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Discovery by dugout in Uganda

Jumping into a dugout canoe was a wonderful way to experience Lake Bunyonyi, meaning ‘place of many little birds’. With its terraced hillsides and secret coves, Uganda’s deepest lake provides the perfect place to relax and unwind in a serene setting. Canoe trekking with Edirisa took us into the remoter parts of the Bunyonyi valley, […]


Elephant Ivory – the deadly new currency in China

The demand for elephant ivory in China is growing as wealthy Chinese citizens begin to see the ‘white gold’ as a private and business investment option. This coincides with a rise in poaching that is, arguably, as high as those in the 1980s, before ivory trade was banned. Grace Gabriel, Asia Regional Director for IFAW, […]

Adventure and Sport

Getting a taste of Mauritanian hospitality

As I jump in the passenger seat of Limame’s 4-wheel drive Mitsubishi he explains to me that he doesn’t want me to think about money or costs.  For him, money is not important; he is just happy to have me join him and for the chance to show me his country.  I’ve heard this line […]

People, Wildlife

Real game rangers do cry

Having started out my debut blog post on Africa Geographic in a tiara, it wasn’t hard to come up with a topic that would lead to less ridicule than that; but that clearly would be taking the easy way out!  Instead, I have decided to write about something that one probably doesn’t often associate with […]

Adventure and Sport, Ocean

I do Africa: Luchi the Kenyan beach boy

We met Hassan Luchi two years ago during our first visit to Kenya on a beach in Tiwi, just outside of Mombasa. Back then we helped him out a bit but weren’t really able to do much and sadly we lost contact after we left – constantly wondering how he is doing. The beaches here […]


First free-roaming cheetah cubs born in over 120 years in Southern Cape

It didn’t take long before I received a phone call from my grandparents asking me if I had heard the news… …of the four cheetah cubs that were born on the 30th of March at the Garden Route Game Lodge; a private game reserve located approximately five kilometres outside the town of Albertinia. For me […]


Kenya: where Princess Elizabeth became a Queen

Sixty years ago, in February 1952, Her Royal Highness The Princess Elizabeth learnt of her accession to the throne while in Kenya. Princess Elizabeth was just twenty-six years old, and had travelled to Africa along with her husband Prince Phillip. It was in Kenya, as part of a Commonwealth tour spanning four continents, when her father […]

Photography, Wildlife

Top 10 Picture of the Day entries – May 2012

Here’s our editors’s selection of the top 10 best picture of the day entries from May 2012: [slickr-flickr tag=”agreaderspicsmay” captions=”on” descriptions=”on”] Submit your own best African wildlife image!  The best of the bunch for the month will be published in the magazine and the top ten on our blog. Submit your image to, please include a […]


Top 10 favourite sounds of the African bushveld

Whilst watching a wildlife documentary on the TV the other night I was struck by just how I missed the sounds of the African bushveld.  Living in a city, miles away from my beloved Africa it struck me how emotive those sounds were and it created a real longing in me; a longing to be […]


Elephant trunk-strokes my pregnant tummy

Image and text courtesy of Caitlin Carter I was at Baine’s Camp in Botswana with Sanctuary Retreats and had the pleasure of meeting Jabu, the patriarch of the Elephant Experience there. I stood chatting to ‘elephant expert’ Doug Groves, while Jabu meandered about his business of browsing and soaking up the warm morning sun. Before we knew […]

Ocean, Photography

Sardine Run Set to Stir-Up South African Seas

The sardine run has been likened to the great wildebeest migration across the Maasai Mara and Serengeti. A geographic wonder and a spectacular marine event dubbed ‘the greatest shoal on earth’. Sardines are winter’s gift to Durban; every year at some point between May and July, locals anticipate the glittering deep-sea wave as it rolls […]

Conservation, People

A brighter future: final day of a Children in the Wilderness camp

Its 3am! I have just awoken to a thud on the floorboards below me. Listening carefully, I tiptoe to the mosquito gauze and press my face against it. I see a bit of movement 2 metres away, then there’s another thud against the deck. The moonlight is just enough to catch a pair of horns, […]

Conservation, Photography

Amazing rooms with a view!

In the current issue of Safari interactive magazine, we showcase the portfolio Rooms with a View – some of the most amazing views from lodges, camps and hotels across Africa. We couldn’t include every image that made us gasp of course (the final decisions were really tough!), so here are a few of the rooms that didn’t […]


Going to extremes for black eagle conservation, known for live streaming video of African wildlife on the internet, is launching a new camera that will broadcast the wild black eagles of Roodekrans from Johannesburg, South Africa. At the moment the female black eagle Emoyeni, which means ‘upon the wind’, is sitting on her two eggs which are expected to hatch sometime […]


Encounters of the spotted kind

The sun at this time of the year in the Waterberg is irresistible and the warmth of it on our backs, coupled with the glass of wine over lunch, kept us all lingering on the deck well after our meal was finished. But soporific as we all felt, our small party were all on our […]

Adventure and Sport

Top Gear revs up for Durban, South Africa

Petrol heads be warned, Clarkson, Hammond, May and The Stig are revving things up for the South African Top Gear Festival.  Expect adrenalin-charged motoring mayhem, with FMX bikes, donutting, flaming rally cars, and exhilarating, hair-raising stunt manoeuvres. [slickr-flickr tag=”topgear” captions=”on” descriptions=”on”] Photos © In fact, mystery racing driver The Stig was in Durban on 30th […]

Photography, Wildlife

Botswana in the green season

Most people wishing to visit Botswana will likely be advised to head to the country during the dry season which runs from April to October. The reason for this would be that it is cooler than the hot Nov – Mar period.   With less rain, the wildlife concentrates around permanent water (Okavango and Chobe) and it is easier […]

Photography, Wildlife

Top 10 Picture of the Day entries – April 2012

Here’s our editor’s selection of the top 10 picture of the day entries from April 2012.  [slickr-flickr tag=”agreaderspicsland” captions=”on” descriptions=”on”] Submit your own best African wildlife image!  The best of the bunch for the month will be published in the magazine and the top ten on our blog. Submit your image to, please include a short […]


The Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary in Uganda

I’m a little nervous of chimps. Personally, I think it’s because their actions and personalities remind me far too much of us humans. This is also why I am absolutely fascinated by them. When I was in Kampala, Uganda, I took the opportunity to visit the orphaned chimpanzees at the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. I […]

Culture, People

The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes

The above image was recently submitted by Vanessa Bristow, who called it ‘The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes’. Within minutes of posting this magical picture, there was an enormous flood of comment and feedback. Amongst much of the rumpus was a fair degree of suspicion, doubting and downright slander about the picture’s authenticity. Swoops of […]

Photography, Wildlife

Chad Cocking: my life in the bush…

Chad Cocking is a passionate wildlife photographer and field guide. He has been charged by big cats, learned to deal with demanding guests and mastered early mornings wake-ups, but this is no ordinary jeep jockey… What inspired the field guide dream? Did you grow up spending a lot of time in the bush? I blame […]