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I don’t truly hate travelling through Africa, but I blame a lot of things after returning from such a trip. 

I despise the way it makes me feel once I get back to the real world. The human race can never compete with what Africa offers. Africa makes one feel like living a dream (which, in fact, you are when travelling this continent).

Here are my ten reasons why I hate leaving Africa:

The wildlife

The wildlife is magnificent, some say tranquil and majestic. Their presence consume ones entire body and you tend to forget your troubles.

wildebeest, river crossing, wildlife, Africa

African sunsets

A sunset is great anywhere and most of us are glad to see a hard day’s work done. This is not the case in Africa.

The African sunsets are another story, and here one does not want the sunset to end. But a sunset here does not mean the last chapter of that day. I sometimes think the colors in the sky, during the last few minutes of sunlight, is a reminder how special Africa is and a teaser to experience another day.

sunset, river, Africa

The people

It’s said that less is more, which applies to the majority of Africans (albeit those that I have encountered) who always seem happy with so little. They are content with what they have.

two children, Africa, culture

The Big 5

The Big 5 is derived from a hunting term to describe the most dangerous animals to hunt, resulting in millions of tourists travelling half way across the world.

Who can argue the beautiful herd of elephants moving through the grasslands in Kenya? Or a lion going after its prey? Or a buffalo contemplatively chewing?

two lions, male, Africa

Africa’s influence

I think it might be something in the water (as the saying goes) or the various night sounds of animals and nocturnal birds, the flickering flames or a good wine that somehow bring so many people together.

It always amazes me the influence Africa has on all different cultures worldwide. Tourists arrive as individuals but depart as bush acquaintances with lots of photos to share. People make time to talk to each other (which they don’t in suburban life), learning from one another only to find out we are not at all too different. Africa has the influence of making friends for life and broadening your view of other countries and their culture.

fire, fire pit, bush


Africa’s nights are quite picturesque. Imagine millions of bright stars each with its own story. The night sky mesmerises everyone and time seems to be a distant concept. Star gazing and pointing out the well-known Milky Way, indicating the various planets and constellations, can become a full-time hobby.

baobabs, sunset, night sky, Africa


Thousands of enthusiastic bird lovers travel millions of miles a year to view birds that may still be part of their bucket list, birds that have evaded them for many years. Others never imagined to find so much joy out of learning about birds.

The charm of the thousands upon thousands of bird species that fight for your attention is captivating and, before you know it, you will be ignoring the mighty elephant drinking from the waterhole and rather searching the bird index book to identify a bird in a thorn tree.

white-fronted bee-eater, bird, tree, Africa

So much to see

I also despise how Africa has the ability to injure your neck muscles as your head moves around to view all corners, not wanting to miss anything! A movement I don’t experience once at work or walking the city streets.

Mwanza flat-headed rock agama, Maasai Mara, Kenya

The magic

Why does a drink at home, after a long day, not feel that same as in Africa? After all, it’s not like you are working during your holiday.

Could it be that, with an African sunset and a beverage in hand, something magical occurs? They eye of the beholder makes an ordinary action extra-ordinary.

lightning bolt, clouds, sunset, Africa

Leaving Africa

The flight back home is the worst – I feel a piece of my soul is left behind in the dark red soil and African bush where wildlife meander.

I hate that I allowed myself to open up my heart and soul to inevitable heartache to leave this continent. Worst is the waiting before my next return. The photos taken will have to feed my soul until then.

bushman walking across dry pan, drone, Africa

If you allow yourself to become lost within, your African experience will open a new world never known before. A world of simplicity. A world of relaxation. A world that makes sense. A world that simplifies your place on earth. A world that feeds your soul.

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