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Recently The Guardian ran a poll on their website asking travellers where they would prefer to go on holiday: Uganda or Spain?

Murchison Falls in Uganda and Fuengirola, Costa del Sol. © Corbis/Getty Images
Murchison Falls in Uganda and Fuengirola, Costa del Sol. © Corbis/Getty Images

According to the article in The Guardian this came after Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda, was mocked for suggesting his country had more to offer tourists than Spain. He was quoted as saying that his country is a “better destination” for holidaymakers than Spain arguing that the attractions go way beyond “some chimpanzees” and should be better marketed by the Uganda Tourism Board.

Uganda is a “good place on the globe where you go and have a nice life”, he said, pointing to a favourable climate unlike Spain which is too “hot and humid” in the summer.

Well maybe he is right; 79% of responded to The Guardian’s poll agreed that they would rather holiday in Uganda, over Spain.

Comments to the article by voters included these sentiments:

Martin Alaskan: “Been to Spain dozens of times, never been to Uganda, I’d go to Uganda.”

Lauren Williams: “Uganda, there are some beautiful locations in Uganda. That would be an awesome holiday.”

Rukiri L. D. Rubongoya: “Uganda, also known as the Pearl of Africa is a beautiful country with the best scenery composed of swamps, lakes , rivers mountains and semi-arid lands! Great weather throughout the year. Lake Victoria, one of the largest lakes is found in Uganda! The longest river (River Nile) starts from Uganda. Can you imagine snow capped mountains on the equator? Mountain gorillas and many other animals. The culture of people of Uganda, with more than 40 ethnic tribes with different cultures and many languages.”

Prossie Aliba: “Well, to me, there is absolutely no comparison between the two countries because Uganda wins this battle hands down and so easily. And this is why?

1. The Equator. We all know it passes through Uganda and this specific spot has become one of the biggest attractions for toursist world over.

2. The cultural sites. Uganda is a cultural state and we value our culture. This comes with having over 52 tribes, most with their beliefs, heritage and cultural sites. You will get the chance to see our royal regalia, see our customs, our dress code, our historical sites and experience what makes this nation a desired tourism spot.

3. Our night life. No country in this whole world can beat Uganda when it comes to our nightlife. We are the life of the party. You have not partied until you have partied in Uganda.

4. Our game parks. Queen Elizabeth National Park nurtures healthy populations of elephant, lion, hippo and other large mammals, and is a major stop on the migratory bird route up the Great Rift Valley. Home to 13 different primate species, Kibale National Park is one of the best places in Africa to see chimpanzees in the wild. Murchison Falls National Park is flush with hippo, crocodile and other animals that live in or near the water. The holy grail of Uganda wildlife watching is Bwindi Forest, where roughly half of the world’s mountain gorillas reside.

5. The variety of activities you can do on holiday in Uganda. Several outfitters offer whitewater rafting and kayaking trips down the Nile, past snoozing crocodiles and snorting hippos. Nile High Bungee in Jinja offers an adrenalin-packed plunge (44 meters) into the world’s longest river. You can also board surf down rapids, whoosh down rivers on jetboats and organize sports fishing trips to catch the river monster of central Africa — Nile perch that can grow up to 200 kilograms.


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