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Ebola. Are you at risk?


The outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa has caused major concern with travellers planning safaris to southern and east Africa. The Safari Co. put together this infographic for travellers, the tourism industry, media partners and travel organisations to help visitors make informed decisions. They also show travellers the sheer size of the continent of Africa, and how they can go on safari with peace of mind.

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  • Bwibo

    This is a very informative article. In addition, Guineans are more likely to travel to France than to Kenya or South Africa.

  • Michela Maranzana

    We like good information

  • John

    Not sure what kind of point the author is trying to make but distance has nothing to do with the spread of Ebola. Whether there are flights outbound from affected areas has everything to do with it. I understand that @The Safari Company is trying to reduce the number of cancellations but misinforming visitors is not the way to do it. @AfricaGeographic please don’t magnify the reach of this message as it’s not helping the cause.

  • Mary

    Agree with John regarding ebola. It’s all about ease of travel.

  • Rafael

    I live in Europe and fully agree with the author of the article. Nowadays, in the era of international mobility, Germany or England is not any safer than Kenya or Tanzania or RSA.

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