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The race to rescue a snared rhino calf

A young rhino called Bahati has been caught in a snare, which he has managed to snap but which has left him with deep wounds that needed to be treated as soon as possible. The Kenya Wildlife Service and rangers have been tracking him since Thursday morning but haven’t been able to find him yet. Keep your fingers crossed for this little rhino and prey he gets the treatment he needs soon!

Why people kill lions

In light of the events in Tanzania on the first of January, Jeremy examines the age old conflict between humans and lions in East Africa.

Warriors do battle at the Maasai Olympics

The Maasai Olympics is an attempt to engage young men, who might otherwise have been the ones hunting lions, and demonstrate that conservation can mean something to the Maasai people.

How to relocate an elephant

“An elephant can’t resist a watermelon; it’s an easy job to lace it with deadly chemicals” when “a herd of elephants can cost you $10 000 in crop destruction in a night.” In order to help rural farmers and elephants alike KWS is translocating elephants to remote Kenyan reserves.

Zoos: Good or bad?

Penguins left… gorillas right… Where in the wild would you ever get these two animals within walking distance of each other? Upon a recent visit to the zoo, this blogger ponders both the positives and negatives of keeping animals in captivity. Which side of the fence are you on?

The front line of lion conservation

The radio crackles, a dusty message. Not good news – the Maasai are hunting lions. The cats have reportedly broken into a boma overnight and killed 40 shoats (sheep/goats) and a cow. The loss is devastating to the family involved. In anticipation Big Life, a local conservation organisation, has already sent rangers to the spot […]

The Road to Maasailand

Eventually I have to admit that I’m lost. Bad news. The good news is that this doesn’t matter, the Kenya Airways pilots have done little wrong thus far, and I suspect that they have found Nairobi before. Huge lakes come and go below me, the land between them alternately crumpled with mountain ranges and smoothed with […]