The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes

Photo copyright Vanessa Bristow

The above image was recently entered into our Safari Readers’ Gallery. The photographer, Vanessa Bristow, called it The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes.

Within minutes of posting this magical picture, there was an enormous flood of comment and feedback. Amongst much of the rumpus was a fair degree of suspicion, doubting and downright slander about the picture’s authenticity. Swoops of ‘blatant photoshopping’ were amongst the commotion. The majority of people drew their immediate conclusion – this photo was a fake!

It always amazes me how some people’s very first reaction to a photo on the internet is a negative one. I’m not sure what qualifies a ‘real’ or ‘doctored’ image, but many of the comments assured that this pic had all the tell-tale signs of photoshopping.

Let us set the record straight. The photo is not altered at all. Here is a comment from the photographer herself:

To all of you DOUBTING THOMAS’S out there who distrust the originality of this photograph: It is NOT Photoshopped. I was in the local communal lands looking for my lost Dalmatian dog, and I stopped to ask his mother if she had seen it. While I was talking to her, her son, who was playing with his siblings and friends nearby, caught my eye. I asked her if I could photograph him, and this is the first picture that I took of him – it was possibly his first interaction up close with a white person, and his fascination in me, or in the camera, is plainly evident. I took a few photos of him at the time, and a few more later on a follow-up.  An ophthalmologist friend had this to say about his unusual eyes:

[quote]“The picture of the little boy with the blue eyes and dark skin probably represents Ocular Albinism or Nettleship-Falls albinism, or Juvenile uveitis. Both conditions cause the pigment of the iris to be less dense.”[/quote]

Thanks for all the support from those of you who like my picture.

The below picture of Theuns was taken a week or two after the first. This time, he was much more relaxed with me, and I let him “click” the camera a few times to get him to engage with me.

Photo copyright Vanessa Bristow

I must say, when I first saw the photo, my initial thought was that blue eyes sometimes occurred in black people because of a recessive gene. If you are interested in reading a fascinating book – I recommend The Sunburnt Queen, by Hazel Crampton. Based in the 1730s, the book is about a seven-year-old English girl who was washed up on the Wild Coast of South Africa and was adopted by her rescuers. She grew to be a woman of astounding beauty and wisdom and became the Great Wife of a prince. So starting a dynasty that extends to many of today’s Xhosa royal families.

Because of her recessive gene in the blood line, every now and then, a black child in the area is born with bright blue eyes.

Have a look at the rest of the Gallery photographs here.

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  • Simon Espley

    Very interesting, great post

  • Craig Thomson

    Human nature does not like change. If something is
    different, we criticize because it is easier to make negative judgement than to
    try and understand. Really sad how lazy the human race can be, but on a more
    lighter note. Great pictures! Another reason to love Africa.

    • Mike

      You’re a fucking idiot, Craig Thomson.

      It was more likely the photo was fake than real. There are very many pictures of blacks with blue photoshopped eyes, but very few blacks that have real blue eyes.

      As a result, others assumed the picture was shopped.

      It’s nothing to do with human nature, and much more to do with statistics. 

      • Photo

        And statistically speaking, the boy’s eyes could be blue. Unlikely and impossible are two very different things. We shouldn’t just assume things are not the case purely based on statistical likelihood.

        And Craig is actually right here, quickly assuming something is fake because the likelihood of it being real is rather low is asinine and lazy on humanity’s part. What universal law states that Africans must have dark eyes? Statistics wouldn’t be around if things were purely absolutes; your mentioning of statistics alone points out the possibility that the child’s eyes could be blue, rather than making it the case that they could not and that the image is a fake.

        You seem like an uneducated asshole, Mike.

        • welcome to the internet

          this is ignorance.  “we shouldn’t assume things are not the case purely based on statistical likelihood.”  this is just… stupid.  that’s exactly why we should assume things!  it’s called parsimony or occam’s razor.  if it’s most likely that his eyes were shooped, then people are going to assume they were shooped.  idiot.

          • destinycampbell84

            No his comment is not stupid. The whole purpose of statistics is to give you an IDEA of the likelihood of something happening. The fact it is called a ‘likelihood’ and not an absolute, should let you know that statistics in and of itself makes room for the POSSIBILITY that the likelihood may not occur. If statistics show that there is an 80% chance of rain, it is merely telling you that chances are more in favor that it will rain than it is that it will not rain. Its not saying that it is IMPOSSIBLE that it won’t rain, but to make sure you have an umbrella handy ’cause the odds are it will. The ODDS are that if a black child is born it will not have blue eyes (interestingly enough, the likelihood of MOST CHILDREN regardless of race having blue eyes is lower than them having brown eyes or some other color; Blue eyes is a recessive trait period). There is just a greater likelihood that if a child does have blue eyes he/she will be white. Does this mean its impossible for black child with no white ancestor to produce blue eyes? No. Its just that its not common. There is no reason for me or anyone to believe this picture is photoshopped, because statistics never said its impossible for this child to have blue eyes and I do not see too many pictures of blacks with blue eyes to make me feel that this one is not real.

          • Claudia Baltensperger

            There are just as many hoaxes out there and far more people sucking up utter rubbish without even stopping to question it. When i see something unlikely i don’t even comment until I’ve checked on snopes, etc. Good for those who didn’t just believe verbatim.

          • brittany

            you should probably at least know how to spell properly before you go around calling others idiots. it doesn’t reflect highly on your own intellegence…its shopped, not shooped. which you just so happened to misspell twice..

        • Vanessa

          I know 2 young woman in Haiti who have blue eyes and dark skin they are living in St Jean south of Haiti That is why I believe that pic is true

        • Kevin Ruchz

          nice eyes, God works miraculously

    • Robert Branch

      That isn’t human nature, but I see your point.

    • disqus_2upgBeCFka

      So true, well spoken.

    • ikoma

      you’re absolutely right!!

  • Helen Smith

    a very beautiful child

  • Timothy Dale Edwards

    I think people, myself included, often suspect pictures on the internet to be fakes because very often, they are.

  • Thekayakgirl

    Wonderful picture and thank you for the background although I never doubted its authenticity.  How sad that such wonders cause disbelief; as if we’ve seen EVERYTHING already and there is nothing new to share.  

  • Rinusdj

    Thank you for putting the record straight

  • KatjaVoth

    Gosh, he is so lovely. Thanks for posting another amazing pic of him

  • Rul

    Most beautiful blues eyes I have seen. Perfect combination with
    his skin color. Can’t take my eyes off. Thanks for posting

  • okemia

    I was in Atlanta Ga. in the 1980′s at a grocery store on my way to ohio from Fla.stopped for some lunchables and I turned arount to a voice behind me It was a black little girl with the most beautiful eye’s I have ever seen . True enough they were just as blue as this little boy. He has the right to blue eyes.Gods gift.Beautiful little boy

  • Ngome

    THEY DON’T WANT TO BELIEVE IT.BUT THE ORIGIN OF HUMANITY IS DOWN HERE IN Africa,we a re your fathers, that’s why you will find all your genes here…call it whatever ,but that’s it…

    • Hipstercatz

      That’s not how evolution/natural selection works 

      • Lynette LQ Aponte

        I study anthropology in high school and this is a perfect example of natural selection. Research Gregor Mendel’s experiment with plants.. the boy’s mother and father could have had the recessive gene for blue eyes and there was a 25% chance that an offspring could get them as a dominant trait… This beautiful little boy got that 25%…. THIS IS NATURAL SELECTION AT WORK.. I hate when people assume without being educated.

        • James

          The facts you state are true, but you are incorrect. Here’s why! You’re describing genetics. Selection is when certain mutations are either killed or kept within a gene pool.

          With natural selection, also known as “survival of the fittest”, the weaker members and traits that are developed in a species die out, while the stronger ones carry on. If a wolf was born with cat-like eyes that can see immensely well in low-light situations, that wolf would be a much better hunter most likely, and would be far more likely to go on, survive better than the others, he’d be a much more powerful and dominate wolf, probably get more ladies, and pass on his mutation. Their kids would be much better hunters, and eventually, the wolves without cat eyes would die out in favor of the new breed. That’s natural selection at work.

          Artificial selection also exists, which is referred to as “selective breeding”, where an outside presence (mostly humans) controls the traits that are kept. With plants, we’ll breed the most productive, or most tasty, or biggest fruit, until we get exactly the result we want from the plant. Dogs are very commonly selectively bred.

          Anyway, I hope I’ve been of help to you and anyone else who is confused about the process.

          And for the record, I have no doubt that this is real, it’s not that strange, every species mutates for better or worse, for the betterment of the species.

      • Truth_Speaking_Asshole

        The pictures are real. Get over it.

    • zamoano

      say no to racism all humans are equal non is the godfather

      • Rety27

        How can someone thumbs down this comment, they do have very ignorant people in the world.

    • Angela Wright

      YeP! ☮;D*

    • Nene

      I agree. People need to watch “Hidden Colors”, it shows how black women or African women gave birth to a civilization. It tells the real history of man and how we started it all. Black people are beautiful and we are very smart. Back in the days Egypt was to the world what America is now, a super power.

    • Ann

      I have in mind that most likely all blue eyed people today can be tracked down to one ancestor 6000-10000 years ago around the black sea, when the migration to Europe spread. So even though the origin of humanity is in Africa, it doesn´t necessarily mean that all the genes that exist today originiate from there as well, because some mutations (like the blue eyes) supposingly “happend on the way”.

  • Ashley Labuschagne

    Personally I believe it is simply further proof that we are all related, brothers and sisters (or cousins at least), because our ancestors came off the Ark

    • This

      Holy shit you are a fucking moron. Please don’t procreate because the last thing I need to deal with is more absurd bible thumping bullshit in my life.

      • Hipstercatz

        It’s shit like this atheist

    • JesusLand

      Great, another jesus lover.

    • die[n]asty

       The Ark? if the flooding actually happened, explain how there are still fresh-water, and salt-water fish?

      • Collette

        Seriously this is also where the theory of evolution or natural selection can come into play for fish. Some fish evolved to live in fresh water and some in Salt water. Some fish can live in both or in brackish water which is a little of both. I don’t think anyone knows if the whole Earth was flooded or not. Also, it is possible all the water did not mix since there are huge mountains with water in between them and high elevations of land that contain large amounts of water and fresh water fish. The hydrologic cycles definitely changed areas back into fresh water that didnt originally have large salt content if the water did mix and fish did evolve to live in it again. lots of explanations.

      • placevalue

        I don’t understand why people are debating religion! Personally, I don’t have any strong religious beliefs, but it doesn’t matter. He’s trying to say that we are all related and it is possible for an African to have blue eyes. So he used a religious term. We don’t have to beat him up about it. Whatever he said about the Ark, the message is still there and you can apprieciate that.

    • Guest

      How the fuck does this even make sense?

    • Kate

      There are over 800,00 species of insects alone — before you count in all the “cute” mammals that are always depicted on the Ark. You honestly think Noah rounded all of them up onto one fucking boat?

      It astounds me that people are still retarded enough to believe that shit in this day and age.

    • Jogemetalarms

      Gods not real

      • Collette

        I beg to differ. I’m not a Bible thumper by any means, but I can just feel that God exists and have seen the power of prayer. I’ve seen miracles happen. We can’t explain everything that happens and Science will never be able to explain it all. All our knowledge cant come from the Bible. I do believe in God and we are his creation. I’m a Science student and can tell you that we also don’t completely understand the Bible. No one knows how much was left out of it and how correctly it was translated. Also, how much did God or Jesus really have to do with it? I don’t know the answer to any of those questions. What I do have is proof in my heart that he is there, the power of prayer, and science. I rationalize everything scientific with God because it is what he has given us. What is it like to know that one day you will die and go no where? BTW how would you explain a miracle?

        • Dante

          Wtf? It’s called a “miracle” because it’s inexplicable/

          So the only explanation is to make something up that’s “big” enough to fit the bill – a supernatural being.

      • Rety27

        Yes, gods real but, i dont understand what religions got to do with this blog.

    • Megan

      ^^ It’s just her opinion people. Just cause you don’t believe it doesn’t mean that y’all need to go and act like discriminatory jerks. LET PEOPLE BELIEVE WHATEVER THE F*** THEY WANT TO AND BUTT OUT OF OTHER PEOPLES’ LIVES GOOD GOSH! You people get on my nerves.

  • Slums

    So basically it can be said that this kid has the Xhosa Royal blood  ?

  • Paula

    It’s my understanding that blue eyes came about as a mutation somewhere in the Baltic region. Of course, that gene can pop up in other areas either genetically or as a mutation. How many people even know of the hundreds of slaves that were taken from the South Coast of Iceland to the Barbary Coast of North Africa by pirates because they wanted the blond barbarians. I believe only one ever returned to Iceland, when it came under Danish rule, and the king used his clout to get her back. I think she was called Burda the Turk, as those in the Ottomon empire where all called Turks.

  • Stuart Fairbairns

    Your picture is stunning, really beautiful, a great insight.

    I admire folks like yourself, getting out there and doing it. I say this from the warmth of my office seat with that little voice in the back of my head screaming (albeit just too quietly) ‘Grab your camera, buy that Landrover – get out there, get your feet in the mud and your hands holding those of others need’. Well, anyway, I admire it, so good on you. 

    The comment I wanted to make in the context of this article is a simple response. I think that it is society and without wanting to start a debate or point fingers, this issue is largely down tot he fashion industry, or possibly a more succinct and appropriate description would be the ‘vanity industry’. Women and men on many (most) billboards are not what humans look like, our sense of what we should look like is a fantasy, therefore we are constantly in a state of unrest, aspiring to be more than we are, more than we ever can be! No, I am not saying aspirations are bad, but ones that we can never possibly achieve and then judge ourselves by this non-existent failure, this is the issue. 

    So, from that place of pent up aggression, disappointment, fear, ego, all that jazz, I think that is where the scepticism was born that brought the response to your beautiful picture. It is not a personal attack, if anything it is the human races desire to be more, to have more, to constantly grow, expand, evolve. This is all fine and well, but what about those that don’t have the ground to stand on to think such thoughts or make such decisions, maybe we should extend a hand to them before reaching up toward something that we think we want, which often, as explained above – does not exist.

  • Superbru43

    This is an incredible picture. Reminiscent of the photo of Sharbat Gula  taken by the national Geographic photographer.( I forget his name)(1985). Ah wait Steve McCurry (thanks Google) amazing, good opportunity captured

  • Christian Boix Hinzen

    I have seen an old Damara petrol attendant at the Khorixas Pump Station in Namibia that had the same eyes…although admittedly the cheer and naughtiness of this kids’ gaze had drained off somewhat…staring at it from the window of my hilux was a lot easier to believe that there had not been any Photoshop trickery…a truly enlightening post!! Well done.

  • Janét

    I love these photos and the stark beauty of this child.  Sapphire?  They’re more Aquamarine, don’t you think?  I am now curious as to what this exposure potentially could do his life and that of his family.

  • Lisa

    Beautiful photos and wonderful story.

  • Guest

    I had seen a young lady back in the early 80′s from Harare in Zimbabwe with blue eyes, a member of our church however, not as stunning as these yet still striking especially against her dark skin.

  • Karen

    Beautiful …One World.

  • Chickie Farella

    Don’t know what the big deal here is. If you go to Sicily, u will see many African Sicilians with the same beautiful blues that can put one in a trance!!!  They call it the “Island of Blue Eyes!” We were bombarded by Moors, Greeks, French, Germans etc….as Rosemary Clooney sings, “mixed up Siciiani.”

    • Superbru43

      True but is a lot less common in Africa, therefore the interest. But whatever the case the eyes along with the childs innocence are what are captured in the photo

  • Lise-Pascale Nzabam’

    That the beauty of being at the right place at the right time coz this isn’t someone you’ll see everywhere.
    Congrat’s to the photographer who took that unique shot ;) !!

  • mwood99

    Beautiful child – very unusual eyes.  

  • lurker133

    Muscly little fellow isn’t he? And great smile too – I love children’s smiles, makes me want a mini-me. …oh yes, now you mention it his eyes are striking aren’t they…?
    Seriously though, to many people this is uncommon and remarkable to witness and everyone is entitled to their reactions (including disbelief). I don’t think much of the fool interpretations and backbiting that follow though.

  • Oh the people

    Because a photographer never lies? HA, good one, even the winner of the National Geographic competition which was clearly a fake/setup claimed it to be real. Honestly if you are going to believe that this child has these colour eyes simply because the photographer said so is hilarious. I may as well go into some random African country right now, take a few photos of a kid, photoshop the pictures and claim they are real, give it some bullshit background story and there you go. 

    • LogicRules

      and you give this illustrious opinion based on???? Jealous much?

      • Haters gonna hate

        Funny how people thinks this is fake. Jealous much?

    • Simon Espley

      Love the way you pose the question and then the answer and then force your theory into this real-life scenario.  BUT back to the post (because this is about the boy with blue eyes, is it not?) – the same pics were posted on Africa Geographic’s Facebook page a short while ago.  And there was lots of comment from people that have seen and photographed this phenomenon all over Africa, plus comment from medical experts confirming that the kid’s characteristics are pretty diagnostic.  So perhaps you are wrong.  This time.

    • Alkalina

      comments like this reflect your ignorance about human anatomy and genetics.. go read a book.

    • Vanessa Stock Bristow

      You know, if I wanted to make a quick buck, I would offer to take you to
      meet this little guy with our safari company. Fortunately for Theuns, don’t regard him as a
      tourist attraction, but an interesting little fellow who gave me his
      heart for a few moments. Why don’t you try and open yours? Do you LIKE being nasty? Oh, and to those who asked, no, I didn’t find my dog, sadly..but that is another story. author-Vanessa Stock Bristow

    • Simon Espley

      Sho you’re such a cynic!

  • Exotic One

    Some fashion agencies need to keep an eye on this child as he could potentially be a very good model for glasses or just someone with very intriguing eyes.

  • Believer

    did u find your dog? I believe it. I see lots of blue and green eyes in black folk.

    • Vanessa Stock Bristow

      No, sadly.

  • Iknowmypeople

    I am from Africa. I see this more often than you would ever believe.

  • Hailey

    Does the boy have any hearing problems? He might have Waardenburg Syndrome. Not everyone with it is deaf, though. People with Waardenburg Syndrome can have brilliant blue eyes, no European ancestry required.

  • TruXter

    the ring around the cornea . someone overlayed another person’s cornea on top of his. then smudged the white area to match

    This is a poor fake.

    • Jesusalways

      Or simply God’s wonder. We believe we understand everything and as human has the universe under our control but every so often God mess up that theory. To God be the Glory who continues to be above us and in total control. I bow in awe at his creation.

    • Vanessa Stock Bristow

      Aren’t you cocky! No it isn’t!

    • Babygirl

      Plenty of people have eyes where the outer cornea is not the same as the inner portion of the eye. Many people don’t have perfectly colored corneas. In fact, its common amongst some elderly blacks and others with dark eyes to develop a blue ring around the outer cornea. I would actually be more suspicious if the cornea was perfectly colored and rounded.

    • AJ Mercedes

      I have a bluish ring around my brown eyes, so my eyes are smudged too I suppose. It’s just different.

  • Supertramp

    Found this pic on This is amazing! God gifted boy. But I am just wondering whether it’s a disease or not.

  • TruXter

    No lies. Today I gave a job application to a man with the same eyes and skin.
    I whispered to verify he isn’t deaf. He heard everything I said.

  • Lori Shropshire Walker

    I have personally met several African American *men* that have had blue eyes or very light green eyes. They were also from the same region. Not entirely impossible. I have never seen a woman with this trait though. I think its amazing.

    • jerushia hylton

      Thank you for your post, but I am one of many Africans that have green,hazel and blue eyes and I’m a female, All of my sister’s have various color eyes, both of our parents are of African decents1

    • ArtistofVirtue

      Believe me there are women as well with those blue color eyes too!

    • Nene

      Google pure Africans with light eyes. Men and women will come up. Youtube got pictures os men and women of color with light eyes and blonde hair too.

  • Belle

    Does the child have Waardenburg syndrome?

  • Racheal Alvarado

    Oh my his eyes are so breathtaking & intense <3 it !!! also instead of trying to prove or claim whether the photograph is authentic or not (( i believe it is but that's my opinion)) why not instead just try to enjoy the artistic beauty of it ":) some people gosh i swear…you all just make me smh

  • Angelia Eyal

    Regardless of his eyes…his smile is amazing too, he’s adorable!

  • Km

    I hope Vanessa found her dog….

    • Vanessa Stock Bristow

      Sob – no, I didn’t!

      • Heather Martin

        oh, sorry you didn’t find him.. but it did lead you to this beautiful boy!! thanks for sharing

  • Kikuyu

    I’m from Kenya and many people in my family including myself have blue eyes. It really makes no difference to me what my eye color is, as long as i can see.

    • Ashley Calleja

      this must be the best comment from the lot :) wish you well!

    • Marleen Oosterbaan

      You rock

    • bee

      u must be stunningly beautiful then :) the contrast must be amazing!

    • Angela Wright

      AMEN 2 ThaT!!! GOD BLeSS YoU!!! ☮;D*

  • Marie League

    I’ll be honest, WHO CARES!? why can’t people enjoy a picture every once and a while! This is a pretty picture of a boy in Africa, just look at it, admire it, and MOVE ON to the next thing in your life. The people that always have to sit here and fight that a picture is photoshoped must be truly lonely bored people. Go get a life and just enjoy a good picture when you see it. It’s none of your concern if it’s photoshoped or not.

  • Redwind64

    It’s not that I don’t believe that a black child could have blue eyes, it’s totally true. It’s just these particular photos look very photoshopped in the eyes in my opinion. 

  • lucifer osiris arnold

    My eyes are dark blue/brown.

  • lucifer osiris arnold

    Two blacks cans give birth to a white child, but two whites can not give birth to a black child unless she was cheating.

    • blobbby

      white alleles make you light. so you can be black and have white alleles, it only makes you lighter. so if two light black people have a child and that child gets both of their white alleles, they kid can have white skin. but yes it is possible for a white person to have a dark child i’ve lived in brazil and i’ve seen tan people with very dark kids. the kid wont be black, because it’ll have white characteristics you’ll just look at it as a tan white person. where as if you see a whitep erson with balck characteristics you look at them as friggin albino.

    • b4reel

      never knew first part of ur statement to be true, not doubting, always love learning……however, the latter is false. two white ppl can give birth to a black child…. it’s happened……. and the fact that WE all are descendants of Africa….. makes sense ..logic and reason… geneology…

  • richard

    My Grand father had two wives and the second one had similar eyes. Real beautiful eyes.

  • twig

    Ugh here we go -___-. It’s true you can’t make assumptions just because the photographer says it’s real. Some of you are absolutely right about that, where some of you go wrong is when you say that a dark skinned person can’t have light eyes. Let’s not even try that debate because that is so damn ignorant. Please don’t be THAT person…

  • Dora Hds


  • Mel Walker

    Beautiful pictures! Thank you for the story behind them also.

  • b.e.l.I.e.v.e

    sadly, however, true…….. these comments are proof alone that society has not changed at all….. negativity, judgement, prejudices, still remain. …it’s a no brainer that it IS possible of an African American to have blue, green, hazel, brown, black eyes……… the most beautiful of all N this pic isn’t N being he has blue eyes……… it’s the BEAUTY of the color ..rarity.. clarity of vision… a sea i see…… depths of an ocean…… the sparkle N his eye,…… radiates,,, illuminating the sky… Breathtaking .. Innocence of a child, poverty.. yet his smile lights up the world thru his eyes….. the brilliantly clarity of a Child of God… seen through the eyes who chooses to see with vision… not sight…..

  • April

    I took a similar photograph of a boy in a remote village of Sierra Leone. – It happens.

    • Robyn Turner

      Most likely, this lovely young man has Waardenburg Syndrome. He displays many (if not all) of the phenotypical aspects.

  • Sons of Adam and eve

    This is just as natural as a European with blue eyes. What university did that ophthalmologist attend? This ophthalmologist obviously must be a fraud.

  • One family one history


    ALL mankind descended from the first human pair, Adam and Eve. (Ge 1:28; 3:20; 5:1, 2) After the Flood, earth’s new population, including all the races and national groups on earth today, descended from Noah through his three sons and their wives, who were survivors of that global Deluge. Thus, after listing 70 offspring of the sons of Noah, the Genesis account says: “From these the nations were spread about in the earth.”—Ge 10:32.
    [Chart on page 329]
    Table of the 70 Families After the Flood
    (With their descendants or areas where they settled)
    JAPHETH                       GOMER Cimmerians, N of Black Sea
    Aryan Branch of Speech:       ASHKENAZ SE of Black Sea
    Indo-European (14 families)   RIPHATH Paphlagonians
                                  TOGARMAH Armenians
                                  MADAI Medes, S of Caspian Sea
                                  JAVAN Ionians, Greeks of SE Europe
                                  ELISHAH Near Greece
                                  TARSHISH Pre-Spanish in SW Europe
                                  KITTIM Cyprus
                                  DODANIM (RODANIM) Island of Rhodes
                                    and Aegean Islands
                                  TUBAL Tibareni, in Asia Minor
                                  MESHECH Phrygians of Asia Minor
                                  TIRAS Tyrrhenians, of the Aegean
                                    Islands and Coastlands
    HAM Hamitic Branch of         CUSH Ethiopians in E Africa and
    Speech: Afro-Asiatic            Arabia
    (30 families)                 SEBA In E Africa
                                  HAVILAH In SW Arabia
                                  SABTAH In S Arabia
                                  RAAMAH In SW Arabia
                                  SHEBA In SW Arabia
                                  DEDAN In Arabia
                                  SABTECA In S Arabia or Ethiopia
                                  MIZRAIM Egyptians
                                  LUDIM In N Africa
                                  ANAMIM In Egypt
                                  LEHABIM Libyans
                                  NAPHTUHIM In N Egypt
                                  PATHRUSIM In Upper Egypt
                                  PHILISTINES Coastal Plain of
                                  CAPHTORIM Cretans
                                  PUT In N Africa
                                  CANAAN W of Jordan River
                                  SIDON Sidonians (Phoenicians)
                                  HETH Hittites
                                  JEBUSITE Around early Jerusalem
                                  AMORITE In Palestine
                                  GIRGASHITE W of Jordan River
                                  HIVITE Central Palestine
                                  ARKITE W of the Lebanon Mountains
                                  ARVADITE Island off Syrian Coast
                                  ZEMARITE N Phoenician Coast
                                  HAMATHITE N of Palestine
    SHEM Semitic Branch of        ELAM SE of Mesopotamia
    Speech: Asiatic               ASSHUR Assyrians
    (26 families)                 ARPACHSHAD
                                  EBER In Arabia and Mesopotamia
                                  JOKTAN Arabians
                                  LUD Lydians of Asia Minor
                                  ARAM Aramaeans, Syrians
                                  HUL Near Armenia
                                  MASH Syro-Arabian Desert or
                                    N Mesopotamia
    [Map on page 329]
    (For fully formatted text, see publication)
    SHEM       →   ASIA
    HAM        →   AFRICA
    Black Sea
    Caspian Sea
    Red Sea
    Great Sea
    Persian Gulf

  • Irie Donna

    another snippet of nature’s magnificence…….absolutely beautiful

  • MarryMeAlready dotcom


  • Nilly Vanilli

    There is nothing lazy ,ridiculous or asinine about questioning something that is highly unlikely specially when it’s on the internet. I don’t doubt the photograph is real but it’s ridiculous to see people taking the holier than thou attitude with those who question it.

  • flickflack

    a special boy…his eyes look like the earth in a way

  • Malik from jersey

    it’s just part of with genetics is….. if you shuffle the deck enough times you are bound to get every single outcome that’s possible. the photo doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • Rene Mbuli

    I guess if the child looked famished with a begging bowl or pale from starvation they would have believed the photo within seconds. Since the child does not fit the stereotype they have about children in Africa (because he looks healthy and cute with original blue eyes), the picture becomes tagged as “photo-shopped”. There is more to Africa than what you think and see on your TVs. Travel and discover the beauties of the world and your jaws will fall off. Some of these “stereotypics” should take their heads out of their but holes sometimes and see the world beyond their own prism.

  • Lesley Cole

    Being a professional photographer myself and working in the digital art field, I find it just ignorant that it should just be assumed it’s been Photoshopped! sad really, because when I work, I am often asked, is that Photoshopped? just because I do a lot of digital artwork doesn’t mean that everything I produce is Photoshopped. But it’s a sad reality that this is the word we live in. I think your image is stunning and jealous I didn’t get it….well done, and beautifully entrancing!!!.

  • Cazimir Alessia

    Totally agree with Craig Thomson, This is an amazing picture, such a shame that sometimes, people can’t see the beauty and look behind…being sceptical and most of the times critical!!!

  • Tayde Castillo

    I have seen many black kids, with the most beautiful bright blue and deep green eyes, some people are so narrow minded, and “stupid” saying as they are stupid comments, it tells you how ignorant or maybe they have never read any books, or maybe they never being out of their house, if this is the case, pardon me…!!! hello…!!!! Wake up and start to admire the beautiful nature we have among us… Or if you have negative comments, keep them to yourselfs. Next time you see a black kid with blue, green or yellow eyes thank god for his unique gift to your eyes… ~<3~ and to the person that took the pic. I bet it was the iceing on the cake for you…!!!!

  • John Tailersen

    For me, it is not that they are blue, what caught my eye (no pun intended) is mesmerizing they are. They don’t look naturally blue, so I just thought they were contacts. :-)

  • Karamat

    KOLOR or color is COLOUR , the smile :)

  • LisAlien

    Indigo Children are among us

  • WorldPolice

    DId you got the parents permission to take the picture and disseminate it?

  • Angela Wright

    My Family Spans FroM Louisiana This iS a TraiT That some oF US have inHeriTED!!
    Come oN PeoPLE!! We’rE JusT OnE BiG BowL oF SaLaD!!! ☮;D*

  • Roger

    La raza blanca es extraña, trata a las otras razas como a monos en un zoológico exibiendo fotos de niños a los cuales considera raros, los raros son ellos que creen que el mundo por alguna magica razón les pertenece

  • AJ Mercedes

    Really nice eyes, my aunt is about as dark as he is or a little more, and she has really light blue eyes, they look as if they were contacts on her, but they are natural. Many of my family members have light Green, Gray, Blue, Hazel eyes including my mom and brother, but my grandfather was German and African, so I guess that explains where the genetic traits come from. Plus I have a weird Blue ring around my brown eyes. This is totally natural we all come in different shapes and sizes. Now I must say, Beautiful Pictures!!!

    • Guest

      Oh nd here’s the pic.

  • Vidaa Joon

    Pathetic. This is photoshopped. You can tell because the details on the irises are the same.

    • Truth_Speaking_Asshole

      This is quite blatantly and obviously not photoshopped, and if that is your only argument, then that’s not even worth responding to…

  • ashir

    you are all just barking. he is beautiful and Creation OF GREATEST CREATOR.dont comment like this.

  • Tricia Ann

    Fastinating…my uncle was of dark skin with green eyes…and a few reddish freckles…~he was interesting to look at lso in a family of pale skinned people~

  • Erah Oalind

    This picture didn’t surprised me nor doubted its authenticity…my soul marvelled its gift of unique identify of this child. It is a gift given to him from the divine Creator, God himself. I am very fascinated of African genes, the way its offspring comes out from enter racial marriages. African or Black genes shines its superior beauty. I had once met an adult individual, an African-American man with blue-green eyes…I was so mesmerized of his God given gift…that I blurted jokingly…”I’D LOVE TO HAVE HIS BABY”…unfortunately for me…but his wife was fortunate to have him.

  • Nicole A Marshall

    Please let. Us try and bring him to the states show people that this is real maybe on the view I believe anything is possible god is good!!

  • Antthony West

    The first time I saw something similar was when I photographed a young girl with deep blue eyes at a school for the deaf in Nkandla a few years ago, whilst working on a community upliftment project and was struck by the beauty. One of the irises was slightly irregular, resulting in a pear-shaped pupil. There was also one boy with the same colour eyes.

  • debra

    Vanessa Williams has purple eyes, smoky Robinson has green eyes, my cousins had blue eyes. Now with interracial relationships there are many black children with blue eyes snd blonde hair.

  • kmannamk

    It could just be that GOD has put within all of us..”humanity”.. some similar gene traits…certain ones more prominent in certain ethnicities than others! Doesn’t mean that, just bc the traits are more often seen and observed in one ethnic group than some of the others, that this means, of necessity, that these phenotypic traits HAD TO COME FROM ethnic groups that usually “show” them. These genes my have already been “mapped” in the DNA of other groups, showing up less often…BUT, still proving a simple truth…”All of humanity is of ONE BLOOD!”

  • Freddie Holeyfield

    My 3 year old granddaughter has blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Both parents are African American as are both sets of grandparents. Neither are biracial although both sets have mixed blood. My daughter has fair skin while her siblings are of darker hue. Her 7 year old has light brown skin, brown eyes and black hair. I suggest that the doubters read up on genetics.

  • Rety27

    Next time clean him up beforre you take the picture and then do it, btw hes is sooo cute. Kawaii

  • rho

    Humanity came out of Africa 50,000 years ago. People refuse to believe that Africans can have Blue Eyes and Blonde hair without European DNA. You don’t have to be an anthropological scientist to believe this. This boy does not have an ocular disease either. I believe his vision is just fine. Most people shouldn’t assume that these rare features are fake just because they haven’t seen them before. I have family members with blue eyes and dark skin.

  • odeveku

    Okay, I see you all are a little bit nervous, so I’ll try to make my point without beeing rude.
    This photography is fake. And it’s a fake not because the black skinned humans can’t have blue eyes, of course they can, and it’s a fake not because I’m part of the lazy side of humanity that finds it hard to believe and have faith and all that stuff… It’s a fake because of the light shapes. As a photographer, I know when a picture it’s been photoshoped, and I can tell with a 90% of sure that this one has. If you look closely at the eyes, you will notice that the light shapes doesn’t match the rest of the photography, and if you pay attention, you can see at the limit of the iris the change of light and tone that reveals the photoshop alteration.

    • Truth_Speaking_Asshole

      I don’t see it? :S

  • Vanessa

    I know 2 young women in Haiti who have blue eyes and dark skin they are living in St Jean south of Haiti That is why I believe that pic is true

  • Jemres

    of course some black people have blue eyes. but these look VERY photoshopped to me. especially the top. his pupils arent in the same place (not even centered like a real eye) and theyre different shapes! the second photo also looks mighty off, for pretty much the same reasons. people who do alot of photoshop work (like i do) can spot these things better than others. maybe he had light eyes and she made them more fantastic. people do that sort of lying with pictures they take. often.

    • Jemres

      also, looking at the link… whats with the weird ring around the sides of his iris?

    • Truth_Speaking_Asshole

      His pupils look identical to me?

  • Nene

    This right here go to show that blacks are the original people. This little boy proves that evolution started with us blacks.

  • S.alS.

    He looks so cute with blue eyes. They’re so bright. But about the criticism; how come you people (you know who you are) think someone as dark as him, an African, or Black person can’t have blue eyes? White people aren’t the only ones. Also about the tale; I never read it, but if the lady is white, that isn’t why he has blue eyes. Black makes all colors, all colors make black, he has blue eyes because he has them. Society always makes excuses when things like this happen saying there has to be some white somewhere. That is just not true!

  • peopleargueaboutanything

    You’re all arguing about some kid’s eye color. Shut the fuck up.

  • ryan hughes

    Both of the pictures of the boy have identical eyes if you take a closer look. The first ones has just been drug over and pasted to both eyes and kind of sloppy work to. The second picture is also sloppy and easy to do. They at least took the time to flip the eye to make it look somewhat real. Im sorry to bust your bubble but you can look at a your own eyes, a friends, or any person or animal that has them and see they are not perfectly symetric.

    • Truth_Speaking_Asshole

      “The second picture is also sloppy and easy to do.” – That does not mean that these pictures are fake, though.

  • XϰXϰ_αʟεϰαᾔ∂яα_ϰXϰX

    this is my friend, she has black skin a blue eyes that pop, she is not blind, but a bunch of people ask me if she is when we are hanging out, her natural colour and sorry for the crappy picture quality, first pic was taken by a camera and others by a cell that had a hard time processing her eyes with her skin colour..

  • Cindi

    I am 58 years old. When I was 8 years old, there was a boy attending our church in Cincinnati, Ohio with dark brown skin (a little darker than in the photo) and bright blue eyes. I have also seen dark-skinned black people with hazel green eyes. It’s uncommon, but I’ve encountered several black people with blue or green eyes.

  • Rhonda W

    I follow a guy on Facebook who’s African American and has piercing blue eyes. He said some of his extended family are white with blue eyes. My opinion is “ok, cool.” I wouldn’t judge his photos to be fake or think it’s wrong that there are people of different races in his extended family.

  • Nichole Phillips- Babcock

    beautiful all the more because it is so rare

  • Leanne Harrison

    just beautiful!! and how pathetic it is for anyone to question or even wonder how….this is a beautiful child with stunning blue eyes and i for one am so glad to see that God has created such beauty in people, just think if we all were alike, boring!, i love that we have all sorts of different nationalities and colors and whatever i am so glad to see God has gaven us beautiful things to look at and know, peace to you and the sweet little boy!

  • Candice Lee Huddle

    Wow, stunning!! I hope you found your dog Paul!

  • Denise Kohler-Tromp

    A Fascinating story indeed … soo Boo to all the non-believers !!!

  • Nicky Van Rensburg

    People are worse than animals – they tear each other apart so visciously with their tongues and want to justify it – it is not human nature. Pretty sad …. Anyway, it is an awesome photo, love the child and what a fantastic thing for us to share in this.


    My best friend is a black male with bluest of blue eyes!

  • Beanie Mack

    Sorry, but looks like contact lenses to me, you can see the outer edge of the lenses. Anyone who wears contacts is gonna see that right away. And l am not saying that cause l dont believe blue eyes are impossile, have seen it before. l say that cause it just looks like contacts.

  • Mekdi E Worku

    wow i respect Gods Nature

  • Vanessa Stock Bristow

    Hi Paul, I am overwhelmed that this photo has drawn so much attention and that you saw fit to publish it again here. Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed it for its simple beauty as another gorgeous example of our human diversity. I salute your open minds and unerring wisdom!

  • Rose wright

    He is gorgeous!! :)

  • hi

    What ever happened to the words trust and believe. Its called recessive genes! Its when weak genes traced back through out a families history link with your spouses weak genes they usually created out of the oridinary features on the child. My friends parents both have dark hair and dark eyes, she on the other hands is a blonde with blue eyes that change color. People this is sad. Im a black kid in 7th grade and i can tell this isnt photoshopped! Not all blacks look the same! Power to the people! Im outta hear
    ~a angry giant

  • mwalinafiki

    true. I have seen many green eyed black africans on the streets of kenya where I come from. All black, no mixture.These things are a lot more common than most westerners know. Even cases of black people having white or arab-looking children without any non black interaction do happen.

  • Kim Findlay-Cooper

    There is a genetic disease that can cause this – it is called Waardenburg Syndrome and is a rare autosomal genetic disorder that presents with deafness and blue eyes in black-skinned people. The blue eyes are a form of albinism and can include a patch of forehead hair that is lighter, or light patches of skin on the body. There are 4 types of Waardenburgs – each with slightly differing and more serious features. If you look at the eyes in people affected with the syndrome, the very inner corners of the eyes (near the nose), are set more widely apart.

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  • Law

    We all are children of Adam, so for us to share similar outer characteristics between races are not impossible. The accent on our differences come from us.

  • SherLizza

    Tried to find if one of the 153 comments already mentioned that this is called “Waardenburg Syndrome”.

  • margaret rose rosario

    I have lived in East Africa: in Tanzania, Uganda and have travelled within quite a bit and personally seen blue eyes among the East Africans, and have never thought it odd! Due to this reason, it has not occured to me to photograph anyone with blue eyes.

  • Kemetta Gary

    He is beautiful. I actually experienced this phenomenal “mutation” in a Wal-Mart aisle. She was about 11 years old and with smooth chocolate skin. I asked her father where her eyes came from and he immediately acknowledged that she was in fact his daughter and that he had no idea where they came from. I initially thought of recessive traits that have popped up from nowhere throughout history like “red-headed step children”. Truth is we are all linked to one another in some fashion and its just one of those blessings that come out in the miraculous formation of life. Thank you for the pics.

  • Gabriela Charalampaki

    if god want this little handsome boy have this beautiful eyes who we are to judge him?

  • Maria Georgiadoy


  • Becky Allbee

    Such a beautiful child! Gorgeous blue eyes….but love that huge smile that lights up his whole face!

  • Ray

    There is no such thing as a person who is racially pure today.

  • lex

    hes a gorgeos boy and the eviroment that hes gonna have to grow up in is hgorrible the poverty in this world is ridiculous I hope you all fell what I feel when I look into this boys eyes I feel so humble and so involved and I hope you all know everyone who has said that its fake or its photoshop I hope you know that this kid is a jeweled gift from the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!! just like he died for me he died for this little boy all prayers need to go torward this little precious boy!!!!!

  • Melissa

    I think everyone is overreacting on why people think its photoshopped. I
    thought it was photoshopped too, but not because I actually think
    african people cant have blue eyes. Its because…. well…. it looks
    photoshopped. *shrug* the size/color/angle of the eyes make it look fake
    or at least altered. Don’t know why it’s always got to turn into a race

  • dharam dickinson

    Well it is a sad picture really, as if it is ocular albinism then he is likely to have very poor vision. :(

  • amy

    Gorgeous eyes. This little guys gonna break some hearts.

  • jamaica


  • Rihan Emerald

    It can be one of the symptoms of Waardenburg Syndrome, which make one of both eyes change the colour, besides many other body effects, such as deafness.

  • Robyn Turner

    It occurs to me that this lovely little boy may have Waardenburg Syndrome. He certainly displays the phenotypical features of this condition. It is a shame that people sometimes jump to conclusions, before doing any research, or asking pertinent questions.

  • Miss Cellany

    The photo sure does look photoshopped. The second one definitely looks like its been enhanced to show more blue (in the whole photo). Perhaps his eyes in real life are more a murky grey colour and the photographer has enhanced the blue a little. That’s what it looks like to me anyway.

    Yes its entirely possible to have black people with blue eyes but there has to have been some white admixture (or albinism) at some point because blue eyes have only arisen as a natural mutation (not including forms of Albinism) in European and near eastern countries.
    (Blue eyes are actually quite common in northern Europe – it is not a particularly rare colour compared to green or amber for example).

    Green eyes on the other hand also occur naturally in the middle and far east, though rarely in the latter.

    Hazel eyes are more common and can occur in many if not all races, including (rarely) Africans.

    “Black” eyes (actually very dark brown) are very rare in Europeans but can occur, and are much more common in other races.

    High contrast between eyes and skin/hair is very noticeable and quite attractive (at least in my opinion).

    Its natural for most people’s hair tone to match their eyes (blonde for blue eyed people, light brown/red to green eyes, darker brown to brown eyes, black to black etc) so when someone comes along with black hair and blue eyes we tend to notice them. Even more so if they have brown skin and bright blue eyes. It’s no wonder this photo attracted so much attention, both positive and negative – most people find it incongruous (because it is) when hair/skin tone and eyes do not match.

    Whether or not it is entirely real, its a beautiful photo and we should all appreciate that :)

    • sand333

      The picture is called The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes. As soon as photographer Vanessa Bristow posted it she was flooded with accusations of photoshop. She responded by posting other pictures of the boy as it is in fact not altered. The blue eyes and dark skin probably represents Ocular Albinism or Nettleship-Falls albinism, or Juvenile uveitis. Both conditions cause the pigment of the iris to be less dense.

  • anarchtitude

    The photo does not look enhanced or photoshopped , it looks like they have Waardenburg Syndrome. Im sure the photo is indeed entirely real, and highly doubt that the pixels have been manipulated in any way whatsoever. The brilliant blue colour is common for people with this Syndrome. Cute photo!

  • Lisa Marie Woodrich

    I work at a McDonalds and there is this black woman who frequents my drive thru, she is darker skinned but she has the MOST INTENSE blue eyes I have ever seen. Like about as startlingly blue as this boys. They are beautiful but is is so unnerving cause of the intensity of the blue. She notices people at my work staring and she went to complain to the manager cause she thought that we had a problem with her, the manager explained it was because her eyes were so intensely blue it is striking you could not help but stare. They are seriously so blue like this boys it is beautiful to see in person.Ocular albinism, recessive gene, whatever they are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

  • David

    Folks, the kid is wearing blue contact lenses used to enhance eye colour. Look closely. It’s the only explanation. The edge of the lenses are clearly discernible outside of the iris.

    • sand333

      The picture is called The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes. As soon as photographer Vanessa Bristow posted it she was flooded with accusations of photoshop. She responded by posting other pictures of the boy as it is in fact not altered. The blue eyes and dark skin probably represents Ocular Albinism or Nettleship-Falls albinism, or Juvenile uveitis. Both conditions cause the pigment of the iris to be less dense.

    • Ray

      Didn’t you read the above explanation.

    • tailess

      Mr. David,
      You may say that, but I know what those contacts look like and I can tell you that some people are born with dark rimmed irises you annoying pipsqueak of an ignoramus. Why don’t you come meet me and my family? I’ll take off my glasses and let you scrutinize my eyes like all those other uneducated idiots who thought that our real eyes were circle lenses.

    • Susie

      Yea so the child can’t afford food but they can afford blue eye contacts. Get your facts right mate.

  • LoveItDon’tCare

    Okay. People really just have an issue cause they can’t believe or face the fact that an African child or black child could have features or traits they have been identified as belonging to someone of Caucasian descent.

    I’ve seen as a kid, teens who look like him and I never thought or assumed they wearing contacts..I just thought it was cool. There is a model name Jalicia Nightengale that is dark skinned and have eyes as blue as these.

    Beautiful photo of the kid and I’m one who believe what I am seeing here, he isn’t the only one, they have been others before him and will be after him unless “someone” once again gets involved and do something since there are those who love messing with genes and such…

    Every time a black person produces an offspring that goes against what they were “trained” to believe from generation to generation it’s an issue for many and everything always goes back to mutations with their fancy names yet those same traits that Caucasians believe are only for them that they have posses are not seen as mutations… anyways enough said..many can never face things and will come up with all sorts of excuses and “proofs” by those who will always keep “theirs” on top and others below, all rather a yawn..this world, its lies and its “knowledge”

    • No Idea!

      Of course, there are Africans with blue and green eyes!!! It’s ridiculous to think otherwise. Still, in a digital world where photoshopped images are as common as cell phones, it’s ridiculous to think people wouldn’t doubt such a stunning image. I didn’t doubt it because the image is of an African child with blue eyes, I doubted the image because we live in a world where 99 out of 100 images are PHOTOSHOPPED. It’s awesome that this image is not and frankly that makes it even more beautiful.

      Also, there’s a Pintrest page called ” look-at-those-eyes ” and it’s loaded with stunning eyes, on all sorts of people and frankly most of them looked photoshopped regardless of race or age or anything else. And no doubt, some of those stunning eyes are a result of mutations and recessive genes with fancy names.

      • J. Brozic

        “recessive genes with fancy names.”

        Oh yes, that’s how it always is with that learned stuff. Very fancy schmancy.

    • Ancient One

      Clearly, you know nothing about genetics. Do some study and you will unfortunately learn that you can only get white traits from black and not the other way around. Science doesn’t lie.

      • Carl Brister

        We all know YOU know nothing about genetics and historical of Human kind, other than believing in fraudulent science and a Black Supremacy website.

        • SteveBiko

          He’s right. A recessive being cannot pass on dominant traits. That’s how genetics works, it has nothing to do with any form of supremacist thought. That’s why you see “white” babies being born to African parents with no Eurasian admixture.

          Whites as we know today are just a people with a genetic mutation hailing from an African ethnic group with traits similar to yours. It’s that simple. Everybody knows Africans have the greatest genetic diversity of all, it couldn’t be any other way, since humanity came from Africa..

          You should do a bit more reading Carl, it won’t hurt you! ;)

          • Carl Brister

            First off, there is no need to be racist. Secondly, I’ve been reading and researching for awhile. Lastly, thinking like this about the white people in this world was spawned by Black African, are always related to Black Supremacy’ s ideology and like I said, that’s racist.

            If the white people are Albino, we wouldn’t had any ability to get tan nor survived out in sun. Plus there are White people whose is mutated with albinism, where we get paler with pinky eyes. There are animals out there like Raccoon, Oxy, turtle, owl etc… that are born with albinism.

            It doesn’t matter if the black had a “white” babies, it does not mean this albino will pass on to theirs next child. Black albinism mating with black still and will get a full looking black babies. Albino don’t change your next generation’s skin color. It’s not how that work.

            Yes, the first human was appeared in Africa and they’re tannish with overall of hair, not Black. Which it is why the first person touch Italy, Greece, Egypt, and Middle East countries are tan. They get lighter after Roman Empire downfall after they once touched the Europe due of Ice Age is struggling with below 32 degree. With those left behind in Africa, they get darker, darker, darker and darker after massive heatwave hit.

            So obviously, the white people today are not Albino mutated. Only an idiot and racist who would believe this, especially when it first created by racism who is also found for Black History Month and several other websites with NO scientific evidence.

          • LX-23

            He never said white people are Albino’s…

          • Carl Brister

            Ugh….do you even read? He said, “Whites as we know today are just a people with a genetic mutation hailing from an African ethnic group with traits similar to yours.”

          • LX-23

            Yes, and? The genetic mutation to which he is referring isn’t Albinism, genius…

          • rogerpenna

            exactly. Otherwise you wouldn´t be able to differentiate an albino from a regular european.

            lighter skin colors are an adaptation (evolutionary selection) to lower levels of sunlight which could lead to vitamin D depletion in darker skinned humans. People born with lighter colored skin would produce more vitamin D in the lower sunlight environments and thus survive and produce more offspring.

          • bangthegreat

            If you have read the right material and really did your research as you say then there wouldn’t any argument here. You sound and look like a bias racist that only believe in white supremacy and want let history correct itself or let the truth be told.

          • deb

            according to mandel’s law…black skin is dominant if tan skin was there would be a lot more of them…but there isn’t

          • rogerpenna

            Run, live to fly, fly to live, Aces High!!

            Oh, you are right btw.

      • bgtrev

        You are Correct. …

  • Martin L

    Posting the RAW file would remove all doubts on whether the image was digitally enhanced or not; and also remove the need for posting long diatribe on the subject, which does nothing at all one way or the other. With that said, I personally don’t care, it’s a cool shot.

  • Tracy

    This picture may not be photoshopped or even be a syndrome of some sort someone above mentioned but the story of explanation that the author credits for the blue eyes is bull. What most people don’t realize is Africa is an old place for sure with an enormous population with enormous possiblities of genetic mutations. It annoys me that the first explanation people give for anything different or interesting or particularly beautiful in a black or african person is due to something else, anything except for their black/african blood like having a white ancestor for example. I’m not complaining about this story exactly just what the media tells us and the fact most people except it.

    • Carl Brister

      We all know the fact about first human whose appeared in Africa, but the first human isn’t black. They’re tannish with overall of hair.

      • zoop

        you sound like you really don’t want the first person to be black lol

        • Carl Brister

          Is that all you got? Sound to me you hate the fact. Something is telling me here that you’re attempting to remove the true and replace it with fiction.

      • knowledge

        Lol. You are very ignorant. Now that bs you typed is white supremacist thinking.

        • Carl Brister

          White Supremacist thinking…. hmmm… sound very interesting, especially coming from emotional bigotry. Ever since people like you who get theirs feeling hurt and get angered out of it, you just got an idea how to get your revenge by spitting out “You must be part of White Supremacist” crap. Hypocrite.

      • Unknown

        Sorry to burst your bubble mate but that’s all false

  • Jacob Obadiah

    Blue eyes did not originate in white people.

    White people are descendants of blacks;

    therefore, they get all their features from

    blacks.. There is no such thing as

    white people.. White people are blacks

    with albinism.

    • Carl Brister

      You’re an idiot with all of your Black Supremacy and religious gullible. The link you posted was founded by racism.

      • steve

        haha..this made me laugh.

  • Lauro

    The inhabitants of the Solomon Islands – east of Papua New Guinea – are very dark-skinned – but have puzzled scientists for decades with their blond hair.

    Read more:
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  • Jackie Lewis

    My mother’s eyes and my oldest brother’s eyes are outlined in this blue!

  • Bylha

    Funny how people are I’ve got one of my eight children born with blue eyes three with green one with steel gray three with light brown but by the time they could walk good (1 yr old they all turned very very dark eyes like mine does that count if not my sister was born with blue eyes they turn brown but our abuelo has to mi the most beautiful blue eyes and many cousin some blacker then my padre who have the darkest beautiful eyes and just like our hair some if the blackest ones have straightest hair while some light have frizzy curly or tight curl. Just as albinos eye are pink I think they are beautiful I’ve known quit a few growing up. People need to realize with God all things are Possible :)

    • tosti ham kaas

      This retarded nonsense of yours is unreadable.

  • Carl Brister

    Of course, they would say “it’s not a photoshop” since it’s actual a photoshopped picture. Hypocrite does exist.

    • ickon

      Have you got a problem with a black person having blue eyes? Well then… Try plucking them out. There is nothing as “Black Supremacy”. Supremacy and Superiority are words that go very well with White… and not Black. The entire world (universe) knows that.

  • Elaine

    To all of the white people trying to discredit this picture please know your own history. The lighter or pale skin that you possess is the direct result of region change. If you knew anything you would know that you are the youngest race on this earth. Now let me prove this to you with a few facts. 1.) When you read the bible the places that are being discussed are places of warmer climates and that in return creates darker skin not white pale skin.
    2.) Jesus himself did not look like you (even though you lie to yourselves and your children and make them believe that ) he had skin of bronze and hair like wool and eyes of fire more resembling that of a man of color.
    3.) Why do you think that whenever your race is mixed with another the white is barely noticed? That is because it is not old enough to sustain itself when mixed.
    4.) Why do you think that whenever you get a disease, that is not self inflicted like heart disease, you die off and cannot stand the treatment and eventually die a premature death; that is because your people have not been around long enough to withstand these diseases and your immune systems are not equipped to handle them
    So just to bring all of these things to topic, white people are not the first to have blue eyes or eyes of color. You were not even the first people on Earth so please get off of your high horse and bow to you ancestors.

    • Alana Matthews

      i don’t discredit this picture and i do believe it’s genuine, the child has amazing eyes it took my breathe away. however i do not like how you speak about white people like we are one. we are individuals and I’m not on any high horse and also not phased by the fact we were not the first race to have coloured eyes. as for bowing down to our ancestors how rude. could you imagine the response a white person would have for writing a comment like that. your a racist. your equally disgusting as other racist whether that be black or white fact

  • Dawn Kovach

    I’m seeing some nasty comments here. From a professional artist, it is impossible to make an eye look that real with photoshop or any other digital program to date. I know all the science behind genetics and all that, but i’m going to go out on limb here and tell you what is really happening, because this isn’t a rare thing any more. My daughter was born 13 years ago with violet eyes that are now indigo and i’m seeing those same bright blue to violet eyes in children of every race, everywhere I go. –These are the children of the second coming. They are being born with Christ gifts. Test it out if you don’t believe me. Look at one and think something happy and pleasant and watch the child smile or answer you in return…and then think some horrible and watch their expression change or they will cry. They know what you are thinking. I have a son that talks to animals, a daughter who is telepathic and another who sees and speaks with passed spirits. It’s an amazing thing to experience. In the 90′s I was babysitting a friend’s child and while watching her color in her book, I thought a question. She looked up at me and answered aloud. I said, “Um, Hali, I didn’t say that aloud.” She just smiled at me.

  • Sutzuk ibn Loukoum

    I don’t see the reason for all the doubt. Just because ~99,999% of light eyed people can all trace their ancestry in a mutation that occured in neolithic Ukraine doesn’t mean that the same or similar mutation could not have occured in Africa where there is greater genetic diversity (from Capoids to Congoids and from Ethiopians to Bonobos).

    Also let’s not forget that blue eyes are sexually selectable trait and given that’s Africa we are talking about if the person in which the mutation first occured was female she would probably be raped by the entire village.

    • ChocolateChaos

      Did you say Ethiopians to Bonobos? As in the species of primate? Was that a subversive racist jab? You’ve lost all credibility right there.

    • diamond25

      Being that unfortunately in some parts of Africa, recessive traits such as albinism is misunderstood and frowned upon, the blue eyed female you are referring may be seen as the carrier of evil spirits hence frightening “the entire village”. Till this day, in some parts of Africa and Western Asia there still lingers the concept of the evil eye.

  • Huni Buni

    This story, crediting this trait to a “beautiful white girl washing up on African shore” is fiction at best. These blue eyes have as much to do with white DNA as the blonde hair on Melanesian Islanders. Blue eyes started in Africa and left with those who migrated out and eventually settled in Europe.

    …..If white people give blacks blue eyes, then you’d see a whole lot of blacks with blue eyes in the United States of America…yet some how it is more rare for blacks in America to have blue eyes despite heavy admixture with white people than pure blooded Africans.

    To see the phenotype of an inherited recessive trait you need to have recessive alleles passed on from both parents, so her children who would have all had brown eyes (Bb) and one recessive b allele would have had to reproduce incestuously for any of them to possibly get blue eyes (bb). Add into that the fact that her alleged genetic contribution was over 300 years ago, and something called recombination it’s even more unlikely even if we assume her children were incestuous.

    These blue eyes are African (either due to or originating with partial/ocular albinism, which spontaneously generates this trait in some African people)

    In reality, rather than sensationalized fairy tale history land, the first blue eye European being discussed here, probably looked something like this little boy and not like the cartoon they provided.

  • diamondsmiles

    Are there any updates on this beautiful child?

  • diamond25

    Despite racial stereotypes, yes so called pure Africans due vary in phenotypes (hair, skin tone, noses, stature, eye shapes,etc). You also have dark skinned, black eyed Melanesians with blond hair- no European background.

    The negative remarks made about the photo is out of sheer ignorance.

  • Hannah Pavina

    Whoa the hatred and arguing. One race is not above another, no better and no worse. Why all the racism and hate people? We are all equal here. We are all free humans. We all have the same rights, granted these rights may be striped from the unfortunate few, but we are still the same. Regardless of the colour of our skin or eyes or hair. Regardless of what we believe or eat or do. Regardless of what “mutations” may have evolved in our species gene pools. We are all human. And that’s the way it is. So why all this hate? Can’t we just all agree that it is wondrous and beautiful and oh so very cool and just leave it? Leave it at that? Leave it without the hate and septicism and prejudice? Leave it as it is. Beautiful. Human. Equal.

  • monica

    I decided to search the Web for blacks with blue eyes as a result my discussion with a friend (a medical doctor) just a few minutes ago. I had mentioned to her that I remembered seeing a blue eyed man a few years back, in abuja, Nigeria where we rreside. I was dazed, cos I had never seen such a phenomenon all my life. She was sceptical, suggesting that he may have been wearing contact lenses. I then told her that the man was a tailor and at his level, couldn’t possibly afford to wear contact lenses. He had even told me that he wasn’t the only blue eyed person in his community. So it is true that that there are dark skinned blue eyed people.

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