Update as Cape Town fire still raging

Images provided by: Greg Hillyard Photography

The fire that has ravaged the mountains in Cape Town’s deep south continues to rage with firefighting efforts currently focussing primarily on the areas of Hout Bay, Tokai and Fish Hoek.

In a press briefing yesterday Phillip Prins, Fire Manager at Table Mountain National Park, said that 60 to 70% of the fire had managed to be contained but unfortunately wind speeds of 70-80 kilometres per hour allowed the fire to spread over Ou Kaapse Weg into Noordhoek and Hout Bay. He foresees the fire continuing for the rest of the week, depending on the weather conditions.

Linton Rensburg, spokesperson for Working on Fire, says that, “The provincial government has now requested that we bring in an additional 250 firefighters from the Working on Fire program from the Eastern Cape as well as the Free State to provide much needed relief.”

Mr Prins is urging locals not to go out to the areas where the fire is raging to have a look as this causing congestion, hindering emergency services from accessing the scene.

Muizenberg Junior School has advised its pupils to stay at home as the fire continues to rage on the mountains above the school while the school fields at Reddam House in Constantia are being used as helicopter refuelling stations.

Ou Kaapse Weg in Cape Town was finally re-opened late on Monday but Chapman’s Peak remains closed as firefighting efforts continue.

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Rani Bazaruto

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  • Joseph

    Awesome photos, but they were taken in Stellenbosch I believe, not Cape Town.

  • Marilyn Louise Hillyard

    These were taken on Uitkyk Wine Farm, Stellenbosch, by my son, an exceptional photographer, but the fires are as fierce on the Peninsula mountains and depict the heartbreaking and ravaging damage caused plus the tireless and heroic efforts of the firefighters.

  • Joseph

    Hi Marilyn, I’m sure your son is an exceptional photographer and congrats on the jaw-dropping images, but these photos give no perspective on what’s happening in Hout Bay, Tokai or Fish Hoek like the article says. It’s kind of like others who are sharing images of Devil’s Peak burning a few years back – absolutely pointless in regard to the Peninsula fires.

  • Marilyn Hillyard

    Joseph this fire happened just prior to the Cape Town fires when my son took them. They were not placed here by him because this article is not written by him. In no way would he or I for that matter, wish to belittle the horrendous fires in Cape Town. We both are devastated about what has been happening and have first-hand information on the Cape Town fires, as my cousin is a Councillor and has been thoroughly involved in the co-ordination of the Fire-fighting and volunteer support throughout this very challenging and extremely distressing experience. I do not know who wrote this article, nor do I know how Africa Geographic obtained his images. I have yet to find out. What I do know is that this is not his article, because not only would it accurately state that this is Uitkyk farm outside Stellenbosch, but his writing would have been far more eloquent.

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