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Lions escape from Etosha, kill livestock

Lions from Etosha National Park have reportedly escaped into the Sesfontein Constituency in the Kunene Region killed 19 goats in one night, according to online Namibian newspaper, Informanté.

The incident was confirmed by a spokesperson from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET), Romeo Munyunda. “A total of 19 goats were killed and on different nights, a number of sheep and cattle were also killed by two lions at farms near Opuwo in the Kunene Region”, said Muyunda. He added that the ministry is currently monitoring the movement of the lions via satellite.

The number of lions is unknown, but farmers in the area are now financially affected by the attacks. Muyunda said that their loss could well be over N$50,000.

The human-wildlife conflict in Namibia is a serious problem and efforts have been made by MET to handle this and have recently updated their National Policy on Human-Wildlife Conflict.

AfriCat Foundation director, Tammy Hoth, said that they were aware of the escaped lions prior to the recent attacks and had advised the farmers to ensure their kraals were secure against lions. She went on to say that in some cases lions do not kill to consume, but rather kill livestock in instances when mother lions are teaching their cubs how to hunt. In the case of the 19 goats, none of them were consumed.

Hoth said that the Kaokoland is currently being patrolled and it is believed that there are seven cubs with their mothers roaming the area. The local livestock farmers have been made aware of the escaped lions.

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  • Collett du plooy

    I don’t see much BLOOD… Lions rip and tear into their prey…. And they would use their claws to grip and hold onto the goat, I don’t see any evidence here to prove it was done by Lions…. Someone looking to make some money?

    • Simon Espley

      Hi Collett, lions kill by suffocation – very little blood involved. The blood appears once the eating starts.

      • Collett du plooy

        Hi Simon, yes they grip on to the throat with their fangs. Surely out of all those goats at least one would have had a jugular pierced….. I’m trying to imagine a lion walking into a goats kraal, just bending down to put it’s mouth around it’s neck and suffocate it without ever using it’s fangs our claws in the process. Especially when the herd starts freaking out.

        • Simon Espley

          Morning Collett :-). I hear you. My perspective on this is that these herdsmen lost valuable (to them) livestock, and many people have reacting by applying sofa science to the situation – casting doubts with guesswork. This report is valid and real. Perhaps we should be applying our energy towards finding solutions for what is a real problem? Just my 2 cents worth.

          • Collett du plooy

            Hi Simon. Then apologies for my poor guesswork. I have lived in wildlife areas and never came across a situation like this. Never thought a lion would do this. The media today is so full of sensationalist fake news, that when something as unbelievable as this happens, we automatically assume the worst. Regards 😉

          • Simon Espley

            You’re right Collett it’s often difficult to separate fake news from the real stuff. Keep the passion 🙂

  • ResponsibleBreeder

    How do lions kill 19 goats without leaving a mark on them?

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