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Clive Thompson is a lawyer, mediator and facilitator in one life and a boundary-pushing trail guide in another. He set out to give people fresh perspectives on the wilderness, offering new angles and links. The idea with these pioneering tracker trails is to make them a regular feature, connecting the special talents of marginalised San across the Kalahari Basin with nature lovers of the Kruger-sphere. An artline for some, a lifeline for others. Those who would like to walk with the Ju/’hoansi Master Trackers in Kruger should check in out the Discovery Trails website and drop a note to Clive at

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The last three Master Trackers of the Ju/’hoanis from Nyae Nyae in Namibia were invited to the Kruger in South Africa to participate in some pioneering trails. They came to display their extraordinary tracking prowess to guests participating in walking trails. This is an account of their journey.

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