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Glamping & Hiking in South Africa’s Little Karoo

I’m lying in my tent on a comfy camper stretcher, I hear the campfire crackling outside and the promise of strong, delicious ‘moerkoffie’ wafts over on the warm morning breeze. As I pull on my hiking boots I can hear Ricardo, the camp manager knocking about his al fresco bush kitchen with purpose.  ‘Come on folks’, […]


Stranded off Swahili Shores

My colleague and Editor of Safari, Paul Steyn, is currently stranded in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on the tiny island of Medjumbe.  I could think of worse places to be stranded…in fact, I’m pretty much seething with a putrid-green envy as I write this blog post from a cold, wintery Cape Town. Paul is […]

Travel & Lifestyle

10 Things to Consider When Planning a Safari for your Family

Forget zoos, what could be more exciting to a child than encountering animals in the wild? A safari is a perfect holiday for the family, because not only will children will be exposed to incredible wildlife but also a vastly different culture, allowing for a fun and educational experience. Imagine your children seeing a magnificent […]

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Put Foot Rally leaves Cape Town with Project Rhino KZN in tow

6 countries, 6 checkpoints and 7,000-odd kilometres in 17 days… The Put Foot is dubbed Southern Africa’s first “social rally” – 60 crews/240 people will motor out of Cape Town tomorrow (Wednesday 20th June 2012) for an epic Africa adventure, overlanding across South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique. Armed with passports stamped in visas; tow […]

Conservation, Wildlife

Expect the Unexpected

What does an ancient sycamore fig have in common with a pride of feasting, feuding lions? At first glance, absolutely nothing. But on this particular occasion, both were completely unexpected and delightful finds. Our guide must have given us several strange glances in the few days that we spent bumbling around the Timbavati, wondering what […]


Elephant Madness

Africa’s giants are an integral part of any safari experience. My guests can hardly contain themselves at the first sign of an elephant… It could be fresh tracks and dung droppings on the road, the sound of snapping branches in the distance, or huge bodies protruding from within the sticky thorn-thickets. To have an elephant […]

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50 / 50 Episode 2, 18 June 2012

Shark drama Once or twice a year, reports of shark attacks hit the media, often graphically headlined with phrases such as “Blood everywhere” or “Killer shark strikes again!” But no-one celebrates the remaining 364 days, when these apex predators that swim off our coastlines contribute to the marine ecosystem – without affecting us negatively. On […]

Conservation, Wildlife

From Cape Town to Conservation: living my dream in Zululand

I’ve just moved from the hustle and bustle of city living in Cape Town to a region called Zululand in Northern Natal. A few years after meeting the team from Wildlife ACT on a rhino poaching assignment for Getaway magazine, I’m now one of their permanent employees. In two weeks we’ve darted and collared 11 […]

People, Wildlife

How Not To Kill Your Tracker!

Between tiaras and tears, I have probably done little to promote myself as being that hard-core, rugged, stereotypical ‘game ranger’ with a big gun, short shorts, and the world’s most impressive sock tan; which I guess is not the end of the world, as that would be a lie…well, except for the short shorts. As […]


Honey Badger Kills Massive Python!

Honey badgers are known to be the most fearless animal in Africa. Today it was once again proved why. We were driving down the road in the Sabi Sands Game reserve when we came across a honey badger attempting to drag a massive four-metre python through the grass. Fortunately, the python was so big that […]

Photography, Wildlife

An elephant never forgets: the sunken hide at King’s Pool, Botswana.

One of the unique features of King’s Pool in the Linyanti, Botswana is the ‘sunken hide’ at one of the outlying pans, a kilometre from the Linyanti River. It’s a buried shipping container with windows and allows you to sit at ground level and watch antelope and elephants arrive to drink at one of the […]

Adventure and Sport

Hope for the Future: Mother Nature strikes again

By Guy Robertson Our kayak was stacked onto a, now fully loaded, coal truck en route to the lake. With heads held high and spirits rejuvenated the team was ready to attack the next leg of our journey to Likoma Island. Once in the water the double kayak seemed to be running smoothly again. The […]

Adventure and Sport, Photography

River Gambia Expedition: A West African Odyssey

Meet Helen Jones-Florio and Jason Florio, a British born, New York based, husband and wife team. Jason is an award-winning photographer, and Helen is a photography producer. They met in the Gambian bush over 15 years ago. [quote]We’re constantly keeping our eye’s open for that ‘ideal spot’ to build a house there (The Gambia)…one day… Helen […]

Photography, Wildlife

Camera modes: shutter priority, aperture priority or…programme mode?

Probably the single question I’m asked most by people keen to improve their photography is “How do I move on from using the Program or Auto mode on my camera”; “What settings should I use”. Wildlife photography is a challenging branch of photography that can test your skills to the limit and often in very […]

Culture, People

A Walk Through The Cradle of Humankind

Approximately 50 metres under the earth, I scramble along a pitch black cave, up through a tunnel and into the light. I now see the world as it was 2 million years ago. As a lover of nature and all things living, I must admit that I haven’t spent much of my life considering my […]


Springbok: The Kgalagadi’s kangaroos

Antidorcas marsupialis stands about 80 cm high and is able to run up to 90 km/hour. It is also able to leap 3.5 m high and stot, pronk or jump 15 m. Hell, I wish I could do that. But I am not a Springbok. The ‘marsupialis bit of the Springbok’s latin name refers to the blind fold or […]


Tracks of Giants

Following ancient elephant migration paths linking major wildlife parks, conservationists Ian MCallum and Ian Michler are undertaking a five month west-to east journey across eight southern African countries. They will travel by bicycle, on foot and by kayak (Zambezi River and Okavango Delta) with the purpose of raising awareness and exploring possible solutions to current […]

Conservation, Ocean

World Oceans Day 2012

On World Oceans Day people around the planet celebrate and honour the body of water which links us all, for what it provides humans and what it represents.  Every year  on June 8th communities around the globe celebrate World Oceans Day as an opportunity to learn more about our ocean and take action to help conserve it. World […]

Conservation, People

Tracks of Giants: thank you and farewell Namibia

By Ian Michler It took us 27 days and 1,490 km to pass through Namibia. And as it so often happens on long journeys, individual days tend to merge the passage of time. As we left the Dobe border post for the Okavango wetlands in Botswana, recollections of those first steps as we ventured out […]

Adventure and Sport, Ocean

Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay 2012

World class surfers head to Jeffreys Bay in South Africa to ride-out the legendary ‘supertubes’ this July. Rated seventh in the world, Jordy Smith will be returning to his favourite wave in the world, ‘supertubes’ in Jeffreys Bay. [quote]I love surfing at Jeffreys Bay…I spent so much time surfing there when I was younger, and it always feels […]

Conservation, People

50/50 is back! New episode coming on 11 June 2012…

Take a look at this exciting lineup: Vodka Bears The practices of bear baiting and dancing bears were outlawed in Eastern Europe almost 12 years ago and we thought we’d seen the end of cruelty to bears… Not so. Deeper into Eastern Europe in the Ukraine, brown bears are living under harsh, cruel conditions. [quote]Bears […]