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Trophy hunters lied about Xanda, son of Cecil, says Oxford researcher

The Zimbabwean trophy hunter who shot Cecil the Lion’s son, Xanda, was lying about the circumstances of the hunt, says Oxford University researcher Andrew Loveridge from WildCru.

The professional hunter, Richard Cooke, and the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association said that Xanda was a lone male who had moved out of Hwange National Park (where hunting is banned) because he had been ousted from his pride and that he had no dependent cubs.

Xanda the lion ©The Times

Image source: The Times

But according to WildCru, Xanda was part of a pride with seven cubs and his territory spanned areas beyond the national park boundaries. Apparently, Mr Loveridge said that his staff had warned Cooke that shooting Xanda would be detrimental to the population of lions.

Andrew Loveridge was quoted by The Times as saying:

“These cubs were too young to survive on their own and will certainly be vulnerable to infanticide” – male lions normally kill their rival’s offspring when they take control of a pride and therefore Xanda’s cubs are vulnerable to being killed.

There is no question that Mr Cook was fully aware that this animal was a pride male. He was a territorial male in a pride of three females with at least seven dependant cubs of between one and 1 1/2 years old.”

Ethics is about not just adhering to the letter of the law, but also making informed ethical choices to limit the detrimental impacts of hunting activities.”

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  • Ed Camilleri

    What a disgusting thing to do, so unnecessary and deplorable.

  • Michael Creaghan

    This is nothing new. Trophy hunters have been doing things their own way for some time with a little “wink wink, nudge nudge” attitude. Conservation is NOT on their agenda and they feel rules do not apply to them. It is this arrogance, this complete and utter lack of ethics and morality that will absolutely doom Africa’s mega fauna in the very near future unless people step forward and say “enough is enough is enough”.

    • Tanya

      100% agree with you. What frustrates me, is the widespread apathy from “Joe public” regarding trophy hunting and unethical conservation practices. Enough is indeed enough!

      • Baconater

        I love bacon!

        • Green Lantern

          May your arteries clog with bacon fat and your big mouth seize shut as you become closer to karma. Is that enough attention for you child?

    • Mike D

      You hit the nail on the head. These Hunters don’t care at all about conservation. Their motive is nothing more than self satisfaction and the hunting guides are only motivated by money, none of which goes back to conservation. I have never heard of hunting concession money being used to fight poaching or being directly donated to organizations such as the big cat initiative or other well known conservation organizations.

  • DJ Gone

    I hate these cowards..

  • donala

    Trophy hunting has no place in 21st century civilization, NONE! It is my firm belief that there needs to be a worldwide mandatory draft of all registered trophy hunters to fight ISIL! Force them to get their rocks off constructively!

  • Marja Kokkonen

    Hope he and hos family will be tramped down and eaten by shakals..

  • Green Lantern

    Touché !

  • Randy Decker

    The word Ethical has no meaning to humans who have no genetic ability to stop themselves from taking the life of another being. They enjoy the act.. it is the ONLY reason they spend fortunes to come and do it. They kill for the FUN and thrill it gives them… and the hole inside them, that they are trying to fill, will never be full. Poachers kill for Money. As disgusting as this is, in my mind the killing of one of these iconic animals for the pleasure it gives is so pathetically selfish these men who partake in this hobby of death should be shot and killed and their bodies hung from the tree’s as an example for others. These animal killing humans are the worst form of human scum our kind have ever produced.

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