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Bumpy the blue elephant

Bumpy the blue elephant is a children’s book written about Pat Scott about a sad little African elephant in Kenya. The book, which is accompanied by simple stylised paintings, is ideal for older children that are learning a love for reading and are passionate about animals and protecting them. Young children will also enjoy the colourful paintings, however parents will have to read the story to them until they are old enough to read it by themselves.


The children’s book Bumpy the blue elephant revolves around a little elephant who slowly changes to a bright blue in sadness after he discovers that his home may be destroyed and his family killed. No one, not even Bumpy’s mother, the game ranger, or the vet, can figure out what is wrong with him. Some local school children set out to help the little blue elephant and we won’t give the entire story away, but thankfully there is a happy ending for this little blue ellie!


The book is not only a cute story but also provides children with insight into the animals of Africa. Children can learn alongside the story as unique African elements are mentioned such as Meru National Park, acacia trees, poaching, vets and lilac breasted rollers.


After reading the book children are even encouraged to interact with the story as a space is left for children to draw their own blue elephant or colour in a lilac breasted roller or giraffe.


Bumpy the blue elephant is available in Kenya at the National Museum at the Westland Sundries and Spinners Web stores in Kenya or can be ordered via post by e-mailing the author directly.

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