenges and donate to worthy projects that they can trust. Their strength lies in their diversity.


Club membership will be free at launch (August 2021) while we operate in ‘beta mode; after that, we may introduce a minimum monthly fee. Either way, the financial benefits of our travel discounts alone will be significant – spectacular in fact.

Private travel & conservation club

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