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It was early on an August morning, when the the sun had just started to vanquish the morning chill, that Outlook Safaris‘ guides Kenneth, FJ, and their very lucky guest, had the sighting of a lifetime.

Not many people have the luck of seeing a leopard up close. These elusive animals are solitary, shy and smart enough to usually keep their distance. On this particular morning our guides and guests were in for a treat. They had spotted a leopard but would have never imagined what would follow.


As they sat watching, the leopard went into full stealth mode, stalking a nearby herd of impala. This in itself is pretty impressive to see, but when the animal used one of our vehicles as cover it became extremely exciting!

FJ capturing the moment the leopard went underneath car

The leopard was originally on the opposite side of the road in the bushes and started stalking the impala from there. It then crept across the road and went underneath Kenneth’s open safari vehicle, the guests holding their breaths as it paused and assessed its options right by the vehicle, completely focused on its prey. At that stage we could not move the vehicle for fear of interrupting the animal. FJ and his guest also had a brilliant view as the events unfolded.


FJ described the event as follows: “As we got to the sighting this majestic beast went into full stalking mode, as there were some impalas on the other side of our safari vehicles, by using Kenneth’s car as cover, the leopard managed to get pretty close to its prey. At one time the leopard was literally underneath Kenneth’s car with only his tail sticking out. Unfortunately the impalas got alerted and this beautiful beast lost its prey. One will never get any closer to leopard than what we did this morning.”


Shenton Safaris
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