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Reflecting back on my journey through Southern Africa

In order to bring full closure to my blog series,  Africa Geographic contacted me asking me a few questions about my time on the road. These were my answers:  Favourite country you visited?  Wow, it’s so hard to choose one country as they all had a little something …but I would have to say I […]

The last leg of my epic journey

Date: 30th January I awoke to a cold, windy, wet Lesotho, it has rained all night but am hoping the road is not too slippery. My car wouldn’t start and eventually I had to use jumper cables but was soon on my merry way down to the Wild Coast. I drove to Kokstad – great […]

SA’s rarest birds and Africa’s highest pub

Date: 26th January 2013 I only have 7 days left till I am back with my spawn, very aware I need to make the best of these last few days of no responsibility and peace and quite. Leaving Zululand behind I headed into the hills above Pietermaritzburg, to Creighton, to be exact.  My truck’s dodgy lights made […]

Raconteurs, mad artists and so much to see!

Date: 21th January 2013 So I left Johannesburg – or “Jozi” (named after me of course) – at sparrow and headed out to the hectic highways with the morning traffic, countless speedy Gautengers and me. I think I have lost my edge for fast moving city life, so hoping the pace in Zululand is a […]

Up close and personal with Elephants

Date: 18th January 2013 After my relaxing stay at the awesome Limpopo Lipadi Game Reserve in Botswana I followed  Simon and Lizz into South Africa and left them on the N1 highway, turning off to Bela-Bela where I am staying at the luxurious Zebula Country Club. I hooked up with Sean Hensman from Adventure with Elephants. Sean’s […]

Botswana's Beautiful Beasts and Bushmen

Date: 6th to 12th January 2013 Location: Maun, Botswana to western central Kalahari, Botswana I arrived in Maun at around 16h30ish where I was meant to be meeting my friend Mike Penman.  I had no address, a few key locations that I was unable to find on my GPS, zero airtime AND my car had started smoking […]

New Year's Eve at Victoria Falls and Botswana's Beautiful Makgadikgadi Pans

Date: 30th Dec 2012 – 5th January 2013 Location: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, Botswana So I arrived at the the Stanley & Livingstone safari lodge, to be greeted by super friendly staff and checked into the… Honeymoon suite! What a surprise, so comfortable I don’t think I need to go anywhere for a […]

Christmas Spent 'Rocking Out' in Zimbabwe

I arrived at The Bulawayo Club – an ex- gentlemen’s club turned boutique hotel, situated in the heart of historic Bulawayo. It was built for those successful businessmen, miners and ranchers among the then settler community. The materials for fittings like the roof tiles, lights and faucets, were imported from overseas. This remarkable establishment has […]

It's Raining Reptiles and Amphibians!

After 11 months we finally got what we were all waiting for – our first big rains! Sixty millimeters of sweet rain in a welcome downpour was more than enough to stir the souls of any self-respecting animalcule even remotely resembling an amphibian. By nightfall, frogs were everywhere and for at least a day, Marataba […]

Great Ruins of Zimbabwe

Date: December 2012, 22nd –24th Location: Great Zimbabwe Ruins Today I went to see the Great Ruins of Zimbabwe. They are beautiful large structures of mortar-less walls dating back to the 11th century. A must-see if you are in the vicinity, but make sure to take a guide as there is little on offer in […]

Mozambique, Island Style

Date: December 2012, 5th-14th Location: Mozambique, Medjumbe Island After leaving Lake Malawi I headed towards Mozambique. Normally when crossing a border, the two countries’ border posts are next door to each other. In this case the Mozambique border post is a few kilometres away from Malawi. I began to panic and thought I’d missed the […]

In Love with Lake Malawi

Location: Lake Malawi Date: December 2012, 1st-5th After a 6am start I reached the Zambia/Malawi border crossing. It was a relatively easy process but I did discover the hard way that there is no getting around paying for the third party insurance which they sell at the border. I thought it unnecessary since I have travel […]

Hungry Elephants and the Fruits of Temptation

Location: Mkushe, Zambia to South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. Date: November 2012, 25-30th  I left Kapishya early-ish to get on the road headed to Mkushi where I stayed at the Forest Inn for a night. I needed to break up the trip to South Luangwa as the road is long and the driving tough – full […]

Shiwa N’gandu, Zambia’s Enchanting English Estate

Northern Zambia. Shiwa N’gandu to Kapiysha Hot Springs. 22- 24th November 2012 After leaving the Great North Road, I drove along a dirt track until I came to a surreal visual. The scene was old, English countryside brick houses and an avenue of eucalyptus trees leading up to a huge country estate in the middle of […]

The Amazing Bats of Kasanka National Park

17th-21st November Having spent one brief night at Stanley Safaris I was yet again on my way, this time up to Lusaka (guided by the garmin as there is still no sign of my map). The drive was a feast for the eyes – roadside stalls selling crafts, and veggies, fruit trees brimming with fruits […]

Snapping Crocs on Botswana’s Chobe River

– Chobe, Botswana to Livingstone, Zambia. 14/15/16th   November – Sho! Pangolin Photo Safaris did NOT disappoint! Once again I found myself welcomed into a home by a lovely couple, Gerhard (aka Guts) Swanepoel and Kerstin Rath. Upon arrival I immediately noticed the camera set up in a tree nogal! There was a lilac-breasted roller feeding […]

Thieves, Chiefs and Okavango dreaming!

9th -14th  November  A spot of bad luck. One of the great things about this road trip is seeing how the terrain changes. Heading into the Kavango region and things are looking a lot greener than the warm hues I left behind. Unfortunately, all this beauty has been slightly marred by theft. In Rundu, a […]

In search of the Cinderella Waxbill

4th  – 8th November – Northward! I’m moving on to greener pastures these days, heading up north to the Kunene River on the Angolan border. Did I mention the veterinary fence? It runs from the ocean all the way into Botswana. It’s a badly maintained, roughly 60 year old fence which elephants knock down periodically. […]

AfriCat North, looking after lions in Namibia.

31st October – 3rd November 2012. The 31st October was Halloween and I got a real creepy experience when I arrived at  Kavita Lion Lodge in Namibia. I met my first dead Zebra snake which had settled in Chalet 2. I hope his girlfriend is not in my room! They’re supposedly very dangerous. Kavita is […]

Life-changing moments in the presence of a rhino, a giraffe and the Himba

Day 15: October 28 – Sleeping under the stars! Today we drove out to the camel patrol team from Save the Rhino Trust, who’s job is to spend three weeks in the bush and one week back home. They are a nomadic group who set up camp and monitor the rhinos’ movements while ensuring their […]

Bush Cooking, Ancient Carvings and Saving the Rhino!

25th October – Day 11 – Trying to cook in an Eco-cushion… I drove up to Twyfelfontein, and had my first real solo camping experience. While I’m not too jacked up on my camping skills these days, I did travel for 9 months on a motorcycle through Australia and New Zealand and we camped every […]

The many creatures of the Namib Desert

Day 10: October 24th – A day bashing around the desert… So I went on an absolutely fascinating tour with one of the most enthusiastic persons I have met in a long time. Tommy, from Tommy’s Desert Tours. The car that we did the excursion in is an old but strong Land Rover that was […]

Paddling with the seals in Walvis Bay!

Day 9: October 23rd  – A wet n’ wild day! Today I woke up and drove back to Walvis Bay to meet up with Jean Meintjes – my guide for the morning. We took a 40km drive out to Pelican’s Point through the salt pans and then found ourselves on another planet – Animal Planet […]

Thoughts of Cancer while crossing the Tropic of Capricorn

Day 7: October 21st 2012 – Crossing the Tropic of Capricorn… I packed up the Land Cruiser in the morning but couldn’t start it. This has happened to me a couple of times since I started driving her, I’m not sure why as Lisa (the owner) never has a problem starting it. Anyway, Leroux eventually […]

Inspired by Sossusvlei

The amazing solitude of Namibia – particularly the Sossusvlei – has inspired me beyond explanation. And so I’ve put down a few of my favourite quotes, paired with images from my journey through the vlei. It sums things up far better than I could in words. Enjoy! “Why has the pleasure of slowness disappeared? Ah […]

Sossusvlei: Playing in the dunes!

19th October: Day 5 – Arriving in Sossusvlei… I woke early, packed the car and for some reason looked up at the roof rack to see how all the things on the roof were doing. Lucky I looked as the ratchet strap around the two tyres had come loose. I went on to the roof […]

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away!

Here are a bunch of photos from my encounter with the wild horses of Aus in Namibia. These horses have adapted over the years to the extreme Namib conditions. There are various theories as to how these horses ended up here in the first place, as they are not endemic to the area. The most […]

Namibia: Land of Diamonds, Ghosts and Oysters

Day 3: October 17th 2012 – Exploring Diaz Point I’ve decided I need to work out a system in my car – I don’t know where anything is and to find small things is a huge mission! I wanted to open a can of sardines last night but couldn’t find my can opener, so I’ve […]

Sad goodbyes, long roads and happy prospects!

 Trip Day 1: October 14th 2012 – A sad goodbye! So after a long day yesterday and many wonderful people generously giving me gifts and helping to get going on this trip, my car was expertly packed by a few friends and ready to go. I woke early with my neighbour’s rooster singing to me […]

Ready for lift-off: Packing up and learning to drive a 4 x 4!

The last couple of weeks heading up to departure (the 14th of October) have been slightly chaotic and quite confusing. I have always been one to put too much on my plate. Besides all the paper-work that needed to be certified and photocopied, the new tires for the car and the service, I am also […]

My life as a photographer

I started taking photographs in 1982, my first camera was a little Bell and Howell half frame. It was my first love. I love cameras. Not only do I feel comfortable behind the lens but I feel safe too. I suppose I have become a bit of a camera snob…a bit like one of those oh-so-irritating […]

The story behind my story

In my last post I told you about my first husband, Pierre, the photographer who died from an aneurism while out running on the streets of Paris. Well, just a couple of years before that tragic incident, we travelled across North Africa – Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. We were in a Land Cruiser that Pierre […]

Josie Borain in Africa

My name is Josie Borain. I’ve been a wife, a widow, a divorcee, a supermodel, a photographer and a mother. I was born in ’63, grew up in a leafy white suburb in Johannesburg, and I was never very good at school. I moved to Cape Town, started modelling, and entered a jet-setter world of grace, […]