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Mana Pools is definitely one of Africa’s most unique travel and photo destinations. Already many years ago, this spectacular national park in Zimbabwe has been designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Its outstanding beauty and untouched, pristine wilderness, make Mana Pools one of the most beautiful national parks in southern Africa.


The lush shorelines of the mighty Zambezi river and the splendid open floodplains with abundant wildlife are surrounded by magical gallery forests. Sunrises and sunsets create enchanting light conditions among the riverine forests with their ancient acacias, eye-catching sausage trees, massive mahogany trees, and the apple leaf trees. An unforgettable view, which will make every photographer’s heart beat a little bit faster.


During our Amazing Views photo safari last September, we stayed in a tented camp which was directly situated on the scenic banks of the Zambezi.

The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful. Our days are filled with game drives, bush walks and a short trip with the canoe brings us to a colony of the fascinating bee-eaters. We are spoiled with incredibly magnificent sightings. Among many other wonderful moments, we also see and witness the thrilling hunting attempt of a pride of lions and we have the privilege to observe the greeting ceremony of a pack of the endangered wild dogs.


We have also the pleasure of spending many hours capturing amazing pictures of elephants, elands, kudus, impalas and many other species in the fairy-tale forests along the Zambezi shore. The fact, that in Mana Pools visitors are allowed to step outside their vehicles, makes wildlife photography very diversified. Whether it is by lying down on the floor or standing tall, each photographer has a variety of possibilities to find the best angle to take the shot.


Another superb highlight is the encounter with the legendary elephant Boswell. He is famous for being able to stand up on his rear legs to reach the very high tree branches with their tasty fruits and seeds. We were over the moon, after he was giving us such a special and fascinating show!

During the second part of our stay in Mana Pools, we were accommodated in a lodge located about one hour’s drive from the Zambezi River. The lodge is overlooking the only waterhole in the vicinity of many square kilometres. As a result, the waterhole is visited by a myriad of animals during dry season. Instantly on the first evening just after nightfall, seven leopards visited the waterhole, one after the other. What a fantastic spectacle!


We spendt our time here doing what we love most: photography and game viewing. We enjoy every moment of watching the wildlife around the waterhole and capturing images of all the animals coming to quench their thirst. After a memorable bush dinner on the 2nd evening, we spent the night under the stars in very comfortable beds which are positioned on a high platform. What a once in a life time experience to sleep under the sparkling skies of Africa!


During the last few days of our trip, we indulged in many more unforgettable wildlife sightings, enjoyed the luxuries of the lodge and took our time to review our images. Time passed by far too quickly and too soon we were already flying back into the civilisation of Victoria Falls. An unforgettable safari came to an end with memories to last us for a lifetime.


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