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Man dies as elephant falls on his car in Victoria Falls


A 44-year-old man has died after an elephant fell on top of his car in Victoria Falls, reports said Tuesday.

In the second fatal accident involving elephants in less than a month in Zimbabwe, John Banana and driver Benard Munapo were trapped inside the car after Munapo drove into a herd and hit one elephant along Park Way near the resort town.

The elephant fell on the car and Banana later died as a result of his injuries. The two were on their way back from a cruise on the Zambezi River, the state-run Chronicle reports.

Senior police officer Jairos Chiwona told the paper that Munapo was employed at a lodge in the town.

The incident occurred on Thursday evening. The two men were rescued by other motorists and rushed to Victoria Falls hospital, but Banana died on Friday morning.

This was the second case of a man being crushed by an elephant in a month. In May, South African hunter Theunis Botha was crushed to death by an elephant that was shot on a game farm near Hwange National Park.

elephant, Zimbabwe

An elephant crosses the road in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe ©AP

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  • Irene

    I can’t believe what some people do when in game parks You don’t drive into a herd of elephants or drive right up to any elephant.You are asking for trouble.Remember you are in THEIR territory.I have seen similar behaviour in the Kruger.

    • PD

      If you know the place where the accident occupied, then you will understand.Vic Falls is in a national park, so you even see elephants in the CBD. Accident occurred on a curve and they were from work going home.

  • Antonio da Cruz

    Could speeding be an issue in this ? Probably. Hope ellie is OK.

  • Yolande Kruger

    The way this article is worded and the “sensationalist” heading is troubling, especially on a site like AfricaGeographic. It may serve to boost rankings or hits but certainly the entire tone of the article and cross-references to the other tragic incident paints a pretty horrific image of elephants when both cases seemed to be a result of bad judgement on the part of humans. And this at a time when Africa’s elephant population is facing extinction as a result of poaching. Really, lets be honest… Who drives into a herd of elephants and hits one??? It’s not like you can miss them… Was the driver speeding? Drunk or just careless? I know a man died and that is tragic, but even more tragic is the devastating toll on wildlife because of mindless human behavior.

  • Chris O’Quinn

    Why the hell would he drive in to a herd of elephants to begin with and why would he be driving so fast that he knocked an elephant off its feet? I’m more concerned about the elephant. Did it survive?

    • PD

      The road is on a sharp curve and immidiately after the curve the elephants were right there. It was people driving from work…. Vic Falls is in a national part and its normal to see elephants in the middle of the CBD.

      • Chris O’Quinn

        Thank you for the clarification, but It seems the poor man was possibly speeding and not anticipating what it seems he should have known could have been in the road ahead. I just came home from diving a 2 lane road in the country in Texas. No street lights. It is well known that deer and other animals cross this road regularly so, I took precaution and drove slowly, anticipating that at any time, a deer could jump out. I’m sorry if you have had a lot of negative responses from this in favor of the elephant, but it just seems someone who knows the area should have driven a bit more cautiously. I’m very sorry the man lost his life over this. He probably had a family. I would still like to know what happened to the elephant.

      • Patrick

        One thing you should know about elephants is you can not see them at night, it’s happened to me I was only lucky .rest in peace

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