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Video: Lion cubs enjoy a hippo feast

‘Survival of the fittest’ remains the mantra in the animal kingdom.

Many species interact on a daily basis in their complex family structures: Antelope species prefer to live harmoniously as their chances of survival are higher in large groups. For them there is safety in numbers. Bird species are great at alerting animals in times of danger and are effective early warning systems. There is also a synergy with some of these animals though as they feed on ticks and insects that the animal attracts.

Nowhere is the circle of life more evident than in the African bush, and guests from Eagles Crag Lodge in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, witnessed this firsthand.

A sub-adult hippo had died on the reserve from natural causes, after a fight erupted between it and a territorial bull hippo. Sometimes, the death of an animal is caused by a dispute between members and not necessarily by an expected predator.

Sadly, the sub-adult hippo came off second best as the fight turned deadly. A few days after the hippo died, and the Southern Lion Pride stumbled upon the carcass.

The carcass provided an exorbitant amount of food for the predators on the reserve as well as a playground for the lion cubs! It was a new experience for the cubs as the death of a hippo is not an everyday occurrence and our guests loved experiencing this rare and extraordinary sighting!

Eagles Crag

Eagles Crag is a conservation orientated 5-star safari holiday destination, situated in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. It is home to herds of wildlife, birdlife and ecological diversity, with five of South Africa's seven biomes in 25, 000 hectares of land.

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