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Latest Rhino Poaching Statistics for South Africa

The latest rhino poaching statistics indicate that a total of 588 rhinos have been lost to poaching since the beginning of this year, with the total number of arrests at 246.

rhino poaching statistics south africa 2012

© Ben Colely

The Kruger National Park has lost 362 rhinos to poaching. The North West, KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo provinces continue to be the hardest hit by poachers, collectively accounting for the loss of 186 rhinos.

Rhino poaching statistics:

South African rhino poaching statistics

© Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa

Of the 246 arrested individuals, 217 are at the level of poacher, 18 are couriers and 11 are receivers.

Rhino poaching arrests statistics:

South African rhino poaching statistics 2012 arrests

© Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa

Members of the public are urged to report incidents of rhino poaching or any tip-offs that could lead to arrests and prevention of illegal killings to 0800 205 005.

Media release courtesy of the Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa.

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  • Wayne Bisset

    The stats are out of date, everyday. One would have to edit this post every +_ 14 hours in order to keep up. This is appalling.

  • Charles Benjamin Ezrah

    We are Responsible for our Rhinos and we are not taking Care of them ohh M.G


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