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Baby elephants to be exported to Dubai zoo

A game farm in Namibia has been issued permits to sell five baby elephants to a zoo in Dubai. The elephants range in age from four to eight years old.

The sale, at an undisclosed price, will be finalised later this year when the elephants are exported.

baby elephants, China zoo

The sale of baby elephants from Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park to a Chinese zoo in 2015 received heavy criticism ©Chunmei Hu/Nature University

A spokesman for the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) has confirmed that all CITES requirements have been met for the issue of export permits, and that the United Arab Emirates CITES Scientific Authority has issued the necessary permits for importation of the elephants.

Eden Game Farm is a private game farm and registered game dealer in the Grootfontein district, near Etosha National Park. The farm is owned by a Swedish national.

The sale of baby elephants from Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park to China in 2015 attracted heavy criticism from wildlife experts and activists alike, after some elephants died and others showed signs of malnutrition and neglect.

The MET spokesman said he was not concerned about the same happening in this instance, as Eden Game Farm had satisfied all the relevant compliance procedures. He said that the baby elephants would be kept in isolation after capture, and inspected prior to exportation to make sure they are in good condition. He also explained that baby elephants need to be tamed after being separated from their parents, to reduce the stress.

MET previously sanctioned the export of 150 wild-caught animals (including elephants, rhinos, lions and leopards) to a zoo in Cuba, a project dubbed ‘Noah’s Ark II’, which proceeded despite significant opposition from many quarters.

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  • disqus_Kw6FkrnE6a

    Such cruelty. Those poor animals will be stared at and deprived of all happiness for the rest of their lives.

    • Denine Mishoe

      Right! And elephants can live as long as you or I. Can you imagine 80+ years locked in concrete cages (because it’s easier to keep clean) and gawked at by humans for that long? SHAME!!

  • Cynthia M. Takaht, MA

    This is so immoral. These little elephants belong with their mothers and their own kind. They are sentient and family centered. To do this to them is callous, and inhumane.

  • Denine Mishoe

    Are people in SWEDEN really so damn bored with their lives that they must entertain themselves with babies ripped from their mothers and family? SHAME!!
    Put a stop to this madman!

  • Denine Mishoe

    MET is nothing more than a group of money grubbing, greedy Africa striping lowlife, sorry excuses for human-being scum! They don’t care about Africa’s heritage or the endangered animals and keeping them free and wild… just as long as they get rich!! I hope they all choke on that money and it brings them nothing but death and sorrow!

  • Sandra Stringfellow

    How can evolved humans stop/prevent this psychopathic barbaric behavior towards innocent animals by uneducated heathens.

  • V Sanders

    It doesn’t matter if he ‘met all the legal requirements’. This shouldn’t be allowed in the first place. Elephants especially are family-oriented, intelligent, feeling creatures; and the babies most especially should not be ripped from their natal herds to be abused for human entertainment. It’s just cruel, and that’s all there is to it. It must be stopped.

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