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Lion cubs are definitely one of the more lovable and cute babies of the African bush and guests of Vula Tours were fortunate enough to come across a few in a pride while out on a game drive in South Africa.

Enjoy the following interesting facts and photographs about lion cubs.

lion cubs, South Africa, safari

♦ Mothers can give birth to up to six cubs at a time, but litters of two or three are more common.

♦ Just before giving birth, the mother will leave the pride and find a secluded, isolated, safe place.

lion cubs, South Africa, safari

♦ At 10 days old, lion cubs will open their eyes and very soon after that – between 10 to 15 days old – will start walking.

♦ The mother will keep the cubs in isolation, away from the pride, for the first four to eight weeks of their lives.

lion cubs, South Africa, safari

♦ At around three months old the cubs will start to eat meat.

♦ Male lions generally play no paternal role when it comes to providing food for the cubs.

lion cubs, South Africa, safari

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