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Erika Atienza is from the Philippines travelling through Africa with her husband, Martin from Denmark. Erika first came to Africa as a marketing volunteer that ended up turning into a business. As she frequents the continent a lot for work, she decided to put up a blog to help and encourage others to visit Africa because, as she puts it, "It's more fun in the wild". She also aims to show the 'Real Africa' by living local and of course, travelling sustainably. Unravel Africa with them at or Instagram.

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I’m more than 2,000 metres high – barefoot – toes searching for a grip on the cliff face. A harness around my waist and the advice of our guides are the only things preventing me from injury. Our goal, I know, will be worth it. At the top of this towering rock is Abuna Yemata Guh, a sacred rock-hewn church boasting stunning views of Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

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