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Written by: Emma Perrin

With the everyday hustle and bustle of life, many of us become overwhelmed by answering our phones at all hours, constantly checking our emails or social media because we fear being out of touch.

So, if you’re looking for something out of the box from the standard holiday destination, it might be time for you to digitally disconnect and explore a country like no other.



With more flights than ever, 2017 is your chance to visit Madagascar and reconnect with mother nature and all that she has to offer. It’s always best to bear in mind that Madagascar is a relatively untouched paradise so if you can learn to love its somewhat rustic amenities, you will be rewarded with majestic scenery and tropical nature reserves.



Home to 5% of the world’s animals and plant species, the island of Madagascar offers visitors a wonderfully diverse little world to explore. The fauna and flora are complemented by landscapes of an incredible diversity – 300km can take you from the depths of a rainforest to the barren lands of a desert in one single day.



Have a look at some of the fantastic wildlife of Madagascar in this blog and contact us should you wish to explore the island with us!





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