The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes

Photo copyright Vanessa Bristow

The above image was recently submitted by Vanessa Bristow, who called it ‘The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes’.

Within minutes of posting this magical picture, there was an enormous flood of comment and feedback. Amongst much of the rumpus was a fair degree of suspicion, doubting and downright slander about the picture’s authenticity. Swoops of ‘blatant photoshopping’ were amongst the commotion. The majority of people drew their immediate conclusion – this photo was a fake!

It always amazes me how some people’s very first reaction to a photo on the internet is a negative one. I’m not sure what qualifies a ‘real’ or ‘doctored’ image, but many of the comments assured that this pic had all the tell-tale signs of photoshopping.

Let us set the record straight. The photo is not altered at all. Here is a comment from the photographer herself:

To all of you DOUBTING THOMAS’S out there who distrust the originality of this photograph: It is NOT Photoshopped. I was in the local communal lands looking for my lost Dalmatian dog, and I stopped to ask his mother if she had seen it. While I was talking to her, her son, who was playing with his siblings and friends nearby, caught my eye. I asked her if I could photograph him, and this is the first picture that I took of him – it was possibly his first interaction up close with a white person, and his fascination in me, or in the camera, is plainly evident. I took a few photos of him at the time, and a few more later on a follow-up.  An ophthalmologist friend had this to say about his unusual eyes:

[quote]”The picture of the little boy with the blue eyes and dark skin probably represents Ocular Albinism or Nettleship-Falls albinism, or Juvenile uveitis. Both conditions cause the pigment of the iris to be less dense.”[/quote]

Thanks for all the support from those of you who like my picture.

The below picture of Theuns was taken a week or two after the first. This time, he was much more relaxed with me, and I let him “click” the camera a few times to get him to engage with me.

Photo copyright Vanessa Bristow

I must say, when I first saw the photo, my initial thought was that blue eyes sometimes occurred in black people because of a recessive gene. If you are interested in reading a fascinating book – I recommend The Sunburnt Queen, by Hazel Crampton. Based in the 1730s, the book is about a seven-year-old English girl who was washed up on the Wild Coast of South Africa and was adopted by her rescuers. She grew to be a woman of astounding beauty and wisdom and became the Great Wife of a prince. So starting a dynasty that extends to many of today’s Xhosa royal families.

Because of her recessive gene in the blood line, every now and then, a black child in the area is born with bright blue eyes.

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  • Miss Cellany

    The photo sure does look photoshopped. The second one definitely looks like its been enhanced to show more blue (in the whole photo). Perhaps his eyes in real life are more a murky grey colour and the photographer has enhanced the blue a little. That’s what it looks like to me anyway.

    Yes its entirely possible to have black people with blue eyes but there has to have been some white admixture (or albinism) at some point because blue eyes have only arisen as a natural mutation (not including forms of Albinism) in European and near eastern countries.
    (Blue eyes are actually quite common in northern Europe – it is not a particularly rare colour compared to green or amber for example).

    Green eyes on the other hand also occur naturally in the middle and far east, though rarely in the latter.

    Hazel eyes are more common and can occur in many if not all races, including (rarely) Africans.

    “Black” eyes (actually very dark brown) are very rare in Europeans but can occur, and are much more common in other races.

    High contrast between eyes and skin/hair is very noticeable and quite attractive (at least in my opinion).

    Its natural for most people’s hair tone to match their eyes (blonde for blue eyed people, light brown/red to green eyes, darker brown to brown eyes, black to black etc) so when someone comes along with black hair and blue eyes we tend to notice them. Even more so if they have brown skin and bright blue eyes. It’s no wonder this photo attracted so much attention, both positive and negative – most people find it incongruous (because it is) when hair/skin tone and eyes do not match.

    Whether or not it is entirely real, its a beautiful photo and we should all appreciate that 🙂

    • sand333

      The picture is called The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes. As soon as photographer Vanessa Bristow posted it she was flooded with accusations of photoshop. She responded by posting other pictures of the boy as it is in fact not altered. The blue eyes and dark skin probably represents Ocular Albinism or Nettleship-Falls albinism, or Juvenile uveitis. Both conditions cause the pigment of the iris to be less dense.

    • It always amazes me how some people’s very first reaction to a photo on the internet is a negative one. I’m not sure what qualifies a ‘real’ or ‘doctored’ image, but many of the comments assured that this pic had all the tell-tale signs of photoshopping.

  • anarchtitude

    The photo does not look enhanced or photoshopped , it looks like they have Waardenburg Syndrome. Im sure the photo is indeed entirely real, and highly doubt that the pixels have been manipulated in any way whatsoever. The brilliant blue colour is common for people with this Syndrome. Cute photo!

  • Lisa Marie Woodrich

    I work at a McDonalds and there is this black woman who frequents my drive thru, she is darker skinned but she has the MOST INTENSE blue eyes I have ever seen. Like about as startlingly blue as this boys. They are beautiful but is is so unnerving cause of the intensity of the blue. She notices people at my work staring and she went to complain to the manager cause she thought that we had a problem with her, the manager explained it was because her eyes were so intensely blue it is striking you could not help but stare. They are seriously so blue like this boys it is beautiful to see in person.Ocular albinism, recessive gene, whatever they are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

  • David

    Folks, the kid is wearing blue contact lenses used to enhance eye colour. Look closely. It’s the only explanation. The edge of the lenses are clearly discernible outside of the iris.

    • sand333

      The picture is called The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes. As soon as photographer Vanessa Bristow posted it she was flooded with accusations of photoshop. She responded by posting other pictures of the boy as it is in fact not altered. The blue eyes and dark skin probably represents Ocular Albinism or Nettleship-Falls albinism, or Juvenile uveitis. Both conditions cause the pigment of the iris to be less dense.

    • Ray

      Didn’t you read the above explanation.

    • tailess

      Mr. David,
      You may say that, but I know what those contacts look like and I can tell you that some people are born with dark rimmed irises you annoying pipsqueak of an ignoramus. Why don’t you come meet me and my family? I’ll take off my glasses and let you scrutinize my eyes like all those other uneducated idiots who thought that our real eyes were circle lenses.

    • Susie

      Yea so the child can’t afford food but they can afford blue eye contacts. Get your facts right mate.

      • Katherine Van Hook

        Nailed it!!!!!!😚

  • LoveItDon’tCare

    Okay. People really just have an issue cause they can’t believe or face the fact that an African child or black child could have features or traits they have been identified as belonging to someone of Caucasian descent.

    I’ve seen as a kid, teens who look like him and I never thought or assumed they wearing contacts..I just thought it was cool. There is a model name Jalicia Nightengale that is dark skinned and have eyes as blue as these.

    Beautiful photo of the kid and I’m one who believe what I am seeing here, he isn’t the only one, they have been others before him and will be after him unless “someone” once again gets involved and do something since there are those who love messing with genes and such…

    Every time a black person produces an offspring that goes against what they were “trained” to believe from generation to generation it’s an issue for many and everything always goes back to mutations with their fancy names yet those same traits that Caucasians believe are only for them that they have posses are not seen as mutations… anyways enough said..many can never face things and will come up with all sorts of excuses and “proofs” by those who will always keep “theirs” on top and others below, all rather a yawn..this world, its lies and its “knowledge”

    • No Idea!

      Of course, there are Africans with blue and green eyes!!! It’s ridiculous to think otherwise. Still, in a digital world where photoshopped images are as common as cell phones, it’s ridiculous to think people wouldn’t doubt such a stunning image. I didn’t doubt it because the image is of an African child with blue eyes, I doubted the image because we live in a world where 99 out of 100 images are PHOTOSHOPPED. It’s awesome that this image is not and frankly that makes it even more beautiful.

      Also, there’s a Pintrest page called ” look-at-those-eyes ” and it’s loaded with stunning eyes, on all sorts of people and frankly most of them looked photoshopped regardless of race or age or anything else. And no doubt, some of those stunning eyes are a result of mutations and recessive genes with fancy names.

      • J. Brozic

        “recessive genes with fancy names.”

        Oh yes, that’s how it always is with that learned stuff. Very fancy schmancy.

    • Ancient One

      Clearly, you know nothing about genetics. Do some study and you will unfortunately learn that you can only get white traits from black and not the other way around. Science doesn’t lie.

      • Carl Brister

        We all know YOU know nothing about genetics and historical of Human kind, other than believing in fraudulent science and a Black Supremacy website.

        • Steve Biko

          He’s right. A recessive being cannot pass on dominant traits. That’s how genetics works, it has nothing to do with any form of supremacist thought. That’s why you see “white” babies being born to African parents with no Eurasian admixture.

          Whites as we know today are just a people with a genetic mutation hailing from an African ethnic group with traits similar to yours. It’s that simple. Everybody knows Africans have the greatest genetic diversity of all, it couldn’t be any other way, since humanity came from Africa..

          You should do a bit more reading Carl, it won’t hurt you! 😉

          • Carl Brister

            First off, there is no need to be racist. Secondly, I’ve been reading and researching for awhile. Lastly, thinking like this about the white people in this world was spawned by Black African, are always related to Black Supremacy’ s ideology and like I said, that’s racist.

            If the white people are Albino, we wouldn’t had any ability to get tan nor survived out in sun. Plus there are White people whose is mutated with albinism, where we get paler with pinky eyes. There are animals out there like Raccoon, Oxy, turtle, owl etc… that are born with albinism.

            It doesn’t matter if the black had a “white” babies, it does not mean this albino will pass on to theirs next child. Black albinism mating with black still and will get a full looking black babies. Albino don’t change your next generation’s skin color. It’s not how that work.

            Yes, the first human was appeared in Africa and they’re tannish with overall of hair, not Black. Which it is why the first person touch Italy, Greece, Egypt, and Middle East countries are tan. They get lighter after Roman Empire downfall after they once touched the Europe due of Ice Age is struggling with below 32 degree. With those left behind in Africa, they get darker, darker, darker and darker after massive heatwave hit.

            So obviously, the white people today are not Albino mutated. Only an idiot and racist who would believe this, especially when it first created by racism who is also found for Black History Month and several other websites with NO scientific evidence.

          • LX-23

            He never said white people are Albino’s…

          • Carl Brister

            Ugh….do you even read? He said, “Whites as we know today are just a people with a genetic mutation hailing from an African ethnic group with traits similar to yours.”

          • LX-23

            Yes, and? The genetic mutation to which he is referring isn’t Albinism, genius…

          • rogerpenna

            exactly. Otherwise you wouldn´t be able to differentiate an albino from a regular european.

            lighter skin colors are an adaptation (evolutionary selection) to lower levels of sunlight which could lead to vitamin D depletion in darker skinned humans. People born with lighter colored skin would produce more vitamin D in the lower sunlight environments and thus survive and produce more offspring.

          • Dawn – Naturally Texan

            Well you assume the African of our mutual ancestress is the hot ans sun drenched Africa of today. Parts were found in South America too as the continents split off from one to many and during the ice ages it would be very cold indeed.

          • Cleverfox

            Egh a genetic mutation doesn’t mean albino ..its means a mutation..we are all mutated in someway.

          • The Black Alpha

            In other words white folk are really black folk they just have the black recessive gene.

          • Katherine Van Hook

            Who cares! The child is a beautiful anomaly.
            Can’t this for once be about the beauty of diversity and not another stupid arguement of the fantasy of racial superiority?

            NO race is superior. Thinking that is RACISM.

          • Carl Brister

            Wow! I haven’t been here for years, and people like you are still remain stupid. There is nothing fantasy nor superior about it, but trying to be realistic. Just because you are offended by it, it doesn’t mean you have to verbally attack anyone, it’s very childish.

            This photo already been proven to be false and it won’t hurts you to know, unless you are easily offended about everything you don’t like to see and/or heard.

            Your falsely accusation that it had to do with racial thing is what make you racist.

          • Katherine Van Hook

            You aren’t even lucid. You need to get a life and stop believing in racial superiority. There IS no such thing. Now, I have a life…I dont want to waste it arguing with you. .good day.

          • Ana

            Carl, I think you’re so hung-up on your concept of race that you do not want to accept that this picture is real. I can point you to Youtubers who are as dark as him and have eyes as blue as him. You can’t fake a video and contacts would look fake on people as dark as them. I can show you blacks, blacker than Wesley Snipes with blonde hair. Who scientists say don’t have ANY European genes. The blue eye mutation amongst dark-skinned africans exist. You would probably see that mutation more in Africa than you would amongst black Americans who do have European genes.

          • Edward

            It’s amazing how utterly stupid your are. Stop falsely accusing people of racism because they disagree with your bullshit.

          • DatGeniussssss

            There are genetic defects in the coloring in his eyes, which is possibly due to a European decent, that make them lighter, and without the thin melanin layer to make them brown, he might have a vitamin D deficiency in his eyes. He most certainly does not have any sort of albinism, because his eyes do not show any blood vessels, and he is dark-skinned, showing melanin being present, which is the literal opposite definition of albinism. He may also be displaying a recessive blue-eyed gene. Either way, there could be an African child reading these, and you people are so concerned with winning an argument that you don’t take anything into consideration, like the fact that you could have very possibly made someone cry, so watch your mouths, you never know who might be listening.

          • ❤️

          • Lydia J. Green
          • Paul Roodt

            Very true, so much I agree

          • Edward

            Do YOU even read? He never said white people are albinos. You quoted something that is completely irrelevant to your false assertion.

          • bangthegreat

            If you have read the right material and really did your research as you say then there wouldn’t any argument here. You sound and look like a bias racist that only believe in white supremacy and want let history correct itself or let the truth be told.

          • Carl Brister

            I have been doing all of reading and researching. I have yet come surprises when I read all of commenters who is black throwing a race card and names calling like you on every links/article without any facts nor evidence why they used that words, but attempt to insult.

            Plus there is a lot of fictions and false scientific that has done a great job bringing all of racist black into dialogic to talk spew all of racism over something that isn’t even exist.

            Something is telling me here you don’t even know the meaning of “racist” and even “White Supremacy”, especially when you’re using this word improperly. I would suggest you to demand with me in mature way, not 3rd graders.

          • You know he is right it can be broken down to pure science. Albinism is caused by mutations in four known genes; TYR, OCA2, TYRP1, and SLC45A2 genes. The mutations for light skin may not be the exact same mutation, but they occur these same genes for the most part producing similar results. These four genes are responsible for the production of melanin within the human body, think of it like a factory. A very complex factory,involving genes that control transport, production and expression. For instance, SLC45A2, aids in the transport and processing of tyrosinase, a precursor to melanin.The TYR gene produces an enzyme that changes tyrosinase into melanin and TYRP1 gene stabilizes the tyrosinase protein and modulates its catalytic activity. Light skin can be attributed to specific mutations within these genes, albinism may not be that exact mutation but it’s nonetheless a mutation occurring within these genes, which results in little to no melanin production. A common misconception repeated over and over again is that albinos can’t produce melanin. Out of the 4 types of albinism there is only one type that cannot produce melanin and it’s caused by a mutation in TYR genes, which is responsible for changing tyrosinase into melanin, when this does not happen no melanin is produced. The most common form of albinism is a mutation caused in the OCA2 genes, which is responsible for transportation and regulation, processing of tyrosinase, and limiting reaction in melanin synthesis. Most people with albinism do produce small amounts of melanin which can be seen in their diversity ranging from pale blonde to golden, strawberry blonde, or even brown hair, and most commonly blue eyes, but also gray or hazel eyes. Some albinoids in Africa actually have a slight yellowish brown skin tone. Also, another point I would like to make is albinoids do pass their genes to their offspring they are just less likely to be expressed, but their offspring will typically have light skin like mixed individual, and possibly light eye color. Oh let’s not forget about baby Maria, the gypsy baby who was stolen from her brown skin gypsy parents because she was pale white, with blond hair and hazel-green eyes. Baby maria has a lesser form of albinism. I’m sorry that many racist blacks of hijacked your outlook of science, but that’s no different then racist white people hijacking evolution, it doesn’t change the science.

          • God

            Now its very funny how people call each other saying am white are they white really no they are not they are pig colour we are not white

          • Katherine Van Hook

            Pig color, LOL. As a tri racial person I feel caught in the middle of senseless arguments. 😣

          • Chanel BittaSweet B

            A black person cannot be racist . Racism is a power relationship between groups of people. That’s all it is. It means one group of people have control of so much wealth, power and resource that it can deprive, hurt, injure and export another group to benefit it self. Never in the history of this earth have black folks ever control that much resources where they’ve gone out they’re way to export, injure and do something to whites. Racism only started in the 16th century. When they began to commercialise slavery against blacks, that’s when racism started, there was no such racism before that. Another thing, race means group and the second thing means being in competition (rac-ism). Where people are competing from here to there.

          • ricardo

            King Mansa Musa ring a bell?….
            Only consider the richest man in history…
            Just saying!

          • Chanel BittaSweet B

            And who’s running tings now, globally???

          • ricardo

            I only open up conversation with you because you claimed that no African has ever held or control the majority wealth and resources of the world…
            Or do you disagree with what i said?
            Who running things now globally is besides the point and has nothing to do with my discussion…

          • Chanel BittaSweet B

            Africa was the wealthiest country in the world and even though some places look the way it does, it still is… I do agree with you.

          • ricardo

            Even though i would never refer to Africa as country since is always been divided in kingdoms and different tribes through out its history as it is today as different countries and cultures…
            I do agree with you that it does have large abundance of riches and natural beauty…

          • dstallwell

            Africa is a continent.

          • ricardo

            Really?? I didn’t know that lol
            Of course I know its a continent

          • ReligionKills


          • Brittany Crowe-Howell

            ..Every ethnicity has the potential to be racist. Racism is not just about wealth and control, racism can be something as simple as not liking a person because of their skin color or cultural/religious beliefs. My ancestors were Native American and Native American’s did not trust “white men” because of their skin color, and European settlers neither trusted nor liked the natives because of their skin color and different, less “civilized” way of living.

          • Katherine Van Hook

            You are so right.

          • Edward

            Are you serious? Yes, black people can definitely be racist. Racism isn’t exclusively a white person trait. Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

            I know black people that think and act like they’re superior because of their African American heritage. They blatantly belittle and bully others because of it. Stop making completely false claims, you’re talking complete nonsense.

          • Ariana Anderson

            Exactly! I’m irritated with Reverse Racism as in the average Americsn white kid won’t get the same scholarship opportunities or special privileges that the other nationalities can get! It absolutely does exist! And if anyone ever notice it’s the other races who get upset or try to joke about white people complaining about Reverse Racism!

          • deb

            according to mandel’s law…black skin is dominant if tan skin was there would be a lot more of them…but there isn’t

          • Carl Brister

            Speaking about the tan skin, I would suggest you to counts how many tan skin and black skin all in total of world population. You’ll be shock that tan skin had been outnumber the black since for hundreds thousands years. Your errors is hilarious.

          • thesciencebteacher

            Carl, your comments have been quite humorous when not sounding totally juvenile. Are you just playing the devil’s advocate for debate’s sake? I think you are.

          • Carl Brister

            Usually when someone posted like this, don’t have anything intelligent to say. Come back when you have one.

          • Runaway Renee

            Well, here’s the cold hard truth: they’re all idiots. This has nothing to do with race or even genetics. Ocular Albinism (which the ophtamologist referenced here believes to be the case), though sometimes inherited, is a defect on one singular gene. It can occur in anyone of anyone race, but it is more prevalent in males.

          • Elisa Morris Jackson

            So we all came from Africa, we should have all learned this in school and our skin color only comes from where our descendants were on the globe years ago. Dark skin has more pigment where light skin doesn’t. You can also literally make your skin lighter with exfoliation. Another thing is our features adapt to our environment. Obviously if youre born into the plains of Africa you need darker skin so your skin doesn’t burn so quickly where if youre born in the mountains you’ll probably have lighter skin

          • Carl Brister

            Not sure what your point is, and that is particularly what I was trying to explain those black racist commenters. Wondering why I don’t see you posting anything to them.

            Most of those goofballs believed the black race is the first human and the white race was created by albinism, which is, of course, it’s not even truth; because if it’s truth, everyone on world will be all same color. Last time I checked, there is 6 different races, not one.

            Black race came way, way later after first human arrived in this Earth in thousands years ago. Even those people whose touched Italy, Greece, Israel, and Syria from Africa aren’t black nor dark as black.

            Which is why I knew all those bigotry who think the black came first are nothing but pure Black Supremacy without handing out the fact, or even a strong evidence. All they do is calling someone a name every time they don’t like what they hear/read. They were brainwashed pretty good.

          • Ben

            Hey dude, I say this with as much love as I can muster: Judging by your grammar and spelling, you’re pretty close to bordering illiteratacy. I’d consider seeking out an English language tutor.

            That said, please forgive me if I don’t believe that you are seeking out reliable sources or even fully comprehend the content of what you are allegedly reading, though I’m not very convinced you have read as much on the subject as you suggest.

            Also, there are only 3 races on earth (though some anthropologists still argue that there are 4). Of those, Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid are classified on skeletal features of face and body rather than by the color of their skin. Skin color changes in just a few generations depending on sun levels whereas skeletal features tend to remain similar in multiple generations. Even then, it’s rare in colonized areas for individuals to exhibit the traits of a one single race and often fit into all three.

          • apocalypse mentis


          • Chanel BittaSweet B

            What is the ethnicity of the oldest borns found on earth?????

            Just a question…

            I haven’t got time to try and educate someone like you that’s ancients have put them into a position that makes them feel superior……smh

          • BigBrax59

            Six different races???!!! Really??? Name the you fool! I’ll get you started with the first three: 1) Negroid, 2) Mongoloid, 3) Caucasoid. Now YOU name the remaining 3!!! Hint….there are none!

          • Katherine Van Hook

            Larry, Moe, and Curly.

          • Cruz

            Oldest fossil Lucy found in Ethiopia …black race clearly didn’t come way later as you claim

          • shawn Mc

            please google lucy because she was shorter than 4 ft and ape like, thats not a black person that was a hominid

          • Katherine Van Hook

            I’ve seen her in the San Diego Museum. It’s a stretch to call her human. It looks very much like an ape.

          • shawn Mc

            shes not human at all, shes a hominid

          • Katherine Van Hook

            Yea. Exactly, but supposedly a human ancestor right? I find it all very confusing.

          • Katherine Van Hook

            Shawn, have you seen her? It is quite remarkable.

          • Chanel BittaSweet B

            Wow…. You totally trusted everything lmao….. The White pigmentation came after hundreds and hundreds of years being caught in the ice age and having to hide away to survive in the mountains. The caucus mountains, and when they came out they, they looked different, spoke different and acted different. They couldn’t believe how (black) skinned people were living so happy, peaceful and fruitfully. This is why your different from albinos. You can still adapt to the sunlight but with a certain degree of protection.

          • Ana

            An albino mating with a black person produces light-skinned babies. You have to understand that it isn’t either or. They won’t be either albino or black. The same way a black and white couple produces a mixture of the two, NOT EITHER OR. I know a guy with partial albinism who had a baby with a dark-skinned girl and the baby has lighter skin than the mother and darker skin than the dad. It won’t produce either or. Albinoism in Africa, especially sub-Saharan Africa is seen a a bad thing. These people are not mated with very often.

          • Ronald Marmon

            God created man from what? There really is no such thing as race therefore no one should be labeling stuff as supremist ideology. It’s just man made up stupidity.

          • rogerpenna

            Run, live to fly, fly to live, Aces High!!

            Oh, you are right btw.

          • Samantha Payne

            I have a baby with a black man. (Jamaican/Bajan) Our baby looks like a caucasian kid with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. I naturally have blonde hair and blue eyes.. Though blue eyes and blonde hair are in fact recessive mine dominated. So Yes a white person can have the dominant traits over a black person.

          • Avi Chetri

            WTF Steve. If you knew genetics you would know that everyone are genetic mutants. Africans have not ossified in time.

        • apocalypse mentis

          correct this is pure nonsense bs peddled by retards for the entertainment and entertainment of the same. this photoshoipped bsb and the false claim of recessive genetics blah blah is posited by idiots with zero knowledge of genetics. I have the original images of this kid hahaha nice try retards

        • ReligionKills

          ha ha dumb racist mutant

      • bgtrev

        You are Correct. …

      • The Black Alpha

        Black recessive gene is the dominant and recessive cannot produce dominant gene.

        It’s amazing how intellectually stupid white folk get when it comes to race.

        This is kindergarten

      • noxid25

        That’s hilarious…because my dad is black (black as the beautiful child) and has blue eyes…I don’t care what your science or genetics says…it doesn’t change my reality.

      • Chanel BittaSweet B

        Thank you. I was thinking the same thing. How the hell can the photographer even suggest that because they may be a possible white blood line in the chain that it is still there today, wake up people, this is 2015 everyone knows that all human race hail’s and comes from Africa. Africa is the centre of the world. Some places look the way it does because of greed from man, doesn’t make any difference that Africa is the centre of the world and all human race, fact the oldest born to be found on earth are of a black person,there is no other racial born found as old as that…

      • Sharon

        Then why are almost all babies born with dark BLUE eyes?

    • Felix

      Its very possible. Today i met an African girl with green eyes. There is something we call genetic drift, mutation which can lead to the development of those eyes.

    • Let us set the record straight. The photo is not altered at all. Here is a comment from the photographer herself:

  • Posting the RAW file would remove all doubts on whether the image was digitally enhanced or not; and also remove the need for posting long diatribe on the subject, which does nothing at all one way or the other. With that said, I personally don’t care, it’s a cool shot.

  • Tracy

    This picture may not be photoshopped or even be a syndrome of some sort someone above mentioned but the story of explanation that the author credits for the blue eyes is bull. What most people don’t realize is Africa is an old place for sure with an enormous population with enormous possiblities of genetic mutations. It annoys me that the first explanation people give for anything different or interesting or particularly beautiful in a black or african person is due to something else, anything except for their black/african blood like having a white ancestor for example. I’m not complaining about this story exactly just what the media tells us and the fact most people except it.

    • Carl Brister

      We all know the fact about first human whose appeared in Africa, but the first human isn’t black. They’re tannish with overall of hair.

      • zoop

        you sound like you really don’t want the first person to be black lol

        • Carl Brister

          Is that all you got? Sound to me you hate the fact. Something is telling me here that you’re attempting to remove the true and replace it with fiction.

          • Cleverfox

            no one knows!!!..but if they are from africa than they could have a wide spectrum colour wise…i.e north Africa some are fair, some are not…

      • knowledge

        Lol. You are very ignorant. Now that bs you typed is white supremacist thinking.

        • Carl Brister

          White Supremacist thinking…. hmmm… sound very interesting, especially coming from emotional bigotry. Ever since people like you who get theirs feeling hurt and get angered out of it, you just got an idea how to get your revenge by spitting out “You must be part of White Supremacist” crap. Hypocrite.

      • Unknown

        Sorry to burst your bubble mate but that’s all false

  • Jacob Obadiah

    Blue eyes did not originate in white people.

    White people are descendants of blacks;

    therefore, they get all their features from

    blacks.. There is no such thing as

    white people.. White people are blacks

    with albinism.

    • Carl Brister

      You’re an idiot with all of your Black Supremacy and religious gullible. The link you posted was founded by racism.

      • steve

        haha..this made me laugh.

      • Jacob Obadiah

        I think you should focus on your delivery…
        Name calling will never build bridges
        between people.

        Only fools try to make peace with their
        friends. Peace should be made with
        your enemies, with people whom you
        don’t agree..

        Now look into yourself…

        Jesus has in recent months shown me
        that I was wrong about “race”. Alot
        of the things I said in the months since
        I last corresponded with you, I no longer
        belief in.

        If you keep up turning people away
        who disagree with you, you may
        fail at being the instrument in which
        Jesus uses to correct people..

        Jesus spoke to me and I repented
        of the prejudice I had toward whites.

        I would love to say that you had
        something to do with that, but I can’t..

        All you did was name call. STOP

        I no you probably turn people away
        in your life who mean you well, and
        you need to stop it …

        Some times Jesus can use people
        to talk to folk, or he speaks directly
        to them through the Bible …

        Try to understand people by listening…

        • Sassy

          I like your comment, Jacob.

          • Jacob Obadiah

            Thanks, and much blessings
            to you in the Almighty father
            who goes by the other name
            we know as Jesus, the Christ….

      • Eli Jam

        The first human was Black. You just can’t accept it and call everyone whos against you a Black Supremist. You are just a White Supremist trying really hard to say that the first human wasn’t Black. Btw, “You’re an idiot with all of your Black Supremacy and religious gullible. The link you posted was founded by racism.” WTF is religious gullible?

      • Junie

        You’re the idiot since there’s no such thing as Black Supremacy.

    • Makanaki

      Mr Bister, I followed this conversation from beginning and I notice that u r the one who 1srt talked about albinism. European gene is not albinism, although is a kind of mutation different from albinism mutation. African parent who give birth to european babies is very rare but exists, usually the babies are just too light in skin than their brothers and sisters, science has confirmed from DNA tests that both parents are africans. I invite you to read this article :
      U should also know that in all african families siblings usually (90%) have different skin complexion, for exemple in my family we are 6 brothers and sisters born from the same parents, 3 are normal brown (like eddie murphy), 2 are very light (like maria carey) and 1 is dark brown (like nykhor paul). So african parents having childrens with different coulors is very common and they usally don’t borrow themselves with this subject.

      U may know that african or dark asian people with blue eyes is may be rare but is quite normal since there is an ethnical tribe in the area between Congo, Uganda, Central african republic and South Sudan whose 50% of its population are born with blue eyes. Also a good number of population originated from Cameroon-Nigeria border have also very light grey eyes.

      The fact that light skinned are more in number in this world is just due to space availability. An island population will never be bigger than an inland-continent population. The most populated areas in Africa and in the world are plains. Plains are just found in south and east Africa, that’s why these areas are also the most populated in the continent. The rest are mountains, desert and forests (which are very difficult to colonize because of the plainty of giant trees occupiying the space). In the rest of the world, most of the land mass are plains that’s why humans could travel through it easily than in Africa’s landscape. U can have a view of what I am talking about with this map :

      To conclude most of black skinned asian from Pacific and Australia have blond hairs, also one pygmee tribe in southern Congo-Angola border have blond hairs.

  • Lauro

    The inhabitants of the Solomon Islands – east of Papua New Guinea – are very dark-skinned – but have puzzled scientists for decades with their blond hair.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  • My mother’s eyes and my oldest brother’s eyes are outlined in this blue!

  • Bylha

    Funny how people are I’ve got one of my eight children born with blue eyes three with green one with steel gray three with light brown but by the time they could walk good (1 yr old they all turned very very dark eyes like mine does that count if not my sister was born with blue eyes they turn brown but our abuelo has to mi the most beautiful blue eyes and many cousin some blacker then my padre who have the darkest beautiful eyes and just like our hair some if the blackest ones have straightest hair while some light have frizzy curly or tight curl. Just as albinos eye are pink I think they are beautiful I’ve known quit a few growing up. People need to realize with God all things are Possible 🙂

    • tosti ham kaas

      This retarded nonsense of yours is unreadable.

      • bylha

        and your and Idiot !

  • Carl Brister

    Of course, they would say “it’s not a photoshop” since it’s actual a photoshopped picture. Hypocrite does exist.

    • ickon

      Have you got a problem with a black person having blue eyes? Well then… Try plucking them out. There is nothing as “Black Supremacy”. Supremacy and Superiority are words that go very well with White… and not Black. The entire world (universe) knows that.

  • Elaine

    To all of the white people trying to discredit this picture please know your own history. The lighter or pale skin that you possess is the direct result of region change. If you knew anything you would know that you are the youngest race on this earth. Now let me prove this to you with a few facts. 1.) When you read the bible the places that are being discussed are places of warmer climates and that in return creates darker skin not white pale skin.
    2.) Jesus himself did not look like you (even though you lie to yourselves and your children and make them believe that ) he had skin of bronze and hair like wool and eyes of fire more resembling that of a man of color.
    3.) Why do you think that whenever your race is mixed with another the white is barely noticed? That is because it is not old enough to sustain itself when mixed.
    4.) Why do you think that whenever you get a disease, that is not self inflicted like heart disease, you die off and cannot stand the treatment and eventually die a premature death; that is because your people have not been around long enough to withstand these diseases and your immune systems are not equipped to handle them
    So just to bring all of these things to topic, white people are not the first to have blue eyes or eyes of color. You were not even the first people on Earth so please get off of your high horse and bow to you ancestors.

    • Alana Matthews

      i don’t discredit this picture and i do believe it’s genuine, the child has amazing eyes it took my breathe away. however i do not like how you speak about white people like we are one. we are individuals and I’m not on any high horse and also not phased by the fact we were not the first race to have coloured eyes. as for bowing down to our ancestors how rude. could you imagine the response a white person would have for writing a comment like that. your a racist. your equally disgusting as other racist whether that be black or white fact

    • Samantha Payne

      Scientific studies show that Caucasian women live the longest out of all of the races, studies were done on both men and women of each race death ratios. My immune system has not failed me yet. I have a mixed child, she is half black….. feel free to look at her photos on my facebook, she looks like a little caucasian girl with blonde hair and blue eyes… but her hair is curls and she has a slight olive complexion. We know Jesus doesnt look like us but he isnt black either, he is Hebrew… He had curly hair and dark skin yes…but more-so tan than dark and if his skin was dark it was from prolonged exposure to the sun not because of ancestral heritage..

    • Katherine Van Hook

      No, that is Jahova.

  • Dawn Kovach

    I’m seeing some nasty comments here. From a professional artist, it is impossible to make an eye look that real with photoshop or any other digital program to date. I know all the science behind genetics and all that, but i’m going to go out on limb here and tell you what is really happening, because this isn’t a rare thing any more. My daughter was born 13 years ago with violet eyes that are now indigo and i’m seeing those same bright blue to violet eyes in children of every race, everywhere I go. –These are the children of the second coming. They are being born with Christ gifts. Test it out if you don’t believe me. Look at one and think something happy and pleasant and watch the child smile or answer you in return…and then think some horrible and watch their expression change or they will cry. They know what you are thinking. I have a son that talks to animals, a daughter who is telepathic and another who sees and speaks with passed spirits. It’s an amazing thing to experience. In the 90’s I was babysitting a friend’s child and while watching her color in her book, I thought a question. She looked up at me and answered aloud. I said, “Um, Hali, I didn’t say that aloud.” She just smiled at me.

  • Sutzuk ibn Loukoum

    I don’t see the reason for all the doubt. Just because ~99,999% of light eyed people can all trace their ancestry in a mutation that occured in neolithic Ukraine doesn’t mean that the same or similar mutation could not have occured in Africa where there is greater genetic diversity (from Capoids to Congoids and from Ethiopians to Bonobos).

    Also let’s not forget that blue eyes are sexually selectable trait and given that’s Africa we are talking about if the person in which the mutation first occured was female she would probably be raped by the entire village.

    • ChocolateChaos

      Did you say Ethiopians to Bonobos? As in the species of primate? Was that a subversive racist jab? You’ve lost all credibility right there.

    • diamond25

      Being that unfortunately in some parts of Africa, recessive traits such as albinism is misunderstood and frowned upon, the blue eyed female you are referring may be seen as the carrier of evil spirits hence frightening “the entire village”. Till this day, in some parts of Africa and Western Asia there still lingers the concept of the evil eye.

  • Huni Buni

    This story, crediting this trait to a “beautiful white girl washing up on African shore” is fiction at best. These blue eyes have as much to do with white DNA as the blonde hair on Melanesian Islanders. Blue eyes started in Africa and left with those who migrated out and eventually settled in Europe.

    …..If white people give blacks blue eyes, then you’d see a whole lot of blacks with blue eyes in the United States of America…yet some how it is more rare for blacks in America to have blue eyes despite heavy admixture with white people than pure blooded Africans.

    To see the phenotype of an inherited recessive trait you need to have recessive alleles passed on from both parents, so her children who would have all had brown eyes (Bb) and one recessive b allele would have had to reproduce incestuously for any of them to possibly get blue eyes (bb). Add into that the fact that her alleged genetic contribution was over 300 years ago, and something called recombination it’s even more unlikely even if we assume her children were incestuous.

    These blue eyes are African (either due to or originating with partial/ocular albinism, which spontaneously generates this trait in some African people)

    In reality, rather than sensationalized fairy tale history land, the first blue eye European being discussed here, probably looked something like this little boy and not like the cartoon they provided.

  • diamondsmiles

    Are there any updates on this beautiful child?

  • diamond25

    Despite racial stereotypes, yes so called pure Africans due vary in phenotypes (hair, skin tone, noses, stature, eye shapes,etc). You also have dark skinned, black eyed Melanesians with blond hair- no European background.

    The negative remarks made about the photo is out of sheer ignorance.

  • Hannah Pavina

    Whoa the hatred and arguing. One race is not above another, no better and no worse. Why all the racism and hate people? We are all equal here. We are all free humans. We all have the same rights, granted these rights may be striped from the unfortunate few, but we are still the same. Regardless of the colour of our skin or eyes or hair. Regardless of what we believe or eat or do. Regardless of what “mutations” may have evolved in our species gene pools. We are all human. And that’s the way it is. So why all this hate? Can’t we just all agree that it is wondrous and beautiful and oh so very cool and just leave it? Leave it at that? Leave it without the hate and septicism and prejudice? Leave it as it is. Beautiful. Human. Equal.

  • monica

    I decided to search the Web for blacks with blue eyes as a result my discussion with a friend (a medical doctor) just a few minutes ago. I had mentioned to her that I remembered seeing a blue eyed man a few years back, in abuja, Nigeria where we rreside. I was dazed, cos I had never seen such a phenomenon all my life. She was sceptical, suggesting that he may have been wearing contact lenses. I then told her that the man was a tailor and at his level, couldn’t possibly afford to wear contact lenses. He had even told me that he wasn’t the only blue eyed person in his community. So it is true that that there are dark skinned blue eyed people.

    • tj

      I have read all the comments here and can’t help laughing at some if not most of these. As an African born and raised here I can tell you that we are a study in versatility. we have people so light skinned they could pass for whites even though they have no drop of white blood. People with midnight dark skin, who usually have the blemishless skin and really white teeth and eyes.

      A few houses from my grandma’s house there is a family mine has known for genetations, they have no white in them but as a rule they birth grey eyed kids. I went to school with several people who had hazel eyes and one who had green eyes. Amber eyes are a bit more common. And i have met two people with blue eyes, one of them was a street vendor who had midnight skin and her eyes were that much more striking.

      The thing is to us it is an unremarkable thing, something that pops up in a few people and we accept them. If I wee into photograph I could pepper the net with pure African people with unusual eyes. And before you say they hare mixed we here differentiate between whites, blacks and mixed so much that biracials are a race all of their own and identify as such even if their parents are white and black.

  • Rehab yasser

    It’s acutely natural we are not the one who mad Ower self and there is sometching called black eyes becase I have them and I am sure about it because I put off the lights and checked in the mirror it was black in colour and then I put on all the light even the ones which are not necessary the place was so bright extremely bright and still when I checked in the mirror my eyes were black in colour

  • Lucius

    It’s highly likely a fake, as there are many confirmed fakes like this online, people have found photoshopping errors, etc. On this one you can see round overlays that aren’t lined up exactly the same from one photo to the next, which is evidence of photoshopping. Geneticists already confirmed that all people with blue eyes have a common Eurasian ancestor. Meaning only native peoples of Eurasia can have different eye colors. Which tends to be most common in Europeans and Indians.

  • Joe Livingston

    it goes to show that there is a lot more attached to the black gens than
    just more blackness–why were the other races able to come through our
    gens? its becasue there is a lot more to it than we might understand

  • Brownie


  • hi

    isn’t it just obvious that it’s photoshoped? whoever done this, didn’t really good job though..

  • dorothy drakes

    ALL blue eyes are a mutation to adapt to colder climates,after leaving a warm one it took thousands of years to occur…note that 74% of Europians have blue eyes and some are very DARK

  • Tanuki Man

    I’ve seen the “Underworld” movies! That kid’s a vampire!
    Seriously, somebody get him a modeling contract. He’ll crush it.

  • kevin
  • Dunzie✓ᴱ-ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Who cares?

  • Danielle

    There’s an Asian boy born with blue eyes too.

  • Samantha Payne

    A couple sites describing where blue eyes came from. Neither of them ever state that is was a black person, which in personal opinion doesn’t even really matter. I believe we are all descendants of the Africa area, but of a tan lineage. One such as the Hebrew. Considering that the areas where Christ was placed in the Bible are believed to be modern day African areas. Makes sense to me considering we are created in Gods own image. Why people think one race is better than the other I will never know. We are all brothers and sisters in the Lords eyes. We should embrace each other. Our differences are what make us beautiful. If everyone looked the same and talked the same the world would be boring. I am Native American/ My husband is Jamaican/Bajan. We have a young daughter. She looks like a perfect mixture of both of us. She has blonde hair and blue eyes her hair is curly and her skin slightly olive toned.

  • Ioannes

    They’re (Cultural Marxists) are really desperately pushing “BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL” down our throats, aren’t they?

    As far as I’m concerned, and I don’t care if you’re offended, I’m not sorry: black people with blue eyes and blonde hair are freaks.

    I’d prefer white people with blonde hair and blue eyes. If you like black people with blue eyes, that’s none of my business. It becomes my business if you force me to want to accept these people who are strange and look nothing like me. They probably think I’m a freak too, so that’s our common ground.

  • ShareKnowledge

    You may find this science interesting. It is the premise of a Bio- Technology company named Stroma Medical. Strōma Medical Corporation is a late-stage research and development
    company located in Laguna Beach, CA. Inventor/scientist Gregg Homer, JSD
    (PhD) developed and patented a non-invasive procedure to change eye
    color from brown to blue:

    ” We all have blue eyes. In the case of brown eyes, however, a thin layer
    of brown pigment covers the front surface of the iris (the colored part
    of the eye). The Strōma laser disrupts this layer of pigment, causing
    the body to initiate a natural and gradual tissue-removal process. Once
    the tissue is removed, the patient’s natural blue eye is revealed.”

    Visit the website and see for yourself.

    So we all have blue eyes, just some of us have a pigment covering those “innate” blue eyes.

  • Oby

    A beautiful child…Simple. The world will be a much better place when we begin to see human beings first before color, race, physical features, etc. The child is beautiful because he’s a child, not because he is black with blue eyes, or white with afro hair. He is beautiful regardless.

  • De’Isreal Gordon

    We are fully black..

  • Shantelle Boyce

    um i live in nb canada and there is an elderly black man with very blue eyes i believe my dear!

  • Brandi Marie Pollard

    His eyes are beautiful… Who cares how he got them..its Gods work

  • Apples

    I think the boy has Waardenburg Syndrome. The feature of intense blue eyes is part of the syndrome.

  • Jessica Brave

    See I knew there were Africans of different color eyes without being mixed with other races

  • Andrew Bennett

    There have been blond hair blue eyed black people on earth long before white people 14 Million. according to the pyramids!

  • Andrew Bennett

    White people with blond hair and blue eye have only been on earth 2,000 years! White people with other colors of hair and eyes been here on earth 8,000 years.

    • andanotherthing

      Cite your sources or shut up. TROLL.

  • Naomi

    Africa’s have some beautiful and really specisl diamond ,this kid is amazing

  • joanie13

    Beautiful child……precious!!

  • BringitBack RightNow

    Beautiful! wish my eyes were that color!

  • darkstorm

    And this is why we can’t have nice things. People are so obsessed with the colour of someone’s skin that they literally can’t get past that to see anything else. Humanity started in Africa, and the closer to the equator those Africans were, the darker their skin and the further away from the equator we travelled, the lighter the skin became in order to be able to absorb vitamin D from the sun. Simple. Was it a mutation or an adaptation? Who cares? It is well past time we humans grew up and stopped being so pedantic about it. Accept people for what they do and who they are not the colour of their skin.

  • tjetta

    I Believe It’s Real. Awesome Photo…

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  • Conswella Uriola

    This little boy is first off a human being and he is a beautiful boy of color and he has beautiful eyes. His family should get a really good manager and he could become a model and if he does become a model, I pray that God will protect him and his family and prosper them.

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  • Jane Black

    Caucasian White Europeans, are a mutant race the white skin, blonde hair, straight hair and white skin is all recessive. If this boy’s eyes is a form of albinism, all European are albinos.

  • patinafrica

    What a beautiful kid. The comments by the chattering masses always make me giggle.

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