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Video: Wild dog puppy love

Limpopo-Lipadi Private Game Reserve has recently been blessed with a litter of 12 wild dog pups. The puppies where first seen recently when they made their appearance from a well concealed den in a dense grove of Mopani scrub.


© Nikki Shaw

The alpha female named “Two Spots” is a particularly successful mother, having produced many large litters over the years and, with the assistance of her mate and the pack, reared most of them to adulthood.

The pack suffered a setback last year when rabies accounted for the majority of their numbers. But this latest large litter of puppies is yet another example of how resilient this species is when not affected by habitat loss and human persecution.

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  • Viccy Baker

    Please please please leave the mother and her pups alone. A friend of mine is the Painted Dog man Greg Rasmussen and his research shows conclusively that even if the animals do not appear to be disturbed as you watch at their den, you are interrupting their feeding patterns. A wild dog pup goes through an incredible growth spurt and it can consume many kilograms of food a day. Watching the den interrupts this and the young grow up with markedly shorter legs which is a disadvantage in their battle for survival. I will quote his research to you if you like.

    • Tshepiso

      True that Viccy, I was at Vumbura Plains where we followed wild dogs to where they den. We were told by our guide that we have to leave the place as we are disturbing them. Also if you visit the place frequently you show their place to their enemies and the pups will be in danger

  • paula

    That’s how you ‘Shoot’s wild animals – lovely footage.

  • Cynthia Britt

    Oh my goodness, how adorable! Are Wild Dogs still considered endangered/stressed species? They seem to have made a great comeback the last several years.

  • I love dogs and adore them and now wild dogs too.

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