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Pregnant rhino mother and calf killed by poachers

Two dead rhinos killed by poachers

© Facebook / Shaunté Palmer / Gavin Stewart

Sourced from third-party site: Mirror, written by Dave Burke

WARNING: Distressing images

Heartbreaking pictures show a heavily-pregnant rhino and her calf who were killed by poachers for their horns. The graphic images were shared by devastated bosses at Pilanesberg National Park and Wildlife Trust in South Africa.

The killers were trying to remove the horns when they heard people approaching and fled, workers have revealed.

Aerial view of two dead rhinos after poachers killed them

© Facebook / Shaunté Palmer / Gavin Stewart

Tragically the mother’s unborn calf also died.

Pictures taken from the scene show the hunters were trying to cut off the mother’s horn when they were interrupted.

Vehicles and rangers by the two dead rhinos

© Facebook / Shaunté Palmer / Gavin Stewart

By the time park officials arrived, it was too late to save the rhinos.

A chilling post on the park’s Facebook page read:

There are no words. 💔 Mom and calf shot and killed by poachers. Horns are still on as the murderers fled the scene when they heard a game drive approach.
Mom looks very pregnant as well. We are devastated ….💔🦏💔
A reward will be issued for any information leading to an arrest and prosecution of these murderers.

Unborn rhino

© Facebook / Shaunté Palmer / Gavin Stewart

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  • Ed Camilleri

    This is beyond criminal. I hope the perpetrators are found and hanged in public for all to see

    • fillmore evans

      You are no different than them, reacting to brutal violence by calling for more brutal violence. It’s no wonder humanity isn’t evolving.

      • Ed Camilleri

        It’s not brutal violence, it’s the elimination of scum from the face of the earth.

        The rhinos did not kill anyone, and did not harm anyone – it’s the poachers that continue persecuting such wonderful creatures. This has to end, and since no civil methods have helped to end such carnage, not even reduce it, something drastic is needed.

        Yes humanity isn’t evolving, but that’s because of the utter selfishness that some individuals show towards nature. Killing such an animal for a few kilos of hair is beyond any reason. Humanity cannot evolve with such scum.

        • Brain

          Two wrongs don’t make a right, Ed. I’ve seen your posts before. You are such an terribly angry individual. I honestly don’t want to know how it would feel to wake up everyday and look at myself in the mirror, knowing there was that much anger/poison inside of me. Seek therapy.

          • Ed Camilleri

            You think it’s wrong to eliminate such scum from this earth? It’s not. You know what is wrong? Killing a pregnant rhino and it’s calf for nothing. This has to end.

            So now I’m the “terribly angry individual”….unbelievable… Are you serious? You are not angry to witness such deed without being able to stop it? If not you are not human – and really in need of “therapy”. I’m human and have compassion that is why I’m angry.

            Did I ever harm anyone with anger? No. If I had “poison” in myself, you know what I do? I will bite the perpetrators that did this despicable act and finish them.

          • Percible

            wow. you just proved brain’s point. sitting in front of the computer all day, typing away your angry comments. as if those ever helped make the world a better place. as if angry comments are going to save rhinos from extinction. what delusional world are you living in? couldn’t agree more, brain. this guy needs some therapy.

          • Ed Camilleri

            Oh how brilliant you are. From where did you get the illusion that I “sit in front of the computer all day”? You are just an Internet troll, can’t even write under a true account, must rely on a guest account using different names to utter bullshit

          • Walter Evans

            Haha. Clearly you do sit in front of the computer all day. You respond to every criticism. Get a life man. and stop being so angry all th time.

          • Ed Camilleri

            What a piece of sh..t you are my friend. I at least write in my name and don’t use different names to hide my identity. Because I’m real, you are just an Internet troll without any substance.

          • Walter Evans

            That may [or may not] be. But at least I’m not an angry individual who wastes his God-given time on this planet ranting and raving on social media expecting that it will somehow make a difference for animals. Yelling repeatedly into an echo chamber in the hopes of gaining some form of solidarity is akin to beating a brick wall with your fist. It leaves you angry, sore, and alone. Narrow and unenlightened at best. Go look at every angry rant you’ve ever posted and see ask yourself if it’s improved this planet one iota. Just another form of trolling from where I’m standing. 🙂

          • Guest

            100% in agreement with you Ed!! And I make no bones about the fact that yes, I am angry. Very angry about this continuous murder of our Rhino. The only language that the perpetrators understand is fear. They need to be too damn scared to commit these heinous crimes.

            By the time those that disagree with you are finished singing Kumbaya with the poachers, educating them, trying to lift them out of poverty, etc. all the rhinos will be dead. And the cycads, and the pangolin and how many other species currently under immense threat.
            Get real people – we don’t have time to spare. Fight fire with fire to at least buy time to address the root causes that so many people like to reference – poverty, corruption, etc. Shoot the poachers on site. It worked to a large extent in neighbouring countries.

          • Jessie P

            you should be feeling sadness, not anger. otherwise you’re no different than those inflicting pain onto others. “anger leads to hate. hate leads to suffering.” – star wars

          • Ed Camilleri

            Sadness will not get us anywhere. The world needs to act, remove the corrupt politicians that are not doing anything to protect such species, and remove internet trolls sympathising with poachers

  • Paul Bock

    I hope the killers will be caught soon. They should be punished for a long time. Must be an example for others.

  • Raymond Jennen

  • Carla Porter


  • Mangala Baukyaka

    please don’t kill little animal

  • Mangala Baukyaka

    who tall is it?

  • Adam Benzion

    People who buy this stuff are diabolical monsters 😢

  • Adam Benzion

    It goes to China, and few people there just don’t seem to evolve and care enough. Only serious prison time will stop this.

  • Charles Muller

    If you don’t deal with kind of behaviour ruthlessly it will never stop !!!

  • daktari40

    The killers should have been captured !!! The fact of stopping dehorning is evident in the proximity. We do not know the details of the facts, however ……….. the escape of these criminals in front of this circumstance in terms of time and space is unusual. Also the fact of killing on a “main road” inside a national park during the day sun. These two deaths (actually 3 deaths) require a lot of explanation from the rangers and park management.

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