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A mighty battle went down between two of Africa’s great carnivores, the African Painted dog and a crocodile.

Arriving on the scene to find painted dogs and croc in a face-off. (Photo copyright Ben Fox)

The crocodile already had a dead impala in the water when Wildlife ACT monitor Michelle Swemmer got to Bucanda dam on Thanda Private Game Reserve.

She guessed that the painted dogs killed the impala at the water’s edge and the croc stole it from them. The painted dogs tried to get the carcass back but when one got too close, the crocodile snapped at it and the dogs backed off a bit.

A brave dog tries to steal the impala back! (Photo copyright Ben Fox)

The crocodile then took the impala further into the water, swimming up and down, passing the dogs with it in its jaws, as if almost teasing the dogs.

Croc taunting the dogs (Photo copyright Ben Fox)

The painted dogs tried for over an hour to get it back before they gave up and went home without any dinner.

The dogs eventually give up and go home without any dinner. (Photo copyright Ben Fox)
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Christie Fynn

Christie Fynn is passionate about wildlife, Africa, conservation and travel. She grew up exploring her grandfather’s farm in Zimbabwe and, after leaving school, spent seven years working at some of Southern Africa’s top game reserves. She then went onto work for Getaway magazine as an online travel manager and photojournalist. Her passion for wildlife conservation has most recently been fuelled by the surge in rhino poaching. Her articles and blogs covering rhino poaching have helped raise awareness around this issue to national level which has made her a source on the subject. She currently works in Zululand for Wildlife ACT and the Wildlife ACT Fund , companies that assist in monitoring endangered wildlife such as the African painted dog, cheetah and black rhino. Follow her on twitter @christiefynn