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Klaserie Sands River Camp

The images you see in this blog are taken on the Okavango River, in Botswana and the Kgalagadi. What you see, are images that have been manipulated with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.


In most cases, I don’t edit the images too much as I like to keep my images as original as possible, but in some cases, like with these images I have taken a bold step into the unknown and just took a chance.

Sometimes taking chances and in my opinion, over-editing, can provide beautiful images. One just needs to see the bigger picture.

This image of a star trail was taken from the Twee Rivieren camp in the Kgalagadi. I was simply sitting on the stoep. After another sip of whisky and I set my camera on the stars using my tripod and set my long exposure and opened up my shutter for almost an hour. So the image you see is actually two images. In Photoshop I have layered the two images, did my editing and this is the outcome.
I saw this owl sitting on a dead tree about 100 metres from us. I had a sip of whisky and then set up my shot. “I got it”


All my images are for sale. So if you like them I can ship all over the world. Just email me: or visit my website.

Ndumu River Lodge
Go Wild Photography

Wildlife is an enormous passion of Graeme's, due to his amazing experiences as a game ranger at an exclusive private game reserve – he completely fell in love with all things wild. Photography of various kinds is Graeme's way of sharing his passion and by selling it and putting it into people's homes, offices and restaurants, he is able to share beautiful moments by doing what he loves.