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Cheetah shenanigans in Botswana

Long tails, spotted coats and sparkly eyes. This is what a visitor to Botswana can look forward to encountering. And recently the Gods of wildlife sightings have been feeling especially generous, with Kwando Safaris‘ guests being blessed with exciting cheetah encounters!


The start of June marked the beginning of great cheetah sightings for Kwara Camp, situated in the lush Okavango Delta. Cheetahs were seen almost every day near camp.



A particularly frequent sight was a female with her three young cubs. The little family often had luck on their side with hunting, as the mother frequently caught impala to help feed her ravenous offspring.

The mother and her three adolescent cubs showed a fantastic display of teamwork when they stalked, chased and killed a reedbuck and the mother has indeed played a great role in raising her cubs to be hunters.


One afternoon in August there was a real outburst of drama in the Botswana bush as the female cheetah was found with only one of her three cubs. She spent the late afternoon calling and calling for her missing cubs to join her, but had no response. The mystery behind the lost cubs was the main topic of discussion at the camp. Luckily the story had a happy ending. The very next day the mother found her offspring and they were seen happily relaxing in their bushveld home.


Nxai Pan, which is tucked away on the edge of the mystical Makgadikgadi, has also been heaving with cheetah sightings recently. The Nxai guests have often seen a specific female with her two cubs in the area and this mother and her cubs are also known as fabulous hunters.

There was an occasion in September when the mother managed to kill an impala right in front of the Nxai Camp’s game viewing vehicle and throughout September and October the cheetah family were often seen, happily lying flat on their backs in the sun with full tummies.


Earlier in November the Nxai guests witnessed a real feeding frenzy at Baobab loop near the camp. The cheetah mother and her little ones had killed an impala and, to the Nxai guests’ entertainment, the family were seen hungrily devouring their catch. Cheetahs seem to have great success with hunting in the area, as there is not much competition from other predators. This particular family will certainly have a bright future ahead if their records of hunting achievements continue.


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