Okavango Endurance: Day 2

Flying from Kasane to Mapula Lodge

Mapula Lodge is in the northern reaches of the Okavango and boasts a rustic wooden camp with a beautiful sunset view over the river. Tomorrow we’re hitting the road with food, tents and supplies in our backpacks – but first a little test run. With our backpacks fully loaded and strapped onto us, myself and our tracker David (both Bukakwe Bushmen) took our positions in front and lead the group on a short 5km walk from the lodge so as to get a feel for the weight we’re carrying and make any adjustments if needed. At first you are very aware of the weight but once you get into a steady rhythm of walking, you forget about it and start taking in the beauty around you. The girls carefully attempted to avoid stepping on the ever-present dung before realising it is a futile pursuit – hopping and jumping over dung on every second step with a heavy load on your back is tiring. Our short walk rewarded us with sightings of ellies, impala and wildebeest – a good sign of things to come!



Kane Motswana

Kane Motswana grew up in the African bush, and he is an renowned tracker and photographer in Botswana. His home is the village of Gudigwa, in the north east of the Okavango Delta. Kane spends his days out in the field, leading guests on landrover and bush walking safaris all over Botswana. The bush is like his backyard and he can track down lions and leopards for game viewing like no other. Follow Kane’s blog posts for stories from the San about canoes dodging hippos & ellies crossing rivers.

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