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A protea blooms amongst quartz stones in Malawi’s largest national park. 

Proclaimed in 1965, this 3 200-square-kilometre reserve covers an isolated montane plateau with steep escarpments and forested valleys. Its name means ‘where the water comes from’, referring to its importance as one of Malawi’s biggest catchment areas, and four large, deep-gorged rivers cut through the park.


Photo  © Sara & Joachim

Wildlife is plentiful here; the 100 mammal species include red and blue duiker, roan antelope, elephant, Burchell’s zebra and one of Africa’s largest populations of leopards. Of the 400 bird species recorded, eight are endemic, such as the red-winged francolin.

The park is also rich in plantlife and, in the rainy season, more than 200 orchid species dot the grasslands, attracting botanists from around the world. There are masses of wild alpine flowers here, including exquisite dieramas, gladioli, protea and kniphofia.

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