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Written by: Elephant Pepper Camp

Earlier this month, while on a game drive in Maasai Mara National Reserve, some of the guests of Elephant Pepper Camp enjoyed a rather unusual sighting.

One of the guides had spotted a female cheetah and her four cubs hunting some Thompson’s gazelle.

In order not to disturb proceedings the guides stayed put, watching from a distance. All of a sudden the female cheetah decided to jump onto the roof of the vehicle with three of her cubs following.

cheetahs mara
© David Horsey

The fourth cub also jumped onto the roof – but unlike the rest of his family which used the rear spare wheel for leverage, he attempted to clamber up the side of the vehicle but ended up landing on a seat! He was as surprised as the guests!

cheetah in vehicle
© David Horsey

The guide advised everyone to stay calm and wait until the cub moved on – he did not want to panic or injure the cheetah and put the guests in any danger.

cheetah in vehicle
© David Horsey

Sure enough, the young cheetah soon jumped down and the mother and other cubs left too, heading off to pursue other adventures…

cheetah in vehicle mara
© David Horsey

While we are used to these lovely cats being very relaxed around guests, we have to admit this is the most relaxed we’ve seen them!

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