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Visiting Save the Elephants in Kenya

The gunshot makes no sound. I’m only sure it’s been fired when the matriarch’s knees buckle under the weight of her one and a half-ton elephant mass. “In this kind of operation every minute matters,” the vet tells us. “No matter how many times we’ve done this, things can go wrong,” explains Iain Douglas- Hamilton, […]


Gorilla Doctors hold out hope for injured baby boy in Volcanoes National Park

Being wildlife veterinarians, the Gorilla Doctors are often challenged to determine the seriousness of an illness or injury in a gorilla by visual observation alone. Clinically, it’s ideal to perform tests and physical examinations on ailing patients to make definitive diagnoses. However, as conservationists of wild gorillas, the Gorilla Doctors must take care to disrupt […]


Leopard alert in the Sabi Sand

My radio crackles to life and a call from the lodge comes through. “Any ranger station on standby? There is a leopard on the deck and we need someone to go check it out.” By “check it out” they are actually asking for a hard core ranger to chase the intruding cat away. Up for the […]


New Fifty Fifty episode – London’s Green Olympics

The countdown has begun with mere days until the London Olympics 2012! (27 July) Athletes around the world have been training to get the gold but London Olympics have gone green. The Ancient Olympic Games were a series of competitions held between representatives of several city-states and kingdoms from Ancient Greece, which featured mainly athletic but also combat […]


The little village of Cape Maclear

Paddling around the tip of the peninsula between Monkey Bay and Cape Maclear at the southern tip of Lake Malawi, I had a quite strong feeling that I’d be rounding the bend to a small tourist city.  Having only been to Malawi once at a very young and innocent age, my memories were of sitting […]


Young mountain gorillas destroy poachers’ snares

Today in Rwanda, field staff of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund observed several young gorillas from Kuryama’s group destroying snares set by poachers! “We knew that gorillas do this but all of the reported cases in the past were carried out by adult gorillas, mostly silverbacks,” said Veronica Vecellio, gorilla program coordinator at the Karisoke Research Center. [quote]“Today, two […]

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I do Africa – interesting times in Ethiopia

The only thing worse than the layers of dust on and in everything after northern Kenya, we discovered, are the icy cold showers of Ethiopia’s rainy season. There were times of extreme discomfort, freezing moments when only the small fires of local samaritans provided relief and lots, and lots of shivering.  But, we have made […]

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Shark finning in Mozambique

Mozambiquan dive instructor and documentary film maker Carlos Macuacua is on a mission to raise awareness about the plight of precious marine species.  Carlos understands the importance of educating local communities in Mozambique about marine conservation and ecosystems: [quote] In remote fishing communities people have no idea of the value of our sharks, mantas and other […]

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Hope for the Future expedition – finishing what we started

By Caiden Lang There are few greater feelings than the feeling of accomplishment that comes from finishing what you started. Paddling into Senga bay was one of the best moments of my life.  But I am getting a bit ahead of myself… Spending a week with the families was incredible. I think we each put […]

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Tracks of Giants – kayaking the mighty Zambezi to the half-way mark!

Yesterday afternoon, after an exciting day of kayaking down the mighty Zambezi River, we reached the Waterfront on the edge of Livingstone, Zambia. It brought to an end another incredible leg on the TRACKS expedition – 232kms down one of Africa’s greatest rivers. And during the day, we passed the 2 500km and half-way mark – […]

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Learning the collective nouns for African animals

I believe in unicorns, just not pangolins… I have a thing for trying to learn the collective nouns of animals (trying being the operative word), as some of them are just utterly ridiculous, and clearly concocted by English gentlemen with far too much time on their hands…or is it whiskey in their hands, I forget? […]


Happy Birthday Tata Madiba. Here’s how you can help celebrate Nelson Mandela Day.

Today is a very special day here in South Africa. People all over the Rainbow Nation are waking up and pulling on their Madiba Believer t-shirts, because today is Nelson Mandela’s 94th birthday. [quote]The world remains beset by so much human suffering, poverty and deprivation. It is in your hands……to make of our world…a better […]


‘Eastern DRC is kak…’ said the mountain gorilla.

The mountain gorillas have known it for a while. Eastern DRC is kak. As their numbers dwindled to a few hundred – slaughtered for meat, ashtrays and funsies – they have taken refuge in the slightly safer regions of Rwanda and Uganda. Here, the volcanoes are inactive and the locals have less blood lust. Likewise […]


Bachelor Bulls herd-up in Botswana’s Waterways

This year Botswana has experienced lower rainfall than usual and the natural waterholes are beginning to dry up… This forces the game population to congregate early at permanent water sources such as rivers. Normally big gatherings happen around August but this year it occurred earlier. The annual flooding of the Okavango Delta takes place during […]

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Meet the bone collectors: Tim Jackson chats to African dinosaur specialists

Africa Geographic’s scientific editor, Tim Jackson, is fascinated by Africa’s dinosaurs and recently asked some of the world’s leading dinosaur palaeontologists – bone-collectors to you and me – what hunting for fossils is really like. TJ: So what’s it really like to work on dinosaurs in the field? (Many fossils seem to be located in […]

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The gauntlet of the Manyeleti game reserve

The lodge I worked at in the Manyeleti had no fence around the entire lodge and staff village which allowed EVERY kind of animal to wander through, and oh boy how they liked to walk through… At least once a week we had a young bull elephant that would come and play havoc with the […]

Photography, Wildlife

Fascinating encounter between a fish eagle and monitor lizard

By Simon Moore This incident occurred in late March on the bank of the Mara River. A large catfish had died and was floating in the river. An immature fish eagle was standing on what looked like a rock in the river – but on investigation with binoculars, turned out to be the dead catfish. The […]


Barefoot bliss in Mozambique

Catching the Ilala ferry across the lake of stars was not as romantic as it sounds but landing on the white sandy shores of Manda Wilderness on the Mozambican side of Lake Malawi was like discovering a lost piece of paradise. We caught the ferry from Nkhotakota at 3 o’clock in the morning, perched precariously […]


Caracals count too: mesopredator research in the Cederberg

On a recent trip to the Cederberg with my 9-year-old son, I arranged to meet a young researcher working for the Cape Leopard Trust. I was keen to chat to her about the work of the CLT in the area, and to try and expose my son to the blood, sweat, mud and tears side […]

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Day Trading & Travelling in East Africa

At the time that I became curious about exploring Africa I had only really experienced life in western cultures and I wanted to get to know unfamiliar territory. I was born in Venezuela and moved to the USA when I was very young. Its your typical rags to riches story. I was going to be […]


Southern African hedgehogs: life in a prickly skin!

Cute … kind of ugly … spiny… delightful … adorable – I find it hard not to love hedgehogs! So here’s a bit more about these too oft-ignored little creatures… Stranger Danger! The Southern African hedgehog’s most distinguished feature is the sharp-tipped spines that cover its body like armor. An adult has about 5,000 of […]