Kids get their hands dirty at The Ant Collection

In our modern day and age of iPads, smart phones and internet, it’s far too easy to keep kids entertained indoors.children-safari

Children playing indoors used to be a recipe for disaster, however nowadays, it is commonplace and often encouraged. Coming from a generation that grew up frolicking in the mud, we think that that’s a downright shame. Putting aside the countless scientifically proven health benefits that playing outside has for children; getting dirty is fun and something that we believe every child should be encouraged to do!

At The Ant Collection, we’ve got a long list of family-friendly safari activities to ensure that kids are kept entertained and stimulated at all times. Here are 5 ways that we encourage children to get their hands dirty while staying at Ants:

1) Guided Bush Walks

While children of all ages are allowed to join their parents on game drives, there is something magical about letting them explore the bush on their own two feet. Guided by a professional ranger, children can experience thrilling wildlife encounters that they are sure to remember for life.


2) Horse Riding Lessons and Trails

Pony walks and one-on-one lessons in the schooling arena ensure young riders gain enough confidence to ride out in the open savanna and enjoy getting up close to wildlife on horseback. In the summer months, it’s not uncommon for the rides to end with a swim in one of the dams!


3) Junior Ranger Classes

Budding young rangers can opt to do a ‘Bug and Spoor’ walk with one of the professional rangers. On the walk, the children will be taught to identify animal footprints, fauna and flora.


4) Fishing

For kids keen on the water, the team also offers lessons in the local dams where kids can try their hand at catching some of the resident fish.


5) Snake Talks

During the snake talks, Ant’s resident snake enthusiast guides guests through each of the snakes that he handles, providing a fascinating insight into the secret life of snakes while dispelling some behavioural myths. It’s amazing to watch kids as their faces transform from fear to fascination.


These are just a few of the fun and exciting activities that await your kids at Ant’s. So, parents, let’s make 2017 the year of adventures! Get in touch with us to start planning your family safari.


The Ant Collection

Set in the malaria-free region of the Waterberg, The Ant Collection is comprised of two safari bush homes, Ant’s Nest & Ant’s Hills, which have been built by owner’s Ant and Tessa Baber in harmony with their 12,000 acre private game reserve.

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