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Tim with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background ©Dean Bricknell

Tim, the iconic super-tusker who roamed the Amboseli area of Kenya, has died of natural causes. He was 50 years old.

Tim was an enormous bull elephant, with massive tusks that touched the ground. His fame catalysed many conservation programs, and he was a popular photographic subject for tourists, who would travel from across the world to see him. He is Africa’s most photographed elephant.

Tim captured the hearts of people around the world because of his gentle demeanour. He is an ambassador for his species, as his legend will live on.

Tim narrowly escaped death in 2018 when he got stuck in a waterhole before being rescued.

We celebrate his life with these images, which were submitted by entrants to our Photographer of the Year

©Ryan Wilkie
©Selengei Poole-Granli
©Dean Bricknell
©Selengei Poole-Granli

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