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Citizen Science Week

The Animal Demography Unit encourages each one of us to become a citizen scientist this Citizen Science Week, from 20 to 28 September.

The African mammal atlas

Knowledge of the whereabouts of many African mammals is outdated and based on unverified anecdotes. Filling this crucial gap in that knowledge is the main aim of MammalMAP – the African Mammal Atlas Project.

Studying the endangered bank cormorant

Corlia Meyer talks about the research she is doing to predict how the bank cormorant will react to temperature increases and other climate changes as a result of global warming.

The cabbage white butterfly land grab

The cabbage white is a butterfly belonging to the family Pieridae. The cabbage white is South Africa’s only alien butterfly, and it is expanding its range continuously, and alarmingly.

Project painted lady

Participate in Project Painted Lady by sending in your photos, and help in the conservation of South Africa’s painted lady butterflies.