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Predator sightings are on the up at Tuli Safari Lodge and recent guests were treated to a very special sighting. A young female cheetah and her three cubs were spotted relaxing and playing close to the cutline between Tuli and Mashatu.



We believe, based on IDs from cheetah researchers formerly based in the reserve, that this female is one of the daughters of Mapula who we dubbed ‘Super Mom’ for successfully raising her first litter of five cubs to adulthood in 2011. This female appears to be the only one of that litter to have remained in the reserve, and these three cubs would be her first litter. So she looks to be following in mom’s footsteps!



After around 20 minutes watching the family, they were approached by three resident male cheetahs – brothers that are regularly sighted in the reserve. The cubs squealed in their distress as the mother bravely leapt to their defence, sparring with the males.




Both parties eventually retreated, and whilst the mother cheetah had an injury on her flank which has left her scarred, both mother and cubs are still doing well.


With many thanks to our guests for sharing these fabulous photos and to Aliénor Brassine for her help in IDing the cheetahs.


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Tuli is a unique, timeless part of Africa with spectacular wildlife, breath taking landscapes and fascinating history, tucked in the easternmost corner of Botswana. Tuli Safari Lodge offers a relaxing retreat to complement the varied safari adventures in the reserve beyond.