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Video: Leopards mating

Written by: Eugene Troskie

While on safari in Kruger National Park in South Africa, I came across three leopards on the rocky ridge on the northern side of the Ngobeni Loop.

There was a young female leopard busy feeding on an impala carcass that was hoisted up into an apple-leaf tree (Philenoptera violacea). Meanwhile, a male leopard was busy mating with another female on a rock ledge that was a mere 20 metres away.

leopards-mating-kruger-national-park two-leopards-mating-kruger-national-park

The male leopard then chased the other female away in order to be able to eat the rest of the impala. After having his fill, he returned to his chosen mate to continue with their copulation, which continued for most of the day.

Watch the video of these leopards getting down to business:

The female would entice the male to mate with her however, due to the male’s penis having barbs, it is quite painful when he extracts this sexual organ – hence the snarls and aggression.

kruger-national-park-leopards-mating female-leopard-mating-kruger-national-park

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