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The third annual Leap Day for Frogs is back by popular demand on the 28th of February 2015 and is being coordinated by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) following the success of the 2014 national awareness day for frogs.

The aim of the day is to celebrate the incredible diversity of frogs, raise awareness about these interesting animals and highlight the fact that amphibians are globally the most threatened of all vertebrates, including in South Africa, where 30% of our frog species are Critically Endangered, Endangered or Vulnerable.

 A Tinker reed frog
A Tinker reed frog

“The idea behind the day is to get as many individuals, organisations, companies and especially schools throughout South Africa involved in creating their own events. Whether these take a more serious format, such as a local river or wetland clean-up, or just having fun in the name of frogs by dressing in green, is up to you. 2014 saw at least 30 events taking place across the country, and this year is set to far exceed that” explains Dr Jeanne Tarrant, the EWT’s Threatened Amphibian Programme Manager.

South Africa is home to some 120 species of frogs, each with their own fascinating life-histories, habitats and behaviours. The awareness campaign aims to put frogs on South Africa’s conservation map by providing information on what people, businesses and government can do towards reducing their negative impact on amphibian habitats, as well as how they can create environments that are conducive to the survival of frogs, including in their own back garden.

A NA Natal leaf-folding frog
A Natal leaf-folding frog

The campaign is being driven by Dr. Jeanne Tarrant, manager of the EWT’s Threatened Amphibian Programme, and post-doctoral fellow with the North-West University. Said Tarrant, “The effectiveness of conservation of frogs is linked to how people perceive them, and unfortunately this is often in a negative light, particularly in countries like South Africa, where many superstitions are associated with these creatures. If we are to effectively conserve this group, we need the public to get on our side. Leap Day for Frogs aims to highlight a serious issue, which many people are unaware of, but also to have some good froggie fun!”

Jeanne herself will be involved in several events on the day: during the evening of the 28th she will be at Memorial Park, Kloof in collaboration with the Kloof Conservancy, for a family outing including kids activities, an illustrated presentation and a guided walk through the park to find, hear and identify frogs. Other activities will be taking place in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Potchefstroom, Hogsback and Durban. An exciting addition to this year’s activities is a national frog art competition, encouraging children to put pen, koki or crayon to paper and get creative. Winning entries will be submitted to an international competition later in the year. See for more information on events near you.

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